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23 Absolute Best Blogging Apps For Android

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This article contains 23 of the absolute best blogging Apps for android. Yes, most of them are completely free to download and start using right now on your android devices.

I have written this article in partnership with the team, which means we will be constantly updating it, to contain even more than these 23.

Make sure you bookmark this and revisit to read updates and find even more awesome blogging apps for your android.

Why Android Apps?

Android operating system is one of the most sought after operating systems today. It has functionalities that can help one achieve effectual productivity.

Android is mostly used in many mobile devices and if you are a blogger then there are apps that will help you perform better and improve your productivity.

What Makes These The Best Blogging Apps For Android?

There are hundreds of thousands of apps for Android users but most are not specific nor particularly useful for furthering a blogger’s job. As a blogger you want those particular Apps that will help you get ahead and get more results from your blogging, right?

If yes, then you will love these 23 Apps. They are some of the best out there for bloggers. And yes, you can download and start using them right from this page. Each of them has the direct link to the particular page on Google Play Store.

That said, let’s get on with the list:

1 – WordPress

Unless you just started blogging you have obviously heard about WordPress, right? If not, then WordPress is a platform that can be used to create a blog or website. This makes it a top choice app for android users who want to blog.


It comes with features that would make you create, edit, and share posts. You can also use this app to view posts and feeds for better decision making.

All you need do is download this app, sign up and start using it to create, edit, publish, analyze and manage posts and comments.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download WordPress App


2- Blogger

It’s usual to see Blogger mentioned right after WordPress, as far as blogging platforms are concerned. Blogger is as popular as WordPress and has millions of satisfied users.


Blogger is an app from Google for those who loves to publish on its platform. This app readily helps bloggers to create, edit and manage posts with ease.

For those with Android, this is an important app and it allows the users to create blogs or websites under the BlogSpot.

Monetization with Google AdSense is cool with this app and just about every marketer with passion with Google would embrace

The Blogger App makes a lot of process easier for those who blog mostly from their mobile devices.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Blogger App


3 – Weebly

If you are one of those who want to try other blogging platforms apart from the popular WordPress, Weebly might be the right one for you. It allows you to create a site, blog or even a store. And it does all this pretty easily.



You can select from the many responsive themes they have and end up with a customized version of what you want your site or blog to look like.

Weebly also has a blog post editor that makes publishing your posts very easy.

You can also respond to comments that your posts get equally easily, all from the App.

And what’s even more awesome is that you can monitor the activity, traffic and other stats of your site or blog from within the dashboard.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Weebly App


4- Tumblr

It going to be hard to talk about blogging platforms without mentioning Tumblr.


Many people even prefer using Tumblr to WordPress because everything is handled by Tumblr and bloggers only worry about content.

It’s very simple and easy to post your pictures, videos, audios, articles, etc.

Another awesome thing about Tumblr is the millions of other users there to immediately tap into. These users make it a massive community to network with and share your thoughts and experiences, as well as learn from.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Weebly App!


5 – PayPal

As a blogger, you will need to make and receive payment through a secured and reliable system. This you can achieve through a system or program like PayPal. It is a payment gateway system that will help you transfer and receive payment if your blog or website is monetized.


This platform basically allows you to view transactions such as withdrawal of funds, check of account balance and some other details, etc.

The good thing about this app is that it comes handy to helping you monitor your transactions anywhere and at any time.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Paypal App


6 – Feedly

Feedly is android app that allows you to organize, read, and share content so you can keep tabs of what is happening in the industry. It is also very useful to follow blogs, websites, magazines and other sources of information you can use to create and facilitate your blogging ideas.


Feedly is a blog app for android users who truly wants to learn new topics, track keywords, monitor brands and connect to RSS feeds wherever you are.

This android app for blog comes handy to search and browse for topics in almost any topics like business, entrepreneurship, marketing, food, photography, etc.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Feedly App


7 – Writer

Writer is a simple app that can be used for writing posts and blog posts. It is an app that bloggers with android can use to easily create posts without distractions.


