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How To Produce Killer Content and Flirt with the Big Boys


  In the early days of the Internet you could sell products and make money if you knew how to put an advertisement together. Marketers made money by simply advertising their

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51 Things To Do That Will Make Your Website Soar


Good morning  everybody especially to my loyal readers (big cashers) it’s Darrell  back at you on a cold 33 degree Friday morning in Iowa. For the last two weeks I have

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All Hail The King! Reviewed


Ask any blogger what the top 3 problems they face with their blog, and I bet you will hear these 3 sentences: - I can’t get traffic to my site. - I

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How to Create an Email Newsletter That Actually Gets Read


Even your easily bored cat would love to read your email newsletter with the tips contained here ;)   Evaluate: Do You Even Need An Email Newsletter? Do some research, if in your

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MUST SEE: Gets Your Post Read By CNN, Mashable, HuffingtonPost, & Other Big Sites’ Readers!


[This post was first started in December 2014, and updated February 2015] Hello Kinggers, Yes, you read that right - is kicking off something unprecedented. But, first, Happy New Year from yours

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Hello Kinggers, After 3+ years of fighting an excruciatingly difficult battle with spammers, hackers, etc, we now have no choice... is shutting down access to some countries...   Yes... ... shutting down access (indefinitely) to

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Invest In Kingged Coaching Program, Get Paid Weekly or Monthly [20% ROI]… Without Doing Anything Else


Invest In's Coaching/Partnership Program... Do Nothing Else... Get 50% 30% 20% PROFIT In 6 10 Months... [2014 edit: PAYABLE EVERY SINGLE MONTH] [Updated and edited in May 2015 - it's now 20% ROI if you invest] FIRST,

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A Personal Search For Inspiration


I wish to be inspired. So where does inspiration come from? Is it from some outside source? Is it a spoken or written word or deeds done that you happen

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7 Extremely Powerful Tips To Help Newbies Make Money Online

casual woman sits with laptop & victory

Newbies who have shown interest in making money online mostly get frustrated after a few tries. If you are one of such newbies, you are certainly not alone in thinking it's difficult or

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Want To Make Real Money Online? Then DON’T Ignore These 6 Key Truths!


According to Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the famous Rich Dad Poor Dad, there is flow diagram that consists of : - Employee, - Self-employed, - Business Owner, - Investor. Were you previously aware of

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How I Used Guest Blogging To Add Subscribers To My List… And Sales…


. Guest Blogging Yes, I know... It's one of those "archaic" traffic generation methods (like some people like to call them). Nowadays people love money making methods that bring you loads of cash

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How To Publish Your Book For Free and Reap Royalties For Years To Come!


So, you're thinking of new ways to generate more income for your business, right? You have your book done or have been wanting to write a book about your business/expertise or

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[NEW] Get $10,000+ In’s MONTHLY Blogging Contest


[currently paused] Blog & Get Paid $10,000+ Every Single Month In CA$H, Paid Traffic & Bonuses ... thanks to's new MONTHLY BLOGGING CONTEST   Simply start a unique or syndicated or discussion post here... Then share it with as many

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Are You TRULY Running Your Blog as a Business?


This might be you right now: You have set up a blog using the right domain.... you have set up a super-fast and secure host, the perfect CMS platform and a well

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10 Absolute Best Free and Paid WordPress Backup Plugins To Choose From


You sure would not want to lose your precious data to hack, theft or accident. If you run a blog then you should be mindful of the safety and security

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4 Reasons why is a Boon for Bloggers


Are you a blogger? Do you want some good old referral traffic to your blog? What about adding some awesome and much required user engagement also? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

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Are You Using Visual Content to Achieve Your Content Marketing Goals?


Visual content should form a major part of your blogging and/or content marketing strategy in 2017 and beyond. This is because the benefits of using visual content marketing are undeniable. If

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10 Powerfully Effective Tools For Measuring Social Media ROI


Social media marketers should always be conscious of the impact of the investment they make. At least, managers would love to know how much benefits the budget they approved has

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Do You Observe The Law Of Reciprocity For Social Media Success?


