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8 Rock-Solid Reasons Not To Give Up On Your Dreams of Making Money Online

Profile photo of Amit Sharan Submitted by Amit Sharan November 27, 2017


Are you frustrated with the lack of results you are getting trying to make money online?

Do you now realize that making money online is overwhelming and the result you are getting is discouraging?

Do you now realize that your dream of making money online is now mere fantasy?

Or, have you decided to give up your dreams of making money because you now realize that all that glitters is not gold?

If the above questions and concerns resonate with you, then know this – it’s actually possible to start making money online within 30 days using a program like the one am using here.

But whether you take advantage of that program or not, I am here to give you 8 rock-sold reasons why you should never give up your dreams of making money online.

I hope the below reasons inspire you to have faith in what you do, push on with doing the needful, and attract the success you so much desire.


1.  Many are still making money online

You should never give up your dreams of making online because a lot people are still raking financial success online.

It will interest you to know that most of the success stories online popped up from thin air and many are still making fortunes daily. You should be inspired by their vision and determination.

Apart from popular Billionaire Internet marketers like Mark Zuckerberg, Matt Mullenweg, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Jezz Bezos, Craig Newmark, Peter Thiel, Kevin Systrom, etc, there are also other everyday individuals who are making a lot of money online.

A short list you should check out include:

  • Neil Patel of,
  • Pat Flynn of,
  • Kingsley of,
  • Yaro Starak of,
  • Seth Godin,
  • Brian Clark,
  • Naveen Selvadurai,
  • Gurbaksh Chahal,
  • Angelo Sotira,
  • Peter Cashmore,
  • Matthew Mickiewicz,
  • Gary Vaynerchuk,
  • Catherine Cook,
  • Mark Anastasi,
  • etc.


I could go on and on, but you get the point, right?

People are making money online every single day. And if they are, you can too, as long as you have something of value to offer.


2.  Most successful Online Marketers failed at first



You must realize that failure is a necessary part of the journey of success.

If you have everything go the way you want it, perhaps you may not appreciate the success you get.

Most of the successful online marketers you know today failed many times before they got to the point they are now.

In fact, most success stories have experienced failure, disappointment, rejection, defeat and frustrations many times.

They did not allow these negative experiences to affect their will to succeed. Neither should you!


3.  You will become a better person in the process

You must not give up your dream at the moment because you will deny yourself the chance of becoming a better person.

It is better to try and fail instead of not trying at all.

As you make attempts to pursue your goals of making money online, you should be open to new ideas and lessons that will make you wiser and stronger.

So, stick to your dream and learn from the process to become a better person.


4.  You can become role models to others

If you choose to give up your dream of making money online, then miss out on having a story to tell.

The future generation should be inspired by what have achieved today, that’s why giving up on your dream of making money online should not be up for discussion.

You should thrive to succeed so you will have story to tell others, even your children and also leave your mark in the sands of time.

Many are waiting for your success story, inspire them as a role model and don’t disappoint them!


5.  You will have lifetime of regret if you give up


You must not give up your dreams of making online so you will not regret that action the rest of your life.

It is possible that what you are doing online today is centered on your passion but if you choose to give up you may end up not fulfilled with whatever you do next.

Don’t give up on your dream. Stick with it and become fulfilled in life.

Remember, pains weigh ounces while regrets weight pounds!

So, embrace the pains of making your dreams come true and avoid the regrets of abandoning the dreams for the rest of your life.


6.  Your Breakthrough might just be around the corner


Now is not the time to give up on your dream of making money online. Your breakthrough could be nearer than you think.

If all of the efforts and resources you have put in to make money online is not yielding the desired result, take more steps.

Quitting now should not be an option because if you do then all your sacrifices would be in vain.

Although you are not seeing results for now, keep planning, re-strategizing and putting efforts and you will eventually get the breakthrough you so much desired.


7.  All good successes require time, patience and dedication

Making money online is a possibility but there is no shortcut to it.

You must know that to make money online demands time, patience and dedication.

You must not give up if you have not exercised these virtues.

Ensure you are willing to pay the price of success.

Remember, nothing good comes easy and so it is with making money online.

Invest time, patience and dedication to the processes of making money online.

As you do so, success will become inevitable.

So, don’t give up just yet!


8. Reassessing and embracing reality is better than your giving up

One of the reasons why many give up easily on their dreams of making money online is because they have not embraced reality of their dreams.

While some dreams are achievable, others are mere fantasies. If you have this desire to start making money online then you must consider the reality of you having the capacity of doing what it takes make money online.

If your dreams or goals are not specific, measureable, actualizable, realistic, and timely, they can be difficult to fulfill.

Instead of abandoning this dream, you should rather reassess your goals and make your dream a reality.



These are obviously just some of the many reasons why you should never give up on your dreams of making money online!

No matter how tough it gets (and it will get tough!), you need to stick with your dream and make it a reality.

Making money online is not easy but it is possible.

Learn from those who already are making money online and you would be inspired to start earning big today!

I am currently making good money online using’s 30 Days To Making Money Online.

It’s working for me and might just work for you if you try it out.

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