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A Recipe of Viral Features Used by the Fastest Growing Startups

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“Let’s put ‘share’ and ‘invite’ buttons wherever, and the product will spread like wildfire.”

This seems to be the popular belief about how to get products to go viral. Startup founders often confuse “viral” with “easy” and “viral growth” with “no strategy required.”

It’s true that virality is a great way to acquire new users for free and lower your customer acquisition costs. And, since free users are a great deal for any startup, it’s worth it to take advantage of viral opportunities. However, understanding the basics is important, so let me go through the most popular misconceptions first.

Virality is not a single feature. It’s a design principle. It’s not a result of good luck. It’s engineered. Forget about forcing users to use random share buttons. You must understand your audience and design a user flow that leads to sharing.

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    Your “recipe” on what makes a content viral is a good one! I agree with all the points you shared, but I especially like the one about referral programs. If I were the audience, I would definitely love it if aside from being able to share the content, I’d be rewarded for doing so.
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    “Let’s put ‘share’ and ‘invite’ buttons wherever, and the product will spread like wildfire.”

    Great takeaways from the very first sentence. This simple recipe can spice up your content and could have an outcome that is good and tempting like you can resist. These plugins are simple trick, just like the spices and herbs we use to make our food taste yummy.
    Metz recently posted…Make $600 Just Commenting on & $400 Sharing ThisMy Profile

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