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12 Extremely Effective Productivity Hacks For Bloggers And Freelance Writers


Productivity is the key ingredient of success when it comes to blogging and freelance writing. That’s why you find many bloggers and freelance writers trying to learn the best available

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This is Why You Should Promote at Kingged


Do you guest post? When I started blogging, I guest posted on some big blogs. The result? Dismal. When you promote, it's important for like-minded bloggers to see you. I guest posted

95 Comments | Share By Janice Wald>•9 months ago Profile photo of Janice Wald

The Importance Of Tone When Guest Blogging


Over the last few years, there were quite a few articles that spoke about the death of guest blogging and earning links at other people’s and company’s blogs. Once the

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Netpeak Blog 2.0: We’ve changed everything, and here’s why


We’ve had two technical tasks, seventy five corrections, five sheets of different layouts, several months for realization, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored ideas, concepts, notions, plans….and also a designer,

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9 Tips For Introverted Solopreneur Bloggers To Create Productive Goals


Ok you’re not that social! Not just from going to different social events, but also on social media. You have a bunch of extroverted solopreneurs telling you constantly that if you’re going

40 Comments | Share By Sherman Smith>•10 months ago Profile photo of Sherman Smith

5 Tips for Writing Better Blog Content


Content is king for your blog. As a result, your content should be your #1 priority when trying to grown and improve your website. But what is good content? And

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10 Must-Install WordPress Plugins and Why You REALLY Need Them


Without doubts, WordPress is a top choice blogging platform for many online marketers. It is an effective and efficient content management system (CMS) that allows blogs to hosted, content to be

80 Comments | Share By Dave>•10 months ago Profile photo of Dave

Do We Really Know What Providing Value Means?


The subject of Providing Value always comes up in conversations about blogging but do we really provide value or do we just re-hash and recycle the same old articles and

48 Comments | Share By Gordie Chase>•10 months ago Profile photo of Gordie Chase

How Do You Know if that Content Is “Good Enough” For Publishing?


An online marketer should not only publish content, he must publish content that is 'good enough'. A 'good enough' content is that which meets the conversion and ROI needs of

83 Comments | Share By Sunday William>•10 months ago Profile photo of Sunday William

14 Ways To Get More Comments on Your Blog Posts


If you ever felt jealous of blogs receiving huge numbers of comments, then this post is for you. It hurts to get hundreds, maybe even thousands of visitors to your blog

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Keep Calm and Blog On: The Most Productive Blogging Tools of 2016 and Beyond


How can I write faster? How can I write better? How can my blog be more attractive for my readers? Those are the questions that all bloggers have. You can waste an entire

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Why I am Writing on This Blog


Here are my reasons why I'm blogging. After typing those reasons in, I also think you should start blogging. :D

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My Journey To 1000 Visitors Per Day #1


This is how I came up with this idea to document my journey to 1000 visitors per day. I’m currently at around 100 a day so, I’m looking to grow

4 Comments | Share By Liudas>•11 months ago Profile photo of Liudas

How Can Solopreneurs Promote Their New Blog Posts?


Have you ever wondered how someone can publish a new blog posts and get traffic from all walks of life? Especially with those that only publish a new blog post once

58 Comments | Share By Sherman Smith>•11 months ago Profile photo of Sherman Smith

18 Sites Where You Can Promote Your Blog Post


Successful blogging takes more than just writing great content. Even if you have a top-quality blog, you can’t expect everyone to come unless you promote your content and build a

11 Comments | Share By Christopher Jan Benitez>•12 months ago Profile photo of Christopher Jan Benitez

What Happened To Blogging and Having A Great Blog?


Did you know blogging online began back in 1994? The first recognized blog was It was really a person’s personal notes on life. A very simple great blog. Since

6 Comments | Share By Lisa>•12 months ago Profile photo of Lisa

Personal Branding For Bloggers: 10 Strategies That Actually Work


When it comes to personal branding, not all bloggers can confidently say they know what it entails. And this clearly shows that they’re neglecting a very important aspect of their

36 Comments | Share By Hafiz Akinde>•12 months ago Profile photo of Hafiz Akinde

What Type of Plugins Do You Use to Automate your Blog?


I don't know about the rest of you, but before I used Wordpress to build my websites it took me weeks and sometimes months before I got it right. As

34 Comments | Share By Gordie Chase>•1 year ago Profile photo of Gordie Chase

Blogger Outreach Basics: How to Grow Your Readership


Blogger outreach, when correctly done, can help drive new visitors to your latest blog posts. The devil is in the detail — finding the right people to reach out to, a plan that will put

7 Comments | Share By Christopher Jan Benitez>•1 year ago Profile photo of Christopher Jan Benitez

What If You Can Only Blog Once A Month?


Preparing and publishing blog posts does take a lot of time for most. You can’t just write any post and hit the publish button. You want to be strategic about it. That is,

73 Comments | Share By Sherman Smith>•1 year ago Profile photo of Sherman Smith

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