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Attention Baby Boomers Time To Secure Your Financial Future

Profile photo of Chery Submitted by Chery September 29, 2015 Website :

Secure Your Financial Future

Are you part of the baby boomer generation?

Are you looking to secure your financial future?

Attention Baby Boomers Secure Your Financial Future

If so are you Happy with where you are at in your career at this point in your life?

Today I am going to help you secure your financial future by showing you how a $20 monthly investment can work for you.

Does this peak your interest?

Well it should!

Scary Baby Boomer Statistics That Will Make You Want To Secure Your Financial Future

• Only 1% of Americans (Baby Boomers) will retire financially free.

• Only 4% will retire comfortably.

• And a Staggering 95% will retire below poverty level.

Pretty Scary Stuff, RIGHT?

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Profile photo of Chery
Chery Schmidt: Internet Entrepreneur: Partnering with positive like minded entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to succeed. Be Sure To Check Out My Trusted Resources Here

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15 Responses to “Attention Baby Boomers Time To Secure Your Financial Future” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Chery Profile

    Hello Fellow Kinggers! Are you part of the Baby Boomer Generation?
    Well then this here is a MUST Read!!

    See You There
    Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…Attention Baby Boomers Time To Secure Your Financial FutureMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Philip Verghese 'Ariel' Profile

    Hi Chery,
    What a timely plan!
    I am sure many will be benefited by this program.
    I will be joining shortly and will get in touch with you :-)
    Great help to the people around.
    All Good Wishes To The People Involved.
    Keep Going!
    Keep Sharing!
    And Keep Caring Too!!!
    Have a wonderful week ahead
    ~ Philip
    Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ recently posted…10 Top Security Tips For Bloggers – A Guest Post By Cassie PhillipsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Chery Profile

    Hello There Philip, I just love to help my team build their own success stories, Oh Yeh HAPPY DANCE HEHE

    Next month there are quite a few of us going to our companies Live Event so I cannot wait to share what I learn with my team..

    Wooo Hooo I am looking to Closing Out 2015 Strong And I Am Committed To Guiding Anyone Who Is Truly Serious About Building Their Online Business And Creating Their Own Success Story!

    Yeppers just let me know when you are ready and I will welcome you to the team and help to get you started.

    Thanks for starting out the conversation here today my friend, I do appreciate it..
    Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…Attention Baby Boomers Time To Secure Your Financial FutureMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Jeff [Moderator] Profile

      Hello Chery,

      We notice your reply is not threaded/nested under @pvariel Philip’s comment. He won’t get a notification nor will he know that you replied to his comment.

      Please always click the “reply” button by the side of the comment, when replying to a comment. That way the commenter gets a notification that you replied to his comment, and your reply will be threaded/nested under his, just as mine will be threaded/nested under yours now.

      If you did click the “reply” button but still didn’t get your reply threaded/nested under his, then it might be a technical issue we have to look into.

      If that’s the case, please let our support team know at and we will look into it for you.

      Jeff [Moderator] recently posted…[NEW] Get $10,000+ In’s MONTHLY Blogging ContestMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hey Chery,
    Its not baby boomers alone that need to secure their financial future. Every practical person should take steps to secure their financial future and live their desired dream.

    Its now to take action and be realistic. Yes, its not going to be easy because the value of precious metals is created by the fire of discipline, hard work, patience and persistence.

    Baby boomers ( and others) must now take steps to sign-up, take control and secure their financial future!
    Sunday William recently posted…Blogging Strategies: 6 Extremely Powerful Fail-Proof TipsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Nanda Rahmanius Profile

    Hi Chery,

    Baby boomers, I think this is the first time I heard it. Looks like I got a new term today. :)

    I agree that securing your financial future is important. You know many people in my country who wanted pension for their old age, so they feel secure that their old lives after retirement will have the funds for daily life.

    But, I don’t really agree with that. Instead I rely on a pension that is not that much, I prefer to create my own assets and invest. By doing so, I will continue to receive salaries even though I have entered the retirement age.

    You could say that I wanted to pursue my dreams than getting secure life with retirement money. I hope it can be realized immediately. :)

    Thanks for sharing this insightful post with us, Chery.
    I hope you success for everything you do. :)

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…Everything You Need to Successfully Manage a Virtual TeamMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Chery Profile

    Hello Nanda, So you never heard the term Baby Boomers HUH Well it s a real term too.. Baby boomers are people born during the demographic post–World War II baby boom approximately between the years 1946 and 1964. And Yes I do fall into this category LOL

    Yes Indeed securing your financial future is important and as far as pensions go. well they are a thing of the past. Not many companies offer a pension to their employees any longer, so turning to the internet is a perfect solution. Even if you do have a JOB!

    Seems like you are headed in the right direction my friend, Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for sharing
    Chery :))

  • Profile photo of Carol Amato Profile

    Hi, Chery!

    Wow, what a relevant topic for me, and I need to perk up and pay attention, that’s for sure.

    You know, I’m part of the baby boomer generation as well as the Generation X… My birth year is 1961, so it overlaps. I just looked that up, thanks for the inspiration to do that.

    Wow, the statistic you shared about only 1% of baby boomers retiring financially free is staggering!

    It’s a great heads up, Chery and thank you for letting us know via this excellent article.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    ✨Ciao Ciao,
    Carol Amato
    Carol Amato recently posted…Want A Successful Blog? Stop Doing These 4 Stupid ActivitiesMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    Weird and unbelievable that there are only 4% will retire comfortably and a staggering 95% will retire below poverty level.

    Retiring shouldn’t be like that. Everyone ought to be financially free in retiring.

    “Baby Boomers Time To Take Control Of Your Own Financial Future” is a must read, Chery! None can afford a sad and painful retirement situation. I like how honest you are here Chery, it’s not going to be easy because it takes lots of work and effort.

    I’m pretty sure only those interested in creating a financially free and a happy retirement situation every baby boomers deserve.
    Metz recently posted…Let Help Your Blog Make Money… With Ease!My Profile

  • Profile photo of Chery Profile

    Hello Metz, I to agree everyone should have an enjoyable retirement, one where we don’t need to stress about how we are going to pay our bills or if we can keep or homes.

    But the reality is, that most of us Baby Boomers will end up this way

    Thank you for your awesome comment.
    Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…Attention Baby Boomers Time To Secure Your Financial FutureMy Profile

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