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Email Deliverability & Security Developments for 2016


What’s New with Email Deliverability and Security?  Keeping up with changes in email is challenging, but a new report from Litmus, an email creation, testing and analytics platform, will fill you

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7 Reasons Why Clicking This Title Will Prove Why You Clicked This Title


Recently, I’ve been thinking–the time I spend online is perhaps only 50% productive. The remaining hours I’m either on Facebook, watching videos of cute animals on YouTube or doing a

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How Do You Organize Domains and Hosting Accounts?


Most of you here at Kingged probably own many domains and also hosting accounts. Some also work with PBNs and will have even more different accounts. Or maybe you work

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4 Ways to Utilize Virtual Reality in Marketing


It’s the 21st century now, and although we don’t have all the devices portrayed in popular sci-fi movies, we do have self-driving cars, smart devices we can talk to, and

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7 Practical Tips for Well-Written Emails


Did you know that people are expected to open 4.9 billion email accounts by the end of 2017, an Email Statistics Report for 2015-2019 shows. Currently, there are 4.35 billion email

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Building the Best Damn Logo Design for Your Business


The business of designing your company logo is of utmost importance. While a logo design may seem like a peripheral part of your business, it is the visual embodiment of

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Smart Content Marketing from the Next Big Brands


When we think of innovation in the content marketing world, our minds usually jump to the big companies paving the way with kickass campaigns and programs—brands like Red Bull, Marriott, and GE

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Working from Home Sucks. Here’s Why


Challenges of Working from Home Disclaimer: I personally love working from home. That said, it's not always rainbows and roses unless you have all your ducks in a row. This blog post

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24 Deadly Mistakes That Kept Me Broke For 6 Years And How To Avoid Them


I started marketing online in 2004 and my first breakthrough didn’t come until 2010. That was 6 years of absolute total failure. So as you can see, I might even

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How Do You See Your Self-Worth as a Business Leader?


As an online marketer, you need to embrace leadership qualities that will make you thick. These qualities will define your expectations.You probably are having vague expectations or achievements now that

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Media Kits and Sponsorships – How To Make Your Blog Attractive to Advertisers


Have you ever been contacted by an advertiser requesting a Media Kit before they quote a price for sponsored content? Or maybe they even just requested a little information about your

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Do You Want To Increase Visitors’ Trust and Optimize Conversion? These 3 Testimonials Tips Can Help


Testimonials show proof that your product/service serves a particular purpose. Using testimonials means you are invoking a psychological process that will prod visitors to copy the behavior and result of

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How to Become a Wildly Successful Freelance Writer


Freelance Writing Jobs On Steroids Many of you go through it everyday… You wake up, inspect a few gigs posted on various job boards and immediately contact them one by one. You

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The Anatomy of Making Money Online


After reading so many articles on how to make money online or ways in which money can be made from the internet; and drawing to the conclusion on what most

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15 Blogging Tips and Tricks to Make Your Blog Stand Out


 . Want your blog to stand out from the crowd? But wondering why it is not even getting noticed?   . Whether you are a newbie blogger or have been blogging for a while now, you

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7 Tips To Bust Writer’s Block


The toughest thing about writing anything from a news release to a blog post - is getting started. But writing doesn’t have to be hard. Here are a few tips

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How to Write a Killer Opening for Your Blog Posts


If the opening of your blog post doesn’t entice your readers enough to keep their attention, it’s safe to say they won’t be reading the rest of the content contained

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What Makes Up High Quality Website Content?

High-Quality-Website-Content-1-1024x303.jpg You’ve heard it before and you will hear it again: content is still king. There’s no denying that content plays a big role on the internet, even more if you have a

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Your Blog Post Headlines Suck…Here Is How To Fix Them


I wrote one guest post and got 5,000 visitors and over 30 new paying customers from one link in the guest post. Would you like to hear how I did it?

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Content Creation: 5 Strategies that will make you a Better Writer


You have always admired great writers. You dream of writing content that goes viral and draws in enormous traffic to your website. You want your content to convert readers to paying customers. But, it's

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Do You Think Facebook for Local search can help Small businesses?