This app is a kind of word processor for smartphones and it allows you to create posts without the distractions of notifications and other screen elements.

You will be focused with blogger when you decide to use Writer.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Writer App


8 – SwiftKey Keyboard

If you are serious about blogging, you certainly wouldn’t want typos in your articles, would you? In that case this App is a must-have.


It helps you to auto-correct typos and even does the great job of word predictions, therefore saving you time in creating your content on your mobile devices.

As far as I am concerned the best aspect about this App is that it allows you to personalize its word predictions by making the keyword learn your word choices from Twitter, Facebook, your Gmail and even your blog posts.

Isn’t that just mind-boggling?

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download SwiftKey Keyboard App


9 –  

You need to find the meaning of words most often as a blogger, don’t you? comes handy to help bloggers find definitions and synonyms of hundreds of thousands of words.


This app has so many magnificent features that include  Word of the Day, audio pronunciation, slideshows, articles, voice search, favorite words and search history, etc.

The most amazing thing also about this app is that it works offline as well.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download App


10 – Google Analytics App

This app is an android app that would help the blogger monitor his business on the go. As a blog app, you can use this app to monitor your blog metrics on the go.

google analytics

You get to monitor real-time data, compare date ranges and apply segments, explore your own reports and save to your dashboard for easy retrieval.

Google Analytics app is your real-time data monitoring app. From anywhere and at any time you can check your blog stats, traffic and performance.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Google Analytics App


11 – Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform and it comes handy to help the blogger share their thoughts with others. This android app can help the blogger make connections with individuals and brands.


You get to build relationship with others by using this app for interactions.

You can watch and learn about events that are happening in the world and in your industry with Twitter feeds.

Twitter helps you to explore trending topics, connect with friends, customers, and influencers. Install and start using this android app today.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Twitter App


12 – Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro is tool that bloggers can install and use on their android smartphones or tablets. This app comes handy to help edit photos or images for their blogs.


This app comes with so many features that allow the blogger to adjust brightness, contrast, color, and saturation of an image.

It helps the user create gorgeous photo effects and frames, attractive memes for blog appeal, and fun stickers for amazing effects.

Every blogger needs this app to edit and share the right images for their blog posts.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Photo Editor Pro App


13 – Google Keep

Google Keep is an app that makes it easy for the blogger to take notes and organize a list of things he/she wants to do. It is also an easy tool for the sharing of your thoughts.


Bloggers can use Google Keep to jot down topic ideas, organize their thoughts, and plan their day. This app comes with the simplicity that you might not have imagined.

Its features are amazing as you get to save time and stay organized. It has great syncing features so you can access its features across different devices.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Google Keep App


14 – Buffer

Buffer comes handy to help the blogger easily share posts to different social media sites. Specifically, you will save time and cost scheduling and sharing posts to Twitter, Google +, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


This platform or app is awesome for bloggers who wants to keep up with maintaining social media shares to their followers.

Its scheduling feature is awesome and its analytics remains reliable. You need this android app to blog on social media effectively.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Buffer App


15 – Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Page is like the blog platform of the social network. You don’t need to use your laptop or desktop again to log in and share posts on this platform.


With Facebook Pages Manager you can now posts updates and manage your page without your computer.

This android app facilitates your mobile postings, allows you to read and reply to messages from your customers, links to your Instagram account, alerts you on important activity, track your promotions so you can get insights to build your business.

You can easily download this app in your android device if you manage Facebook page.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Facebook Pages Manager App


16 – Google Docs

Google Docs is an android app that bloggers can use to create, edit and collaborate with other documents in your smartphone.


It comes handy for bloggers in the sense that you can use it to create and edit existing files, share documents and make collaborations real time. You can research topics with this tool and save automatically.

Google Docs is a blogger’s app and documents saved with it can be opened with Word. So, use this to start writing your blog posts today.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Google Docs App


17 – Evernote

Every blogger needs to be productive and stay organized. This is why it is important to use a tool like Evernote. This android app is popular for helping users make notes, remember everything and collaborate on any project.


