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The First Step For Internet Marketing Success


There is one thing that you must do in order to reach the top, no matter where you are in your Internet marketing career. If you never do this one thing,

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Mastering Lead Generation: From Content To Chat


Mastering lead generation requires you to be a bit of a jack of all trades. You need to be able to attract prospects to your funnel, write informative (and persuasive)

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Marketing and Decision Fatigue


Decision fatigue is a psychological term for the deterioration of decision making by individuals as they become increasingly fatigued in a cognitive sense; in short hand, the more decisions you

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Importance Of Branding Yourself Online When You’re Broke With Little Time


When you’re broke with little time on your hands, it can become a challenge to build your blog and home business. So what do many do with the little time they

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Is Discoverability Marketing TRULY Non-intrusive?


Discoverability marketing is a modern form online marketing advertisement where customers gradually are lead to ‘discover’ the product or service they need. The customers are not forced to read, listen

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Is Marketing a Scam?


There are a lot of scams out there. One of the largest, yet least talked-about scam of them all is the entire field of marketing. Marketers are all scammers, greedy folks

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An Open Letter to Internet Marketing Newbies To Help You Succeed


If you are sitting in a room right now, look around you. Everything you see originated in one place: the human brain.  Someone thought it was a good idea to

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4 Reasons A Service-Based Business Is Better Than Chasing Passive Income


After 2 phenomenal guest posts this year, this is the first post I am writing this year & I am especially pumped to write today. When I started my blog, my

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Which 5 Ad Servers Will Make You More Money in 2016


Welcome to your graduation ceremony. You’re ready to move up from being a one trick pony and add more ad networks, exchanges, direct advertisers and ad tech providers to your

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How to Use Google AdSense Custom Channels to Increase Google AdSense RPM


We usually recommend nifty new tools to optimize your AdSense earnings but there are handy tools right in the AdSense publisher console that can help you boost your earnings. One of

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Commit, Connect, Convert (3 Tricks To Becoming An Online Heavyweight)


When I was doing Network Marketing 3 important elements that the leaders stress were to commit yourself, connect with as many people as possible, and be able to build your

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8 Mind Blowing Hacks to Leverage Your CPC Ad Earnings


Every campaign manager worth her salt knows that successful ad campaigns are all about optimization. But instead of making you go through ad network boot camp like a good campaign

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[Infographic] The Secrets Behind Successful Google AdSense Ads


Getting more clicks on ads is the holy grail of CPC (cost-per-click) based monetization. But it’s a journey with many questions along the way. Bringing audience to your content is

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How The Matrix Taught us to Increase Revenue Despite Ad Blockers


Today’s post is a guest contribution that provides an interesting perspective on website testing from businesses that generate advertising revenue. Remember that scene from the Matrix? Cypher and Agent Smith are

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How to Improve WordPress Security [Infographic]


Is your WordPress site locked down? Ok, there is no such thing as 100% safe or secure. All you can do is take some proactive measures to protect against any potential security

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Grow Your Blog Traffic Without SEO With These 7 Tactics


As hard as you've tried, it just seems impossible - getting constant significant free targeted SEO traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. So you decide to leverage other

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Blind Blogger Goes From Frightened Radio Show Guest to Host of His Own Radio Show


Hello again; When it comes to podcasts and radio shows, many of you know me as a prolific guest sometimes doing three or more interviews a week to share my inspiring

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Are You Receiving Your Blog Comments On The Right Folder?


I am so glad to be here after a bit gap of interaction, I am so glad to know the new developments here at Kingged! So happy to know that the 

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What Is Your Idea Of Evergreen Content?


It is possible you have been advised to write evergreen contents if you must sustain your content marketing. Well, it is a good advice and one you must stick with. This

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The Top 15 Website Optimization Blogs


If you thought the bear in The Revenant was persistent, you haven’t seen anything yet. In our humble opinion, he gave up just a little too soon. Instead he got turned

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Have You Considered LinkedIn For Online Reputation Management?


