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Backlink Strategy – Develop These Resources For A Strong Backlink Profile

Profile photo of Robert A Kearse Submitted by Robert A Kearse August 30, 2016

Backlinks That YOU Are In control Of

Develop A Strong Backlink Profile With Links From Different Online Sources That You Can Build Up Over Time With Multiple Backlinks

Building a strong backlink profile with no out of pocket cost is not a one-time effort.

First of all you want your profile to show a natural, organic pace of growth.

Spurts of backlink growth are OK, but spurts followed by no links for a long period is no good!!

At least once a week do some link building. So here are 5 links to initiate or develop for the long term:

1. Kancyl

Unique type of social bookmarking site where you can create a home/profile page as well as post your content in a category page.

Here is what my profile page looks like:Me on Kancyl


2. Kred

Exit from the initial pop-up in the middle of the screen and you will see another pop-up (top right corner) that has two hyperlinks to sites of your choice (Blog/Website).

Click the top left icon to sign up.


3. GuestCamp

Publish your content directly on this site!

It is necessary to submit your content by email, but you can include images and hyperlinks (like back to your site with keyword rich anchor text).

There are nine different categories in which you can publish content, such as the Business Category


4. Soup

Build your authority status by posting content (not just your own) relevant to a narrowly focused topic.

This is a perfect site to republish your old quality content within a specific category. Here is the page I just started:Increase Web Traffic

Once you log in you will see a “My Soup” item at the top menu, far left.

At the bottom left are these icons. Click the bottom icon (Options).

Follow the initial directions on the pop-up: “To post content from elsewhere to this soup, simply drag this button up to your browser’s bookmark toolbar: Post to Soup.”

As a result you will have a convenient bookmarklet that will post any page (Kingged content!) you choose to your Soup page. Just click the “Post to Soup” bookmarklet.

Just one strong suggestion. Do not just publish your own content. Look for relevant quality content and include it. Your authority status will prosper as a result.


5. Editorial Assistant by Zemanta

Give your backlink strategy added diversity with this WordPress plugin.

Become a member of a network of 120,000bloggers.

When you link to other bloggers’ related posts, in turn, your posts are recommended to other bloggers. Then find out how manybacklinks, tweets, and likes your posts received via Zemanta Dashboard.

The most important thing to be aware of is that quality content rules!


Once you have recorded the urls of your new backlinks you must ping them with regularity.

Put these pinging services in your marketing arsenal:



PingExpert I have recommended this site often in the past, but lately its uptime online has been erratic.

I like the service, because you can schedule multiple pings over an extended period of time.


Pingler There’s a free version, but I use the $2.99 (US) per month version which enables me to have 25 different urls automatically pinged once every 3 days.


Get busy NOW! And may you get to backlink heaven soon!!

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