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    Unique and cool office supplies address many common workplace doldrums.

    From grey walls to blandly colored carpets, a pop of color or a splash of humor can help liven up an otherwise dull office.

    After […]

    • Hi Ashley,
      Indeed, this list include the quirky, the cute and the lovely office supplies!

      There is sure an item that will catch the fancy of even the most serious office dude.

      To liven up an office, there is need to apply one or more of these supplies.

      Revitalizing the work place should be the application of creative tools to bring “peace”…[Read more]

      • I agree, Sunday. This is the most comprehensive list of the quirky, the cute and the lovely office supplies I ever saw!

        I have bookmarked this post and will certainly use it for my next shopping spree :)

    • Hi Ashley,
      Indeed, this list include the quirky, the cute and the lovely office supplies!

      There is sure an item that will catch the fancy of even the most serious office dude.

      To liven up an office, there is need to apply one or more of these supplies.

      Revitalizing the work place should be the application of creative tools to bring “peace”…[Read more]

    • Hey Ashley,
      Indeed, these office supplies and gadgets are cool and can readily help to revitalize the workplace!

      I guess the use of one or more of these would be determined by the passion the owner has. What excites on office manager may not do so for another!

      Most of the gadgets on display here would be fun to try out. Thanks for…[Read more]

    • Hmm! I will say that when it comes to the workplace, variety speaks for itself. It sure would be fun, entertaining and creative to apply one or more of these gadgets to revitalize the workplace.

      I am thrilled by the features of the following supplies:
      – supply of stability balls and resistance bands
      – posture monitor
      – Patterned Wall Tiles…[Read more]

    • Oh my, this is a very comprehensive post and very well written.

      These are certainly cool office supplies and gadgets and they can definitely revitalize anyone’s workplace.

      It’s even hard to pick a favorite from these 37. Some are more fun than useful but still all are cool.

      I am bookmarking this page now for when I’m shopping next or…[Read more]

    • Hey, thank you for sharing very cool list of office supplies Ashley !

      And yes, “cool office supplies really can make an office shine!”. While I’m familiar with a few in your list such as computer sitters / motivational posters / books,.. the remaining items are awesome as well.

      I guest it’s time to revitalize my workplace with few more…[Read more]

    • I truly find this gadget amazing “Pens that scans things”. It should be a must have tool for productivity.

      Wow! The Pen Sized Scanner is awesome and I think it is cool for less than $50

    • Hey Ashely,

      Its a nice collection of office supplies and gadgets. Indeed, having some of these will help revitalize the workplace.

      They are innovative tools that readily add spark individual and organization’s productive instinct.

      Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi Ashley,

      This was a very fun read, indeed. I especially liked the pens that nobody will want to borrow; so funny. If it were me, I would borrow one of those pens, but do what I needed to do right in front of the lender and give the pen right back. Lol! Anyway, when it comes to work, we do not usually think of fun and clever ways of doing…[Read more]

    • The gadgets that really caught my attention here are the stability balls and resistance bands as well as the Lumo Lift Posture Monitor. They are amazing! Love to try them!

    • For me, these supplies and gadgets are evidence that one can actually think out of the box when it comes to delivering and revitalizing an office. They are worth taking note of and every online marketer should consider them!

    • A great list of fun supplies and gadgets! I am new to almost all of these gadgets. However, their features and functionality are quite welcoming!

    • To be honest, most of these gadgets are funny but its good to know that they can actually help improve productivity. This readily means double benefits, right?

      I am in with Pens that scans things and computer sitters!

    • Offices can be pretty dull when you don’t have the tools to spice them up. These are all great things to help you make your office life a little more interesting. I really liked the motivational posters and having the rc cars in the office. I have never heard of a mini usb vacuum but it looked funny. I’m sure many people would love to have…[Read more]

    • Hi Ashley,

      Fun, light hearted read for a Sunday. Thank you.

      Some awesome gadgets listed here and many I didn’t know about

      A pen that nobody else would borrow is perfect for me. Something that happens so often, I lend a pen at work and bang, it’s gone!! Take my money now.

      I’m not the most patient of people (I’m told by the wife) so the…[Read more]

    • Hi Ashley,
      This is really an interesting post.
      Great and some amusing ones listed here.
      Thanks for the connected links too, I am sure these are really worth trying.
      Happy office time ahead with these lovely office supplies and gadgets.
      As the title says: This will surely revitalize our workplaces.
      Interesting and useful indeed,
      Keep…[Read more]

    • These are really cool office supplies and gadgets. I never knew about most of them, thanks for sharing, Ashley.

    • This could be fun. Leave a sexual addiction pen on people’s desks “by accident” wherever you go…just to see their reaction. lol

      Seriously, get me those roller notes for my Christmas stocking.

      I think this is the most enjoyable post I’ve read on Kingged.

    • There are so many cool supplies and gadgets listed here. My sis is crazy for coloring books for grown-ups, :)

    • Hi Ashley,

      This really was a fun read… The pens that no one wants to steal are hilarious!

      I also think the USB Vacuum was neat and the zen garden.

      The “Healthy Snacks” sounds like a great idea for an office. Who doesn’t love free food? It also makes workers feel more valuable and increase productivity.

      Thanks so much for sharing,…[Read more]

    • Hi Ashley
      What a full list of gadgets for the workplace and space. They are certainly a step up from the conventional 5 balls Newton s cradle that used to be found on nearly all exec desks.

      Many thanks for your post.

    • What a cool collection of awesome office supplies and gadgets.

      I would buy many of these without thinking twice, lol.

      My favorite from the list are the Pens that scans things!

      Thanks for sharing these, Ashley.

    • Hello Ashley,

      What a really cool article you’ve put together here. That mini USB vacuum is a must have! Wow, I love it! I need one of those for my laptop table.

      Also, I love the health snacks, dammit doll, and the undercover games. All these gadgets can easily reduce stress and make a working environment much healthier to work in.

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