Online reputation management is something that should be consistent if you must keep winning. It’s not enough using words considered as “credible” to rank in Google when in the real

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What Social Media Security Policy Do You Have In Place For Your Business?


Your organization needs social media to gain exposure, traffic and conversion. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and the rest are achieving these. However, social networking must be secured to prevent

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How Do You Feed or Fuel Your Social Media With Content?


Your social media campaign needs a consistent content strategy to dominate. This is because aligning social with content brings about definitive results in both social media marketing and content marketing. It

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Effective Ways Brands Can Use Social Media to Better Connect with Customers


When it comes to customer relationship, social media is the ideal place brand can connect with customers and prove that the brand’s value are aligned with the customer. Companies that harness the potentials of social media

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Two Twitter Tools To Make Your Life Easier And Increase Your Social Media Authority Status


Add To Your Twitter Marketing Arsenal Mastering The Use Of Twitter Means That You Can Achieve An Instant Impact Through Online Social Media The Internet business landscape changes at a dizzying pace, and social media

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How Do You Make The Most Of Instagram For Your Business?


Instagram is a social networking channel that promotes engagement (if utilized effectively). It is fast becoming popular with many businesses. Statistics released by Instagram in September, 2015 revealed an amazing

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What Is The Most Important SEO Skill We MUST Acquire?


Search engine optimization experts (SEOs) are known to help businesses optimize their websites for traffic visibility and conversion. When done effectively, SEO leads to acquisition of target traffic, increased conversions

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How Do You Create Brand Awareness and Win New SEO Clients?


If you are new into the provision of SEO services you could be having the challenge of finding new clients. It is not completely out of place to experience this

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PPC Vs SEO: A Detailed Breakdown And Final Verdict


When it comes to deciding on the methods that you will use to boost traffic for your website, pay per click (otherwise known as PPC) and search engine optimisation (otherwise

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Is It Possible To Remove All Of Your Personal Information Online?


Personal information shared online can make and mar us. Rightly directed, bloggers can qualify for certain privileges online. Wrongly directly, bloggers would have to deal with  unsavory experience like identity

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Have Tons Of Holiday Fun With Google’s Santa Tracker Website


So, I had the best job this morning.  I got to play around with the Google Santa Tracker, where anyone with an internet connection can “explore, play and learn with

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Safe, Kid-Friendly Alternatives to Google, YouTube, and Beyond


Today’s youth is exposed to technology very early in life – according to 2015 American Academy of Pediatrics, ”30% of U.S. children first play with a mobile device when they are

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Smart Content Marketing from the Next Big Brands


When we think of innovation in the content marketing world, our minds usually jump to the big companies paving the way with kickass campaigns and programs—brands like Red Bull, Marriott, and GE

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Google URL Builder: Easy And Simple Way Of Tracking Your Sites’ Performance


How many of you are working really hard at getting traffic and leads with the limited time you have, but yet your results seems very grim and nonexistent? This can be

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5 Tools To Help You Write Better Business Emails


Ping, pang, POOM! What’s that? The sound of some exotic Vegas slot machine? No. Sadly, that’s the sound of the gah-bah-gillions (made up number that’s REALLY BIG) of emails hitting my

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How to Create an Email Newsletter That Actually Gets Read


Even your easily bored cat would love to read your email newsletter with the tips contained here ;)   Evaluate: Do You Even Need An Email Newsletter? Do some research, if in your

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Dare to Dream Big: A New Employee Success Guide


Countless studies have shown that the key to a successful employee, one who excels at his/her job, is motivated to perform at his peak and one that will have the

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EPISODE 3: What is the Fastest Way to Make Money Online? [Podcast]


What is the fastest way to make money online? - Learn the best answer today. There is a right way to make money online fast, and today you are going

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How to Handle Negative App Reviews for Better ASO?

Negative App Reviews - Handle With Care

App Reviews are the important part of App Store Optimization (ASO). The negative reviews create bad image of your app and your company towards the people.  . The most of the people always read

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Hello Kinggers, [1st of October, 2014 UPDATE - Because of the attacks we suffered last week, which made not fully functional for a few days and prevented some participants from

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