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The Benefits of Making a Business Blog Available in Multiple Languages

Profile photo of Flor May Submitted by Flor May April 14, 2014 Website :

Your company blog: while often neglected due to its perceived lack of purpose (and the commitment it requires), it is also a personal way to convey a message to a client base that isn’t possible with different forms of social media.

Far too many business owners forget that a comprehensive blogging strategy is essential for a company’s greater marketing plan: a company blog puts a face and personality to what appears to potential customers everywhere as a faceless entity offering a product or service. In short, it’s a cost-effective and simple way to connect to an audience and receive their feedback.

Breaking the Barriers

For businesses that have a presence in multiple countries, maintaining a blog that reaches different groups of people–who speak different languages–offers an intriguing challenge. Visiting a company’s website to find that their blog is in a different language is a turn-off. It creates a barrier between a customer and the business he is paying for a service. It’s impersonal and seems like the company isn’t making an effort to coalesce. A blog that is available in more than one language makes for a much more positive experience for the consumer; something many often pay more for, rather than dealing with an unknown, unfriendly commodity.

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  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    While it may be beneficial to have a business blog in multiple languages, it is still important to emphasize the business must have the potential for global reach.

    Growing a brand first should be the prerogative a business before installing translation or multiple language capability.

    Connecting the world begins with building a reputable brand first!
    Sunday William recently posted…FireChat Messaging App: Works Even Without Internet Connection and Mobile Phone SignalsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Emmanuel Kabenlah Profile

    The question which quickly came into my head when I saw this header was, can I do this as well? Even reading and writing my own local dialect is a big problem but I can speak with no hindrance. Hahaha!

    I was always trailing in my French classes whiles in school but if I were to go in for any other language other than English, French will do!

    Probably I think it will be prudent to be visiting Ivory Coast!
    Emmanuel Kabenlah recently posted…Whoever said Blogging was Easy Might Have Been Drunk!My Profile

  • Profile photo of Arun Profile

    I’ve never really given a thought to this prospect. But hey, after reading this, I now realize the many benefits of having a business blog published in multiple languages.

    Sure, it’ll help break the barriers and thus help target more audience. Yes, with more languages you cover, you are actually targeting more audience who belongs to different geographic locations.

    Further, in case if there are customers existing from other countries speaking languages other than English, publishing blog in their native language will bring them closer to the business! It’ll be like taking extra care of them, as the author mentioned!

    Glad to know that duplication punishment and issues won’t pop up in this case.


  • Profile photo of Philip Verghese 'Ariel' Profile

    Hi Flor May,
    This is no doubt a wonderful idea and will surely helps to reach to the other side of the world, and it will boost its business prospects.
    Though English language cover a good area in this universe equally an other part remains without even knowing the A B C D of it, in such cases thinking for a multi-language blog or web site is a wonderful and profitable idea
    Thanks for sharing this informative idea.
    I am sure by reading this some companies will think on this line.
    Good going
    Best Regards

  • Profile photo of Chery Profile

    I have never really given much thought to making my blog available in multiple languages, but it does make sense especially if your company is Global! I guess if they left comments we could just go to Google translator and turn them into English Right?

    Now this is something to think about.. Great Share Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Reaching Your GoalsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Rose Ann Profile

    It is a good idea to make your business blog available in different languages. It’s a way better for you to communicate with your customers.
    I’ve learned here that if your blog is available in different languages, you can gain more audiences from different countries around the world. Which is, I think, a good opportunity to promote your business.
    It’s amazing to know that this idea can benefit a lot.

    Thanks for sharing this post :)
    Rose Ann recently posted…Submit 100% Unique Content on & Enjoy Massive ExposureMy Profile

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