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8 Questions to Ask before Quitting Regular Job to Work From Home

Profile photo of ImPretty Submitted by ImPretty March 4, 2014 Website :

I quit my full time job last week! I have been working in the Software Industry all these years – 19 years to be precise – which is considered to be a high salary career in our context. As some of you already know, for the past few years, I have been experimenting with Internet marketing as well and it was getting really difficult to handle both these vastly varying careers together. Finally, I decided to quit my full time job in favor of the Work From Home option seeing the opportunity of making a good living out of it while working for lesser number of hours.

For those who kick-start blogging as fresh college pass-outs (or dropouts) – for that matter even for those who just started their career – it may not be a big issue to decide on a Work From Home career. But for someone who has to retire after all those long years into a full-time job, it is something BIG. Apart from planning for retirement (read my recent post on retirement planning) one needs to ask himself/herself a few questions before making such a big switch to freelancing or WFH opportunities.

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  • Profile photo of Princewill Okafor Profile

    You outlined everything, one has to be sure making he has all things in place before deciding to work from home as it may not readily start making you money immediately.

    it does have its advantages like having your time and working at your own pace may not be easy initially but sure smoothens out over time
    Princewill Okafor recently posted…The Basic Specs Of Sony Xperia Z2My Profile

  • Profile photo of Ryan Profile

    Congrats! I did the work from home thing 5 years ago.

    One note: I had a totally different approach. I agree with each of your questions but the crazy situations I encountered, by breaking each rule, created a fire in me which recruited my deepest hidden talents 😉

    I only travel the world because I was dead broke, living on credit cards, then living on thing, so I have my adversity to thank, and broken rules, to thank.

    With that in mind, good approach my friend :)
    Ryan recently posted…1 Minute Video: What Is Your Money Truth Serum?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

    Hey dear,

    This questions to me are potent and are the serving guards of the soon to quit persons. I love’em so much and have decided to bookmark it on the desktop at the cyber cafe I went to today. Isn’t that great? Haha…………….lolzz!

    Thanks for the share friend! :)

    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…I Bet You Don’t Have A PURPOSE in LIFE! Do You?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Lasisi Afees Profile

    One of the major decision in life that requires critical planning is the transition from being an employee to an employer. Or simply put as an entrepreneur. In an attempt to become work-at-home person, an internet marketer, one needs to put financial planning in the fore front as money don’t roll in as soon as the business is fully started.

    This isn’t particular about online business, but a norm general to business as a whole. In the least, make sure the income generated from the internet work done on part time basis suffices your basic need and can as well pay for its running cost before quitting the day job.

    The tips you highlighted are very essential and should be taken as the check-list for final quit. Thanks for sharing
    Lasisi Afees recently posted…Website Contents: Web Traffic Sources for Internet Marketing BlogsMy Profile

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