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8 Simple But Powerful Landing Page Copywriting Tips

Avatar of Ann Submitted by Ann July 21, 2014 Website: unbounce.com

This post is a sneak peek at Ian Lurie’s upcoming webinar, “10 Rules for Landing Page Copy That Converts.” Looking for more advanced copywriting tips? Register below!

The “short pitch” is the purest form of marketing. When I started out in marketing in nineteen hrmpmubmmmumble, I did some copywriting for one-page print and direct mail pieces. They required really sharp, compelling, minimal prose. Ever try selling the virtues of a roof consulting firm in a four-inch print ad? Yeah.

Today, nothing demands more of a writer than creating copy for a landing page. You have to communicate your value, get the visitor to keep reading and get them to act. A tall order in any setting. And you have to do it all on a single page.

And while landing pages are online and print ads are, well, print, many of the same principles still apply. Here are eight copywriting tips that ring true regardless of where your copy appears.

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3 Responses to “8 Simple But Powerful Landing Page Copywriting Tips” Leave a reply ›

  • Avatar of Sherman Smith Profile

    Hey Ian,

    You provided some great tips. A couple of them intrigue me and gave me that aha moment. I like the Blank Sheet of Paper test which I never heard of. But when you put in terms about writing a headline , sub headling, image or short paragraph then it made sense.. would this intrigue someone on the streets or not! hmm.. may have to put this to the test ;)

    Also I like the way you put down “don’t use a checklist”.. when i first saw that, I was like “huh?” but then i read a little further which also gave me that “oooohhhh” moment LOL… Yes, when it comes down to it there are no rules! Just do what works best for you!

    thanks for sharing!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…What To Look For When You Join Social Media GroupsMy Profile

  • Avatar of Sunday Profile

    Wow, this is copywriting in practice! It really pays to use few words in delivering the best messages. Simplicity can help in delivering the best messages for marketers!

    I am really intrigued with tip no. 5 which reveals: “The higher up on the page it appears, the more important it is that your writing be clear without context.”
    Sunday recently posted…Let Kingged.com Help Your Blog Make Money… With Ease!My Profile

  • Avatar of Pauleen Profile

    Hi, Ian! :)

    Your website’s landing page has been one of the most crucial pages in your blog. The conversion takes place in here, that’s why it is so important that your landing page is effective enough to convert readers into buyers and or entice your possible customers.

    These tips you’ve shared are indeed helpful to effectively write quality, compelling copy that makes sales.

    As what Sunday commented, “this is copywriting in practice…”

    Good post indeed! :)


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