Recently, Facebook announced that it is expanding its search capability to display more public posts published within its platform. This could only mean that small businesses can leverage and be

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How To Use Facebook Lead Ads


Lead ads are finally here…and that’s great news for you as a marketer or entrepreneur. Facebook lead ads are a simple-to-use and yet powerful tool that can help increase your targeted

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog for Free from Facebook


For the last few months, I have been able to drive some good traffic to my internet marketing blog, for free, from Facebook. And, as you can see in the Google

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Pinterest (The Traffic Giant)


If you're not using pinterest you're leaving out one of the best social marketing tools available online. There are over 100 million Pinterest users who are actively engaging at this

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How Is Your Pinterest Marketing Coming On?


Social marketers should get on with Pinterest marketing today. Facebook, Twitter and Google + are leading social platforms, yet Pinterest is still not considered by a majority of people or

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How to Get Started With Instagram Ads


  It’s been a long wait for Instagram Ads. Since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, digital marketers were keen to see how the platform would integrate with Facebook’s kickass Ad suite. Facebook recently

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7 Proven SEO Copywriting Best Practices Guarantee To Increase Traffic


Effective white-hat SEO strategies, when married to great copywriting skills, they become one and can produce massive significant result through a well-executed strategic content marketing campaign. However, not everyone who earn

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SEMrush – Spy On Your Competitors Keywords and Grow Your Business


Whether your business is online or offline you need to have a look at what your competitors are doing, what strategies they are applying in order to get sales and

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Do You Really Need A Custom 404 Page?


Outdated, permanently moved, deleted web pages are increasingly cluttering search engine results. The link rot is more common than you think, it’s highly likely that Your website is infested with link rot as well. As

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Tech Tango: Google Takes on Mobile, Facebook Takes On Search

blog main photo tango

. Alphabet has completely surpassed Q3 expectations thanks to Google’s most recent successes with many of its products.  . During the earnings call, Wall Street first-timer Sundar Pichai highlighted a slew of Google

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Google’s Hiring Methods are Unusual, But Effective


. No one enjoys slogging through an endless supply of spreadsheets while being confined to a cubicle all day. Some people may think that 3.9 GPA in graduate school should have

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Google Maps Out Pollution in California


Some big changes are happening with Google, including their legal restructuring into Alphabet and its subsidiary companies:  Calico, GoogleX, Fiber, Google Ventures, Google Capital, Nest, and—of course—Google.     You may have heard

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Signs it’s Time to Update Your Company’s Marketing Strategy


Working out marketing strategies can be difficult and time-consuming, and often it seems as though, once you’ve got something in place, the work and time it takes isn’t worth the

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What Does Successful Content Marketing Mean To You?


You have been advised time and time again that content marketing is one way of becoming successful online. However, what does successful content mean to you? Is it just a process

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What Are You Doing About Productivity-Killing Email Overload?


Email is an important part of online marketing. We communicate and receive vital business and personal messages through this technology. However, receiving and sending numerous messages a day could be

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20 Free Email Marketing Tools To Boost Up Your Business


20 Free Email Marketing Tools To Boost Up Your Business I still remember the era when internet was new to people, the other name of internet for the people was email,

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Busting the 7 Most Common AdSense Myths


From science to pop culture, myths are a part of everyday life. Even the large Google AdSense publisher community has created and suffers from myths regarding AdSense. We’re here to finally

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EPISODE 2: How to Succeed with an Online Business [Podcast]


These are the things you must know in order to learn how to succeed with an online business. Today, you will learn what you need to hear, not what you

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Why The 10,000 Hour Rule Can’t Help You Make Money Online or Offline


I am sure that by now you have heard of the 10,000-hour rule. If for some reason this is not ringing any bells for you I will bring you up

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Why Use Standing Desks? Win $600 Sit to Stand Workstation Giveaway


Do you remember the post I wrote on sitting is the new smoking? I wrote about it because sitting is killing and affects many of us. That was indeed an upsetting

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