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9 Ways Teenagers Can Use In Making Money Online

Profile photo of Edema Submitted by Edema July 25, 2014 Website :

Are you a teenager, do you think its impossible for you to make some money online?. well today you are wrong. i can tell you i made my first few dollar online at 17 from building blogspot site for people. Kinda small then, but yet i made some money. don’t limit yourself by thinking you are a teen and at that you can’t make money online. The 12 hours use in social networking , part of it can really be turned into income. Today, i am going to show 10 good ways for teenagers to make some legal money online.

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Edema Ero often associated with the nickname Decoslim is the owner and editor at WANEntrepreneur. He his a self-motivated entrepreneur driven with the aspiration to provide entrepreneurs with quality resources to grow their businesses.
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26 Responses to “9 Ways Teenagers Can Use In Making Money Online” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of admin Profile

    Hey Edema,

    I “kingged” this, not because it’s super awesome, but to encourage you to improve on it, and republish it later. More so, I noticed you linked to Kingged in your blog, even though we didn’t ask you to. Either that or because you play chess, as I do, or because you are young and can do with some help. Reading this and giving you some constructive criticism (and offering to help you improve this article, when you are ready) is my little way of saying “thanks”, 😉

    Is this “basic” or super?
    You see… you certainly mentioned very good ways for teenagers (and everyone else for that matter) to make money online, but you didn’t do enough justice to the ways. People will read (or most likely just “scan”) this article, click away and do nothing. They won’t even bookmark this, because it’s just “basic” and doesn’t really add anything to what they already know. Unfortunately so, :(

    How about some more “comprehensive” information?
    I would have preferred you spending more time researching these various ways and writing much more comprehensively on them. Even if you don’t write too comprehensively on them, you could have mentioned or linked to other comprehensive articles or materials that readers could read, to get more meat on the various ways. It’s really better spending time writing one masterpiece of an article than short and “basic” articles like this.

    What about how YOU or others have used these methods?
    Apart from writing more comprehensively on each or some of the points you mentioned, you could have also said a bit more about how YOU (or others you know) have made money online from some or all of the methods. That would have provided readers with more meat, than just listing the ways, as you have done.

    You can do much more on this article!
    Most people write basic articles that don’t stand out. If you want to be a blogger that succeeds, you should do more. Try to stand out and write those type that do stand out. It really doesn’t take that much time writing something awesome. I should know… I have written many awesome stuff in my life, with my first completed novel in my teens, thousands of published articles and USA/UK physically published books in my twenties, 😉

    Good is good, but…
    Anyway, like I said – you did “good” with this article, but there is certainly a lot of room for improvement. Good is good… but not good enough, especially in today’s blogging world with millions of blogs out there (yes, millions) and thousands of posts getting published daily!

    The Ultimate question is…
    How will your blog and blog posts stand out and be seen, read, appreciated, shared and kingged?! That’s the question YOU and any serious blogger should be asking themselves before hitting the “publish” button on any blog post, me think!

    Once again, consider improving this article and republishing a much more comprehensive version – the type that everyone would read and say – YES, this content is worthy of the mantra “Content is King“. They will read it, bookmark it, share it, king it, etc, :)

    Hope this helps?


    P.S. I can help, :)
    I am always super busy but don’t mind helping you improve this article further when you are ready. I can review the rewritten version and give you some tips on making it even better, 😉
    admin recently posted…Let Help Your Blog Make Money… With Ease!My Profile

  • Profile photo of Edema Profile

    Thanks so much Kingsley for taking time to read my blog.

    When i saw a notification that you had left a comment on my blog, i hurriedly woke up to give a reply (It’s 5am currently)

    Thanks for reviewing this article and showing me ways on how to improve it.

    You have really improved my writing skills with this great comment; how much more juice i would have got from this article.

    You seem to be the perfect writer everyone is taking about on the train. With this comment almost turning into a full blog post, it shows how good a writer can be.

    It has became an habit for me, when ever i write am always in a bit hurry to publish.

    You are right, i don’t really spend time writing an article.

    And i think i have to change my approach towards that if i want to stand out from the crowd.

    Yes, you mention wanting to help me review the rewritten version of this article, despite you are really busy. i would be so much grateful if you can.

    I would be rewriting this article and improving it with all you have said.

    When am done, i will forward you a draft of it to your email, so you could help me improve one or two things on it.

    Thanks so much once again.
    Edema recently posted…Why has blogging become only a tool for making money?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hi Deco,
    The response from Kingsley is really encouraging. At least, he has pointed out the basic aspects that need improvement. Blogging in today’s world needs a lot of commitment, quality, and clarity. Juicy contents make the most impact and every blogger that wants to go to the next level understands this!

    In addition to what Kingsley has stated, I urge you to do a lot of editing and proof reading before sharing. Punctuations used in this article are discouraging. For example, in so many places the use of “i” is used instead of “I”.

    On the article, yes there are many money making opportunities open to teenagers. Its important that they explore the options that bring out their passion, commitment, and creativity to make impact!
    Sunday William recently posted…[ATTENTION] Discover This Simple “Hack” For Making CRAZY Profits From Your Email List!My Profile

  • Profile photo of Emmanuel Kabenlah Profile

    Hello Deco,

    If there is one thing which is easier to achieve online, it has to do with having that title on you as a blogger.

    Blogging is one easy thing every teenager could find his or herself in but what ought not be forgotten is the fact that it really takes time to make even $1 as a blogger.
    Emmanuel Kabenlah recently posted…Hard Lessons Blogging has Taught MeMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Amit Kumar Profile

    Hey decoslim,

    I would must appreciate your hard work for creating this extra detailed and informative article related to make money online. Everyone want to make money online in these days and these nine helpful ways are going to be very profitable for Teenagers.

