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    Over the weekend, breaking news hit the digital marketing world as rumors came to fruition that Google has rolled out a significant change, which drops ads from the right side of a search engine results […]

    • Hello Beth,
      For sure, this will not be the last change Google is going to bring with regards to search results and PPC.

      It is highly important that publishers gain control of workable optimization skills. The tips you have shared for companies to brace up for the impact of this change are revealing and practical.

      However, I still see…[Read more]

    • Hey Beth,

      It’s not surprising that Google will bring this type of change.

      This can go in a few ways. Yes, marketers will more cognizant of the keywords they choose to use for Google PPC. Especially those of us who are solopreneurs. This can be a big challenge.

      The positive side, your campaigns will be more targeted because of this change.…[Read more]

    • Hello Beth! I did notice this right away, and at first I thought it was a glitch on my computer HEHE

      Then after some investigating I found out why, just as you have stated here.

      And like the others have stated above, I doubt this will be the last change from Google..

      As Google will do what Google want to do Right?

      Great Share
      Chery :))

    • Hello Beth,

      Thanks for writing about this. You covered every aspect of this very well.

      I wasn’t really surprised that Google did this. The truth is that they did it because most people are now ignoring the left side.

      What would have been surprising would be if they didn’t replace that with more ads on above and below organic search…[Read more]

    • Hey Beth,
      This is an interesting development and I wonder what truly the impact will be on my campaign.

      For the benefit of hindsight, I think and support the notion that this development will lead advertising to be more competitive.

      The impact is likely to be determined by the level of best practices the advertiser puts on during…[Read more]

    • Hey Beth,
      This is an interesting development and one that should be of concern to Internet marketers.

      However, your concluding statement highlights my point of view in the entire development

      As in all things in a growing digital world, change is inevitable. How we adapt to change is the key. While this new PPC ad format may impact campaigns…

      [Read more]

    • Kinda tells how Google will always look out for Google first. Us marketers, not so much.

      Not that I’m complaining, just the way it is.

      Seems like they’re trying to force marketers to go the paid traffic method, rather than the old SEO method. For those that do PPC, this change is good for them.

      I never got into PPC. So, this change…[Read more]

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