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    Sell on Amazon? If so, we hope you are not making any assumptions that you can’t improve your SEO. If you are doing that, clear your mind, because this post is all about showing you that you can improve the SEO […]

    • Hey Chris,
      Amazon SEO is not new but many Amazon marketers never consider it as important.

      Now that you have highlighted the need to optimize searches in the Amazon marketplace I am sure many marketers will start reconsidering what they are doing and how they are doing it in Amazon.

      Personally, I don’t run any business on Amazon but this…[Read more]

    • Hi Chris,
      Improving Amazon SEO is all about making sure that strategies and tactics employed readily helps the search engines.

      From the five tips shared above, I am particularly interested in customer reviews. The marketer must ensure that gaining positive reviews remains paramount in improving its SEO.

      A good customer experience still…[Read more]

    • This is some great information.

      I occasionally sell on Amazon, especially after I’m done with a book that can be sold. Amazon is a great place to sell items with a large pool of buyers, but without the right practices mentioned here, it can be a hard time selling your items.

      Amazon SEO seems much like other SEO practices with a few differences…[Read more]

    • I am not really a fan of Amazon and for this reason even Amazon SEO doesn’t excite me. But its interesting to know how improving Amazon SEO could be hinged on improving the user experience of the site and the account.

      This tip

      Check out the listings of sellers who are ranked the highest (and are selling the same product as you, but without…

      [Read more]

    • Hey Chris,
      This is the very first time on your blog and I love to say thanks to kingged that redirect me to here.
      Coming to post, It is really a great post :) Amazon is a very competitive platform and it is not easy to survive on Amazon. But it is also true, that you know the basic SEO and growth hack about Amazon, can earn so good.…[Read more]

    • Hi Chris,

      Indeed, “good SEO is focusing on the customer experience”. This is surely a very powerful post on improving Amazon SEO.

      Whatever is done in relations to Amazon search optimization should be have the needs of the customer as the focal point.

      The tips shared here are very practical. Hence, for those who are into niche marketing…[Read more]

    • steven replied 1 year ago

      Well, Amazon SEO has been simplified in this post. I never thought of it as having any significant before now.

      The 5 tips shared are hands-on. I guess its time to really put them into practice to improve niche marketing!

    • Paul replied 1 year ago

      I am not a fan of Amazon but it would be helpful learning about how to improve its SEO. This knowledge would probably come handy for me in the future as I plan to delve more into niche marketing!

    • Hello Chris

      I am planning I starting a supplement online business in the future with my partner. And, I need to understand how Amazon works better.

      Amazon SEO is an entirely different animal for me that I’m not particularly knowledgeable on. I want to thank you for sharing these tidbits. I’m going to apply them to my online business on…[Read more]

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