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10 Common Blogging Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Bloggers can make a lot of mistakes at times which could drive the audience away from their webpage. You may not realize them but these mistakes are not small and

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5 Traits of Highly Effective Content Producers


Since you are reading this, I am going to go out on a limb and say that you have not been living under rock for the last decade or two. Thus,

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Blog Traffic Not Increasing? Know the Mistakes You May Be Making


It is quite possible that your blog traffic may not be increasing. The reason could be that you may be making many mistakes. These mistakes may be stopping you from achieving your

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17 Insanely Useful Tips to Polish Your First Draft and Master The Art of Self-Editing


Many writers share a “secret”. Their first drafts are not as pretty as they would like you to think. I’ve heard successful writers say their first drafts are unpublishable and

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A Growing List of Sites That Accept Guest Contributions


Below is an (big) excerpt from a growing list of blogs that accept guest posts. The list is added to weekly, and continues to grow. Bloggers rejoice! Internet Marketing Related Blogs Daily

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Why Your Broad Blog Posts Make You Lose Clients And Money


Are you still writing way too broad content for your blog? The problem is that most bloggers don't know they're doing it. What about you? Check if you do or not here...

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How to Promote a New Blog Without Spending Money on Advertising


With about 95% of blogs already heading towards that something we termed "failure", and 65% of blogs never got updated in one year or more - you probably don't want yours to go in

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25 + Advanced Tools and Tips to Speed Up Your Website


We’ve compiled a list of over 25 resources and tools to make your website super-fast. Why so many? So that we can be sure you’ll find at least one you’ve

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How I’m Making 2016 A Better Productive Year


2016 is here and I assume that you want to make it a better year than 2015. To me 2015 was a year of really connecting with myself and knowing

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Top 7 myths about expert roundups


These days, you rarely hear the word “roundup” without the word “expert” in front of it. These expert roundups typically feature a large number of people responding to one or

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Do YOU Want To Be An Unforgettable Blogger?


I believe that all Bloggers are mortally afraid of being completely ignored / overlooked in the Blogosphere. Deep inside Bloggers need to be remembered. As Bloggers we want to pass something

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Importance of Having Best Design for Your Blog


Everything is getting advanced in the modern era and now blogs too are getting better design than before. Blogs having good web design get more organic traffic as well as social

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Top 7 CDN Services For your WordPress Blog


Are you using CDN(content delivery network) services for your blog? If not, you landed on the right post to know what is CDN? why should we use it for our blog?

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Ways To Update Old Blog Posts To Increase Traffic


Are you updating your old posts to bring back life to them? So many bloggers including me are neglecting our own traffic driving resources (old blog posts). When I started my blogging

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Top 10 Monetization Blog Posts for 2015 – Supported by Data and Puppies


‘ Tis the season to be jolly. And shop lots, wear ugly holiday sweaters and spend time with the family. Whether you want to or not. Another thing you see a

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How To Come Up With Creative Blog Name Ideas?


When I started my blog I never thought of choosing a perfect brand name for my blog, I have gone through some of the popular blogs and come up with

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The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging: 250+ Opportunities


The popular websites get a lot of hungry traffic who’s eager to devour great content. By writing epic content on these popular websites, you can make your mark in the digital

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Why And How To Treat Your Blog Like


Are you started your blog to earn money? not able to reach your dream of quitting the job and settle as a full-time blogger. 90% of bloggers come to this profession

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Top 7 Best Podcasts For Bloggers To Listen And Learn


Do you travel a lot or don't want to strain your eyes in front of a computer screen to consume content? then podcasts are the best way to consume content

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Why You Should Have a Blog to Advertise Your Business Online?


Blogging is something we all love. Kingged has made us interact with bloggers from different countries and it clearly indicates that there are bloggers in almost every country. The increasing importance of

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