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    The use of mobile devices is as commonplace today as drinking bottled water.

    The U.S. market alone boasts of more than 191.4 million smartphone owners. It’s no wonder that even small local businesses are […]

    • Hey Al,
      I couldn’t agree with you more on all these points. Mobile friendly websites are the norm these days but there is still a long way to go for most webmasters.

      Technical design issues still pose a problem for webmasters when it comes to building a mobile-friendly website, and its not surprising many are not getting the best results…[Read more]

    • Good post.

      You are right about mobile. Even small local businesses are now coming to terms with how important having mobile friendly sites are. It will be foolish to miss out on 191.4 million smartphone owners, in the US alone?

      Among the problems you mentioned, the most annoying I have noticed is #4. It’s very annoying and frustrating…[Read more]

    • I can sum up the most mistakes for making mobile websites as “having poor experience”. If a marketer is to make an effective mobile website then it becomes necessary to ensure that issues like speed, navigation, quality content, color, and design are taking into consideration.

      As far as marketing is concerned, ensuring that there is smooth…[Read more]

    • Creating an unresponsive design for mobile website is one of the greatest undoing for marketers!

      If a mobile is not responsive then it would be difficult to get ranked by the search engines now. More so, it is going to affect the user experience of visitors.

      So, webmaster must ensure that this mistake ( not designing a responsive website)…[Read more]

    • Great post.

      All the mistakes that mentioned above seems to me quite relevant, and especially I agree on the one about the speed of a mobile website. I’m very impatient myself, and I never stay at the website that takes more than 5 seconds.

      Thanks for sharing, I’ll definitely keep this information in mind when improving my own mobile website.

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