    Specially, these ways (Designing Web Logos, Sell Digital Photos, Make Money From Fiverr, Tutor or give lessons)you added here are much useful for them and surely they can make good money.

    This is a exclusive post to make money online. keep writing.
    Amit Kumar recently posted…New Windows 8.1 keyboard shortcuts for Quick UseMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Keith Profile

    Thank you for sharing this article Deco.

    As a teenager, I have financial needs. Therefore working online seems fits me. These 9 ways are so helpful. But we all knew that not all teenagers are capable in doing this. Still the door is always open for them to try making money online.

    This article really helps newbies who are searching for online-money-makers, and those who already working online.

    I will also like say thanks to Kingsley. Not only Edema will learn from Kingsley suggestion but also to newbies like me.

  • Profile photo of rohan bhardwaj Profile


    First and foremost, heads up to what Kingsley said. As some say, “There is always a room for some improvement”. All of the ways to make money, you mentioned are nice and lucrative.

    But, being tried it when I was teen, I can say, it takes some sheer dedication and right guidance to pull such things off.

    Nice post, you showcased some of the real ways to fetch money, a newbie might get some idea.

    My advice to any teenager out there, will be to have a realistic vision and train themselves with knowledge of any field they are trying to jump in, be it blogging or selling photos.

    Every thing requires the right way to pursue, so one can have growth in it. Thanks for sharing your views, appreciate it.
    rohan bhardwaj recently posted…A Poem of WatchMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Pauleen Profile

    Hi, Deco! :)

    It’s good to see a new blogger here. I’m so overwhelmed to know that you are just a young self-motivated entrepreneur. Well, it’s just you are inspiring!

    I must agree with what Sir Kingsley said in his comment on this blog post of yours. He’s right that there is a lot to improve in here, but I salute you for taking his words in the light way as it was intended.

    Glad that you got some inspiration and help in this great curation website. What a blessing to know that there’s someone out there who is concerned about your good and willing to offer you a helping hand.

    About the topic that you’re sharing, well, I must say you’re right. These methods you’ve shared on how teenagers may successfully make money online are indeed factual and effective.

    Hope you all the best and a good luck in your online business journey. Don’t be afraid to fail and always be open to learn. There are a lot of encouragement and knowledge to take, but I believe that with the right approach and attitude, you’ll surely gain success.

    This community will surely help you a lot.


  • Profile photo of Sherman Smith Profile

    Hey Deco,

    This is the first time on your blog and I like the tips for teenagers here. I work for a school district and I know that quite a few of the kids at the middle school and high school would definitely be interested in this.

    They love being on the computer and of course today’s teenagers love to be on social media! These tips would definitely work in their favor!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Sherman Smith recently posted…What To Look For When You Join Social Media GroupsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Richard Martin Profile

    Hey Edema.

    First of all, nice to meet you, and congratulations on having a very nice blog. It is well laid out and easy on the eye :-)

    This article is great. Sure, there could be a little more detail on each area, but I see it as an ‘idea’ post – giving teenagers a bunch of ideas to allow them to make money online – and then letting them choose one or two from the list, with the intention of letting them explore the possibilities on their own.

    One thing i do wish – I wish I had the opportunities that are around now when I was a teen. Back then, we had just got the internet on a 56k dial up modem, and it was charged at £0.01p a minute.

    The only way to earn money was to go and get a job. Now I can see that there are many ways for a teen to earn some money – such as the ways you have described above.

    Good job and keep up the good work here.
    Richard Martin recently posted…CASE STUDY: Why You Should Release A Course On Udemy Right NowMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Rajaraman K Profile

    Good methods for making some money online. Youngsters can definitely try the methods given like affiliate marketing, making logos and blogging.

    Blogging is somewhat easy which the youngsters can find interesting. However, one should remember that it takes some time to make money as a blogger.

  • Profile

    Hi. I just love how encouraging you are. Most posts like yours would usually cater to stay at home moms who would like to earn extra and it’s unusual to read something that would invite teenagers into online money making. I hope to find more reads like yours so that the youngsters can fully realize what they might be missing or what they can take advantage of while lurking on social media. Btw, found this article thru

  • Profile photo of Shyantan Deb Profile

    In my teenage, I don’t know these methods of money making when i was at teenage . these all methods are all super awesome. Logo making is best for the creative kids
    i will tell all these method. so, that they can make some good money and they don’t have to ask their parent for the pocket money.
    Shyantan Deb recently posted…Kochadaiiyaan delayed again, now release on 23 MayMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Maketta Profile

    Hello Edema,

    I wanted to add to the list. Taking surveys is a great way teens can make some extra money as well. They can do it from home and it doesn’t cost any money to get started. Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Maketta recently posted…Why You Need To Learn Internet Marketing If You’re A BloggerMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Princewill Okafor Profile

    I appreciate the fact that you took kinglsley’s advice which some would have arrogantly ignored, indeed teenagers could spend the time they chat away at social sites in making good money for themselves….

    The ways you listed are ways that money can be made but it should be noted that it doesn’t come easy, it has to involve skill, Hardwork and smartness..

    More power to your elbow, it all boils down to determination, Hardwork and willingness to learn, with these the sky is just a starting point….
    Princewill Okafor recently posted…Taking screenshots with your Samsung Galaxy S5 Or Any Android SmartphoneMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Pierre Eustache C. Profile

    I agree that all these ways are available for teenagers to make money online; but also available for anyone to make money online. So, like you said, if you can access the internet through your computer or your mobile devices, you can make money without waiting for dad and mom!
    Pierre Eustache C. recently posted…Skyrocket Sales on Your Website With Interactive VideosMy Profile

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