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Are You TRULY Running Your Blog as a Business?

Profile photo of Sunday William Submitted by Sunday William December 2, 2017


This might be you right now:

You have set up a blog using the right domain…. you have set up a super-fast and secure host, the perfect CMS platform and a well optimized blogging theme.

In addition, you now publish content with variety of word count and you often combine visuals like images, videos, infographics, memes, and charts with the texts to ‘show’ readers the essence of what you are explaining.

More so, you take time share your blogs posts on social media, in blogging communities and every other place experts have advised for promotion.

After doing all these things, your stats and ROI are still nothing to show and write home about, especially with regards to traffic and conversion.

Since you have been investing TOO MUCH and seeing little or no result, you would doubt whether blogging for business is truly worth running, right?

Well, your cause for doubt is founded, especially as you peak into those analysis. However, while some still suck at blogging, others are actually making money blogging. One of the things that successful bloggers do is that they run their blogs like a business!

You may raise an eyebrow to this fact and demand that I explain what I mean by that. Luckily, I am going to explain in the details below.

What Blogging Simply Means

Blogging is simply a way of communicating online. It is the act of reading, writing, editing and sharing messages through online journals known as blogs. Blogging can be used to communicate information about a service or product that would result in income for the blogger and satisfaction for the buyer/reader.

Blogs that are used for business are those that offer service/product and use their blogs to pass along important information, usually for free. Many blogs are published online. Some are purely for fun or entertainment while others are used for business.

Blogs can be set up separately with blogging platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Typepad, Joomla, Blogger, etc., or can be created within a website.

Running Your Blog Truly as a Business

If you want to make money online with your blog then you must start blogging for business. Successful bloggers do and recommend the following tips for running a successful blogging business:

♦ You Should Set Goals and Plan all Your Blogging Actions

You need to establish goals and plan your actions when it comes to blogging. You must not research, write or publish on a whim.

For instance, set goals for the topics you are blogging about and plan the steps to reach those goals.

If you are blogging about a specific product you want people to buy then you must plan and define the audience, establish the best way to reach the audience, research and set the right price, and make plans for customer support.

The point here is that you need establish what to achieve with every action and take steps to follow through.

♦ You Must Have the Design and Pages of Your Blog Properly Organized

Business blogs are properly organized like offline businesses. You must design your blog in a way that would make others see it as a business. There should be ‘departmentalization’ of the pages so that visitors can easily get the information they want.

A business blog must be organized to have the Home, About, Service, Contact, Customer support and Landing pages, etc. There must be clear-cut demarcation of what each page offers and what the visitor should expect from it.

In addition, linking and inter-linking of pages must be functional to make for easy navigation.

♦ You Must Always Give Your Visitors Human Touch and Support

One of the reasons many blogs fail is that the bloggers are mechanical. They fail to put in a human face in the blogging business. The customer would prefer to do business in a blog where he would feel connected with owners.

You must provide a human support system to address questions and concerns of visitors who want to buy your product. A strong customer support system is necessary and the service must be 24/7 to meet the needs of the customer.

Luckily, there are many tools like autoresponders, chat software, and contact forms that can be effectively installed and that would assist you in communicating and responding to the concerns of customers as humanely possible.

At this point, it is also important to avoid blogging without using your real or branded name. Having your photo or face in the author bio would also help your course.

♦ You Must Get to Know Who Your Target Audience Is and Market to Them Accordingly

Offline businesses and corporations have research and development department. The R&D department is known for improving product quality in line with the needs of the audience.

Successful bloggers are also researching their audience to know their needs. They begin by creating the perfect customer persona. They define the name, gender, age, income, geography and other demographic details of the customer.

Understanding who the customer is will help the blogger create the perfect service or product that would appeal to the customer. Your blogging for business success should research the ideal customer and provide him/her with the perfect product or service.

♦ You must keep Learning new things about your product, the industry, and your competitors

You must always be ready to improve on your blogging business. Be open to new technology, new strategies and new ideas. Understand the current industry trends and study what your competitors are doing.

Constant learning and development will help you meet the blogging needs of the customers every point in time. Blogging for business is a continuous system, therefore you must be prepared to learn and apply what it takes to become successful every now and then. Following successful blogs would be good decision you must never ignore!


If you are blogging but not getting enough ROI then you need to reconsider your approach to blogging. The above tips can help you check on what you are doing now so you get to know if you are still on track. You can become successful as a blogger if you truly setup and run your blog as business.

So, are you TRULY running your blog as a business?

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