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Why Do Sales People Always Fight With Operations?


When I previously discussed this topic on one of the popular hospitality websites last year I got a lot of grief from those in the “sales” side of the business. 

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The Top 5 Marketing And Conversion Lessons I Have Learned From Donald Trump.


Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has always been successful at generating headlines. Whether you agree or disagree with him, there’s no denying that his candidacy has been a

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What Do You Think About Marketing’s Magic Bullet?


Do you believe there is a marketing magic bullet? A lot of people do. Hundreds of "consultants" make millions of dollars each year teaching seminars and boot camps, and selling newsletters

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How to Increase Website Traffic – 9 Tactics That Work Like Charm


For a blog to be successful, it needs more than just awesome content even at the consistent pace of publications - there is more to managing a blog that builds your

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How to Get Online Reviews for Your Business (Its not as hard as you think)


Today’s online reviews were yesterday’s word-of-mouth recommendations. The only difference? You can tell millions (literally) of people if you LOVED or HATED a service. Instant Reputation Report : Find Out How Your Business Compares to Competitors on Review

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Is Your Website Killing Your Business?


  A study published in 2011 found that 70% of people would not buy from a company with a poorly designed website. And that was before the mobile revolution. Today, most

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Why Is Everyone Talking About Native Ads?


If you work in or around technology, then most likely you’ve heard talk of native advertising. There are people rating against it, some arguing for it, and new rules and

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Does Repeat Buying Truly Mean Customer Loyalty?


Most of us assume that customers who repeatedly buy from us are always loyal to our brand. But this could be misleading. Customers can repeatedly buy a product for different

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How Many Websites Do You Really Need? A Lesson on the Power of Focus for Entrepreneurs


I’m a mess. But I am getting better. I dabbled into so many things in the past 6 years. I’ve literally gone through over 700 sites of my own and at one

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How Do you Woo Customer Loyalty with Ease?


If you recognize and appreciate customer loyalty, then you are setting up your business for super success. You will get repeat customers who are willing to buy again and again

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Fun with B2B: Content Lessons from 5 B2C Brands


Sometimes it seems like our B2C counterparts have all the fun. But you don’t have to play the part of the professional stiff. Keep an eye on those B2C kids,

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Is the Successful Online Marketer Born or Made?


With the rise of global Internet and the opening of the World Wide Web in 1991 to the public, there has been a rise in how to make money online.

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The One Weird Thing You Need to Know About Storytelling and Blogging!


The year of 2010 was coming to an end soon .... was a nice afternoon and I was browsing through the internet when all of a sudden I came across

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What Headline Writing Tips Do You Have?


A few years back I developed a list of 7 headline writing tips. I am wondering if all of these tips are still relevant. Seems that today you have to

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Have You Ever Tried Character Blogging for Business?


The idea dates back to 2007, when I began to welcome sponsored posts on the character blogs I ran for a hobby (many of which are still around). If you don't

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How Has Repurposed Content Helped In Converting Your Target Audience?


Readers have preference when it comes to content. If you ignore the preference your content production may just be an exercise in futility. This is because you would be targeting

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What’s the Most Popular Piece of Content You Ever Produced and Why Do You Think It Was Successful?


I think we can learn from each other by answering this question: what's the most popular piece of content you ever developed and why was it successful? My most popular post

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5 Social Media & Digital Marketing “Must Haves” for 2016


With so many social media and digital marketing options now available, it can be overwhelming to know what you should be doing first. At the same time, it’s also very

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How To Use Klout To Generate Blog Ideas


Klout is a notable social media manager analyzer. It’s free and widespread, and the Klout Score is so common among various social and blogging platforms, that use it as an indicator of quality. However,

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6 Simple & Effective B2B Social Media Content Ideas to Try Now


One difficulty of social media marketing is finding content that relates to your consumers, your brand, and actually drives the right traffic and engagement from your social channels. B2B companies

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What Do You Think About The New Facebook Like Buttons?


Facebook recently introduced the new like buttons. They will allow Facebook to gather even more data from its users and to better monetize them, but what effect do you think it

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Why Social Media is the New Way to Shop on Mobile


Social sites are dominating the time spent on mobile devices, and they can be used for far more than just being social. Many retailers are using social media to engage with customers and

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What Is The Most Important SEO Skill We MUST Acquire?


Search engine optimization experts (SEOs) are known to help businesses optimize their websites for traffic visibility and conversion. When done effectively, SEO leads to acquisition of target traffic, increased conversions

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How Do You Create Brand Awareness and Win New SEO Clients?


If you are new into the provision of SEO services you could be having the challenge of finding new clients. It is not completely out of place to experience this

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PPC Vs SEO: A Detailed Breakdown And Final Verdict


When it comes to deciding on the methods that you will use to boost traffic for your website, pay per click (otherwise known as PPC) and search engine optimisation (otherwise

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The Internet Falls Asleep As the Force Awakens


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a massive global hit. After a record breaking opening night, experts anticipate the film’s first weekend to bring in upwards of $500 million ($200

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Is It Possible To Remove All Of Your Personal Information Online?


Personal information shared online can make and mar us. Rightly directed, bloggers can qualify for certain privileges online. Wrongly directly, bloggers would have to deal with  unsavory experience like identity

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Have Tons Of Holiday Fun With Google’s Santa Tracker Website


So, I had the best job this morning.  I got to play around with the Google Santa Tracker, where anyone with an internet connection can “explore, play and learn with

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Mastering Lead Generation: From Content To Chat


Mastering lead generation requires you to be a bit of a jack of all trades. You need to be able to attract prospects to your funnel, write informative (and persuasive)

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Who Is a Smart Content Marketer To You?


Content marketing is the norm for both online and offline ventures today. Its works like salesmanship and follows a natural process. It will not be out of place to state

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5 Tools To Help You Write Better Business Emails


Ping, pang, POOM! What’s that? The sound of some exotic Vegas slot machine? No. Sadly, that’s the sound of the gah-bah-gillions (made up number that’s REALLY BIG) of emails hitting my

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How to Create an Email Newsletter That Actually Gets Read


Even your easily bored cat would love to read your email newsletter with the tips contained here ;)   Evaluate: Do You Even Need An Email Newsletter? Do some research, if in your

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Dare to Dream Big: A New Employee Success Guide


Countless studies have shown that the key to a successful employee, one who excels at his/her job, is motivated to perform at his peak and one that will have the

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EPISODE 3: What is the Fastest Way to Make Money Online? [Podcast]


What is the fastest way to make money online? - Learn the best answer today. There is a right way to make money online fast, and today you are going

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Doing Nothing


Doing nothing is not as popular as it should be. Many famous people have weighed in on this subject – most of them vehemently against the idea.  For instance: “Doing nothing

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Hello Kinggers, [1st of October, 2014 UPDATE - Because of the attacks we suffered last week, which made not fully functional for a few days and prevented some participants from

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