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    User feedback is by far the most underrated method employed by businesses to improve their product’s user experience. Why would a company want to know what its user thinks about its product is same as to why […]

    • Hey Ajit,
      It is important to be attentive to feedback from customers/visitors/clients. This will go a long way to improve the relationship that exists.

      However, the mechanism or strategy for taking user feedback is often ineffective with some bloggers and its really time to reconsider the offer.

      The 11 hacks shared here are in order. At…[Read more]

    • Hey Ajit,
      For some businesses, it is not easy getting feedback from users/customers. This is common with brands that don’t even provide avenues for feedback to be attracted.

      Therefore, to ensure a regular feedback is generated from users, there should be provision of comment box, encouragement of feedback by asking, and responding to the…[Read more]

    • Hey Ajit,
      An awesome post, I must remark! 😉 Many brands never get to know the importance of feedback but I guess they would change their perspective after going through this piece.

      There are many options when it comes to “hacking” feedback from users. It is important to choose the option that readily suits the needs of a particular…[Read more]

    • Thanks Ajit:

      This was an awesome post. Not only was the information critical and highly relevant for existing products, it is useful for anyone planning to launch a new product.

      My essential emphasis for success in business in the Internet age is to “ASK THE CUSTOMER/PROSPECT WHAT THEY WANT, THEN GIVE IT TO THEM.

      A number of years ago a…[Read more]

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    • Hi Ajit!

      Very valuable blog post here!

      Customer Feedback and just feedback in general are so important to the success of any business!

      Especially in the direct sell business model.

      As technology evolves (rather rapidly), User Generated Content is becoming the most important part not just for any business but for every…[Read more]

    • Hi Ajit,

      This post makes a lot of sense. Why invest a lot of money trying to promote something that no one wants?

      You give some great examples of ways to get honest reviews of your product or service. I like the idea of the heatmap. It shows what people are gravitating to on your page.

      I also like the idea of going to the coffee shop…[Read more]

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