Social media success cannot be reached without the Law of Reciprocity. This law implies what you do to other blogs would be done to you. It correlates with the universal

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How To Effectively Use Facebook Groups To Succeed Online


  Answer this question, why did you join that Facebook Group? As I sit here drinking my coffee and writing this post, I have come to realize that becoming a part of

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12 Powerful Tips To Get Free Twitter Followers and Massively Boost Engagement


How would you like to get free twitter followers very easily and massively boost your engagement in the process? It's not only possible, it's easy... as you will learn from the

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5 Social Media Best Practices – #5 May Seem CounterIntuitive But Is Very Effective!


Get the Most Out of Social Media Utilizing social media is a great way to engage with your readers. It can also be an excellent way to increase exposure to your

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Rank Higher: A Dead Simple Link Building Strategy that Works


We all read a lot of different articles each week to further improve our blogs and marketing knowhow. Much like you, I’m always interested in finding new ways to get traffic

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Backlink Strategy – Develop These Resources For A Strong Backlink Profile


Backlinks That YOU Are In control Of Develop A Strong Backlink Profile With Links From Different Online Sources That You Can Build Up Over Time With Multiple Backlinks Building a strong

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19 Backlink Building Ideas for 2015 (and 2016)


Last year we published a blog post on how to acquire easy backlinks in 2015, and while we know Google can rank a website even without backlinks, we are also

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How Do You Compare Dropbox V Google Drive?


Two Great Applications: Compare Dropbox V Google Drive When I compare Dropbox V Google Drive, my opinions have changed over the years because Google Drive has expanded its products. Both technologies have enormous value. Not

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Best games to play when you have 5 minutes to spare

Flappy bird

With the introduction of smartphones back in 2007 mobile gaming became more popular than ever. Big companies are developing games for smartphones and a few people became millionares by doing

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A New Cloud Threat for 2015: The Man in the Cloud Attack


The ability to share files and access applications across devices and borders has quite literally revolutionized the way employees collaborate. But it’s not all good news. New threats, such as

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5 Reasons To Be Addicted To Content Marketing


How great of a role does content marketing play in your business plan? After all, a lot of marketing these days is done online, and according to a lot of

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Use these 3 Blogger Community Websites to Make your Content ‘Kingged’


Content is not king. Forget what you’ve learned. Content shared in the right communities can reach “king” status if you know where to post it and how to connect with

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Want A Thriving Internet Business? Focus On Affiliate Marketing and Top Affiliate Programs!


Marketing is at the center of all business growth. There is barely any business that can succeed without marketing. But, the choice of the marketing tool matters a lot. This is

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Are You Making Any Of These 20 Embarrassing Affiliate Marketing Mistakes?


Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the top ways of trying to make money online. It's a system where affiliates help merchants promote or market their products and/or services. The affiliates

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Who Do You Write For, Fans Or Customers?


Writing great copies for the right target audience is pivotal for business growth. However, great copies can be wasted if directed to the wrong audience.  Most marketers often wonder why

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Huge Opportunity: Offer Mobile Friendly Website Creation


Disclaimer: This will not make you rich. But it's honest, quick and easy. Non-mobile websites are dead! You probably heard that Google recently rolled out a big update to their search engine

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Make Your Goals Stick


If you are not crystal clear on your goals, and if they are in any way vague, or if there’s any obscurity around them whatsoever, it's highly unlikely you will ever

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  Hello Kinggers and even non-Kinggers, :) [Update: CLOSED] is proud to present one of our first programs as part of special affiliate partnership system. In case you didn't previously know

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ULTIMATE POKEMON-GO MONEY VAULT – 100+ Ways To Make Money With Pokemon Go


ULTIMATE POKEMON-GO MONEY VAULT The most comprehensive product on how to make money with Pokemon Go! Hi, First, if you are one of those who think Pokemon Go is a passing phase, think again. Pokemon Go

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Kingged Paid Promotion On 1,000+ Kingged Partner Websites


. Pay To Submit Your Content, Product or Service on and  Get MASSIVE PROMOTION on  1,000+ KINGGED PARTNER WEBSITES . We Get You Highly Targeted Traffic and Sales, Without You Going Through The Trouble of Negotiating with 1,000+

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Arbitrage Underdog Reloaded 2015: How To Turn $5 Into $100-$1000…over and over with the most Successful, PROVEN Software of its kind


Turn $5 Into $100-$1000...over and over with the most Successful, PROVEN Software of its kind!

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FINALLY... after 3 years of starting this site, KINGGED.COM'S SUPER PROMOTION To Reach MILLIONS MORE PEOPLE Is now available. Click To See.