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Google URL Builder: Easy And Simple Way Of Tracking Your Sites’ Performance


How many of you are working really hard at getting traffic and leads with the limited time you have, but yet your results seems very grim and nonexistent? This can be

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5 Tools To Help You Write Better Business Emails


Ping, pang, POOM! What’s that? The sound of some exotic Vegas slot machine? No. Sadly, that’s the sound of the gah-bah-gillions (made up number that’s REALLY BIG) of emails hitting my

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The Chameleon – Adaptive Marketing Ideas For Your Business How Your Website Can Be Your Bes...


"What websites in your industry do you envy?" That is a question we ask new website design clients. The answer, is usually hard to produce. We work with professional financial service firms

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Signs it’s Time to Update Your Company’s Marketing Strategy


Working out marketing strategies can be difficult and time-consuming, and often it seems as though, once you’ve got something in place, the work and time it takes isn’t worth the

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Google Starting to Remove PPC Ads from Right Side on Desktop and Tablet SERPs


  Over the weekend, breaking news hit the digital marketing world as rumors came to fruition that Google has rolled out a significant change, which drops ads from the right side of a

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How Can Smart Agencies Remain Indispensable in the Future?


Agencies that consult for business should be conversant with the demands of the times. Whether the agency provides SEO, content or advertising services, being familiar with what works is important.

38 Comments | Share By Sunday William>•1 year ago Profile photo of Sunday William SUPER Promotion Helps You Reach MILLIONS on 100+ Blogs ...


We Are Talking BIG, BIGGER & BIGGEST MASSIVE PROMOTIONS like you have NEVER seen before   Hello Kinggers (and non-Kinggers), Yours truly, Kingsley here... Yes, this is the first time is opening up

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How To Mastermind Your Way To Success Online


Mastermind Your Way To Success Online First off let’s talk about what exactly masterminding really is. Masterminding is where you get together with a group of like minded entrepreneurs and we all

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Domain Name Budgeting Between TLD Price Rises and the Crisis


Domain name prices are on the rise. Ugh, right? Verisign upped the .NET price again in January 2015, after they already did so in January 2014. New TLDs are far from

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Secrets To Finding A Success Mentor


A Success Mentor A Success Mentor! What Can One Do For You? Secrets To Finding A Success Mentor 1 It really is not secret at all LOL–>>Plain and simple a success mentor

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How to Make Money Blogging Like A Super Man (what I learned in 10 years)


Quick shoutout: Hey Kinggers! I just signed up on Kingged today and thought it'd be a good idea to submit something useful in my first posting. And, what's more interesting than the topic "make

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EPIC FAIL – How to Stop Feeling Like A Failure

the-master-has-failed-more-times-than-the-beginner-has-even-tried-stephen-mccranie-1-638 The short video above is taken from a Q & A response by my friend Dan Klatt of in reply to a person that had to move back home

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Can A Success Mindset Help You Make Money Online?


Hum? Can A Success Mindset Actually Help YOU Make Money Online? Let’s start out by talking a little bit about what this Success Mindset means to you and then later we

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10 gainful habits of top money bloggers you never read so far


Yes I am talking about habits of money bloggers who are making big money with their blogs. Earlier you must have read a lot about the habits of wonderful, effective, top,

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Don’t Be – Just Another Blogger


I want to be painfully honest with you for a moment.   I assure you I’m going to be up front and in your face. It’s going to get ugly and

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How to Reduce Bounce Rate: 10 Reasons I will Bounce Off Your Blog


You've probably heard of the term "reduce bounce rate" many times over before, but one thing may be certain - you never take your time to figure out what could

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Is Grammarly better than Word Editor?


Hi Kinggers, I have been seeing ads on Grammarly and also many recommendations on how this tool helps writers to edit and proofread smoothly. I use Word editor and other text editors

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Why is User Experience Important for Your Blog? Here is What You Need to Know!


If you are a new blogger, this might be a new question you have; why is user experience important for your blog? ... And the answer is very simple; the User

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How Do You Deal with Writer’s Block and Stay On Top of your Blogging ...