You can use Evernote to take notes in variety of formats, like texts, PDFs, videos, audios, photos, web clippings, sketches, etc. With your smartphone camera to capture and scan documents that can be saved in Evernote.

This app is your digital notepad and it comes handy to save you time as well as increase your productivity. Writing, collecting, capturing, and sharing ideas have never been easier for blogger who decides to use Evernote.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Evernote App


18. Skype

Unless you are blogging from a lonely cave, you need to build and nurture relationships with other bloggers, to succeed. And how can you do that without communicating? That’s where Apps like Skype comes into play.


You are able to communicate with other bloggers and even your readers and customers for free using Skype.

You can use Skype for text individual communication, groups communication, etc. With the groups communication feature, you can add and chat to many people all at the same time, allowing you to plan, work together or even just hang out.

Skype App also allows you to call and talk to even those who only have landlines. And of course, it also has video call options, allowing you to see and be seen while talking.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Skype App


19. Viber

The single best App out there that challenges Skype in terms of awesome features and functionalies is Viber.


It does many of what Skype does and some. It also has 600+ million users and growing, making it one of the highest used Apps out there.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Viber App


20. WhatsApp

It’s hard to talk about apps which help with communication without adding WhatsApp to the list. It’s one of the top apps for bloggers and it’s completely free to use.


WhatsApp allows you to send messages and make phone calls to your fellow bloggers, your customers, your friends and family members. You can also use it to send and receive photos for your blogging needs, videos, documents and even voice messages.

A big advantage of WhatsApp is that you don’t have to use usernames or pins. It works with your phone number, the same way SMS works. And it integrates easily and seamlessly with the contacts in your phone book.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download WhatsApp


21. Hangouts

If you would rather use an alternative to Skype, Viber and WhatsApp, your best bet is Hangouts, especially if you are a Google fan.


It’s a Google product and works excellently well, for communicating with other bloggers, readers, customers and even family and friends.

Of course what’s best about Hangouts is that it’s built right into your Android device, making it easier and seamless to use than ever.

It also allows you to add contacts directly from your Gmail account, as well as many other features.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Hangouts App


22 – Google Drive

Google Drive is the cloud storage of Google. With the app you can easily save and share your data, files, and documents in the free storage space provided by Google.


Google Drive is one of the best storage systems around and if you have this android app installed then from anyplace and anytime your files would be securely uploaded.

Features of Google Drive app that would fascinate you include: Easy search for files by names and folders, viewing of files offline, view and access files to comment and edit, scan paper documents using your device’s camera, access photos from your Google Photos, etc. Every blogger needs this android app as it is safe place for your files.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Google Drive App


23. Dropbox

A very strong alternative to Google Drive App for storage is Dropbox. In fact, many people actually prefer using Dropbox since it was one of the very first cloud storage solution ever.


Dropbox works amazingly well in keeping all your files and even your writers’ files in sync. It works very well in helping you save your data to the cloud as fast as you create them.

What I like best about Dropbox is that all your files can be easily accessible from any other mobile device you use, allowing you to continue working from anywhere and from any device!

You can start a blog post from your mobile phone at home and continue with your tablet at another location, all seamlessly.

You are also able to easily send large files with Dropbox, even to those who don’t have Dropbox accounts. They simply tab the link you send and are able to access what you have sent them.

Cost: FREE

Click Here To Download Dropbox App



There you go.

The above are 23 of the Best Blogging Apps for Android users.


They will come handy and should help you, as a blogger, work faster, save time, increase productivity. You can access these from the Google Play Store download links under each, and install on your android devices today.

I have written and published this article in partnership with the team and we will be updating this article as we go along. This means there will be more blogging apps added on a consistent basis.

If you think there are more apps that are specifically helpful to bloggers but not mentioned here, please indicate in your comment and we might add them to the list.

Don’t forget to bookmark this and make sure to check it out often, to see more of the best blogging apps for android users when more get added!


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