A common problem that most bloggers face is generating content ideas. If you don't come up with content ideas regularly you will never stay on top of your blogging game. Writer’s

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10 Common Blogging Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Bloggers can make a lot of mistakes at times which could drive the audience away from their webpage. You may not realize them but these mistakes are not small and

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How to Grow Your Business’ Instagram Account


By Justin H. . There the Tek Team was, a few months back, pondering each and every way to grow the eGumball brand. As we slaved away like true keyboard warriors, bringing

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How Do You Maximize Social Media Presence For Your Brand?


Social media presence helps to expose a brand and boost traffic conversion. Businesses can use social media to share and promote benefits and features of products and services. A maximized

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Social Media Is Called “Social” For A Reason. Do You Agree...


There are right and wrong ways to utilize social media. If done right, social media becomes a BOOST for ROI but if done wrongly there it becomes a DISASTER for

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How Can Smart Social Media Marketing Build Knowledge, Relationship and ...


If you don’t know how social media benefits a business then you may lack knowledge on how “Smart Social Media Marketing” works. We are now in the era of social

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3 Steps To Increasing Your Twitter Following


The trick to increasing your Twitter following is by engaging with an interested audience. Now if you're like me you tried this method until your face turned blue but still

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Even Sceptic’s Can Get Targeted Traffic from Google+


Sceptic Bloggers often ignore one place that is excellent for driving high quality traffic from Google+ to their Blog site. Google+ a really a great way to promote content, has existed

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Thіngѕ Yоur Cоmреtіtоrѕ Cаn Tеасh Yоu Abоut SEO


Yоur соmреtіtоrѕ аrе thе оbѕtасlеѕ you hаvе tо соmреtе wіth, tо bе ѕuссеѕѕful. When you research your competitors, уоu can lеаrn a lоt аbоut whаt they are dоіng соrrесtly and

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Where Is Your Business In The SEO Maturity Curve?


SEO has stages and businesses could find themselves in different stages of maturity. A fully developed SEO stage has reached a maturity curve. This is a point where the best

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Which Specialist Do You Prefer – In-House SEO, Agency SEO or Hybr...


  Search engine optimization is one of the processes that can bring about phenomenal changes in a business. If it is applied wrongly a business would be affected negatively. It becomes

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Top 8 Ecommerce Trends You Should Look Out For


The Ecommerce industry has helped many small sellers in reaching out the market at a faster pace. This in-turn encourages young entrepreneurs to take a plunge in ecommerce business. I

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DDoS Mitigation Skills Are In Demand


I recently advertised on Kaggle to find a data scientist to help answer a question I was pondering: With the spate of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in the

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A Better Way to Pay with Android

android-pay blog

By Nick K. Where would we be without our smartphones? These gadgets offer a laundry list of features and upgrades that we can use and control in the palm of our

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What Are You Doing To Rank Your YouTube Video With Ease?


When it comes to video marketing a MUST-GO to platform is YouTube. It is of necessity that your video Channel is properly optimized for Google and YouTube ranking. A continuous

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5 Traits of Highly Effective Content Producers


Since you are reading this, I am going to go out on a limb and say that you have not been living under rock for the last decade or two. Thus,

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A Quick Email Campaign CheckList: Pay Attention Before Hit Send


Email marketing is great channel to drive sales and maintain good relations with customers & subscribers (If you do it right and follow the genuine process!) Are you going to

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Having A Small Mailing List Hurts Bloggers


Ah! you’ve never heard of the small mailing list syndrome? Oh! do stop laughing, it’s real. It’s contagious, spreads rapidly and has left its mark on almost all Bloggers. This syndrome

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Work Meetings Are Destroying Business (And How to Destroy Them Back)


My brother is a vice president of a large company. He often tells me he gets anxiety on Sundays because of an incoming Monday of long, byzantine meetings. I asked

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EPISODE 1 – The Best Ways to Promote Your Blog Online [Podcast]


You should learn WHY you need your own blog online - and the best ways to promote it. In today's podcast show, you are going to learn why you need to

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7 Tips To Bust Writer’s Block


The toughest thing about writing anything from a news release to a blog post - is getting started. But writing doesn’t have to be hard. Here are a few tips

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King Swag Inc. is Holding a Contest for Free Services


Beginning on September 1 through October 20th 2014, King Swag Inc. is holding a contest and will be giving away nearly $7,000 in web-based services.

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