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7 Ways Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn Can Skyrocket Your Online Business

Profile photo of James Ling Submitted by James Ling August 30, 2016


On Monday, June 13, 2016 an announcement was made about a huge acquisition. It was the acquisition of LinkedIn (the professional social network) by Microsoft (the software giant).

The acquisition was worth $26.2 billion and was made in cash. This was big news and one that is still generating a lot of reactions.

For both Microsoft and LinkedIn, a new phase in their existence has started. Thus, users of both platforms are now provided with new realities for their business.


Although one remarkable announcement that I find interesting in the deal is that LinkedIn’s management, operations and identity is still going to remain the same so that users won’t have to worry about how this change will affect the way they interact and do business on the social network.

Online business owners would be concerned about how this acquisition will affect their online business and networking.

While there have been assurances from Satya Nadella and Jeff Weiner (CEOs of Microsoft and LinkedIn respectively) that the acquisition will strengthen both of the businesses operational and growth outlooks, there is need to outline what this acquisition truly mean for your online business.

Watch Satya Nadella and Jeff Weiner Talking on Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn


7 Ways The Acquisition Can Skyrocket Your Online Business


1. You can easily integrate into Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM tool

If your business is already utilizing LinkedIn then you can easily integrate into Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM tool.

This means that the LinkedIn CRM integration is poised to help provide you a platform where you can easily find and connect with other professionals or experts working in similar projects as you.

This way you have better chance of interacting and working with influencers in your niche.

2. You can reach out to an expanded target audience

The acquisition means LinkedIn professionals or online businesses using the professional social platform can reach out to an expanded target audience.

They can now leverage on the over 1 billion users Microsoft by promoting, marketing, advertising and selling across Microsoft’s products and services like Skype, Windows, Office, Bing, Edge, Active Directory, Calendar, Outlook, etc.



3. You can be empowered to create customized advertising and sales options

The acquisition can empower professionals to create customized advertising and sales options. This is made possible by the now integration of online based Office 365 suite and the LinkedIn networks.

The Dynamic CRM and the LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator would readily set this opportunity in motion.

4. You have the opportunity to tap into possible further growth of Linkedin

Online business owners will now see this acquisition as an opportunity to tap into the possible growth that LinkedIn is set to experience.

There is now going to the creation of a unified professional profile that enriches trusts and branding. This could serve as a signal for growth.

5. You have the opportunity to utilize Microsoft technologies to improve your business

The acquisition is set to provide online business owners with workable insights on how to utilize various Microsoft technologies to run their business.

LinkedIn’s dominant teaching tool can be leveraged to provide these insights.

6. You can use Linkedin’s Sponsored Content to reach more people

There is the opportunity of online businesses that utilizes the LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content to reach out significantly to the huge database of Microsoft’s users.

This implies reaching out to more people, gaining more traffic and enjoying better convertible opportunities.

7. You are provided with more tools to drive ad inventory

The acquisition means that online business networking would now be provided with tools that will drive increased inventory for Bing and LinkedIn ads.

There would be better support for display ads, retargeting, mobile digital advertising, and Sponsored content or Native ads.

Ultimately, the better experience of seeing LinkedIn ads integrates with Skype, Bing, and Office 365 can create more revenue for marketers.


So, these are my thoughts on what the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft means for online business networking. Indeed, new opportunities for growth and profit have been created but only time will tell if these could truly be experienced by networkers on LinkedIn.

Even Bill Gates Says Microsoft Can Make LinkedIn as Successful as Facebook

For now, let us be hopeful that things will work out and that we are provided with a better professional social networking tool for business success.

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71 Responses to “ 7 Ways Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn Can Skyrocket Your Online Business” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hi James,

    The acquisition of LinkedIn by software giant Microsoft truly means a lot for online business. For one, Microsoft can provide the tool and LinkedIn can provide better reach.

    At the end, it would be good to see that online businesses are leveraging their offers for success.

    Microsoft is big and so is LinkedIn. I sincerely welcome this acquisition because it will help me integrate both of their services!

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hey Sunday,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic! Indeed, Microsoft and LinkedIn are big players in their industries.

      Their collaboration now will mean better things for both parties as well as businesses using their services!

  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    Hi James,

    This is an amazing post. You truly brought more revelations about what the buying of LinkedIn meant for businesses.

    I can’t wait to enjoy to easily integrate into Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM tool. Connecting with experts will go a long way to help my business become more successful!

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hello Sarah,

      Thanks for leaving your observation and expectation!

      Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM tool should help LinkedIn marketers access the experience of professionals for their business growth!

  • Profile photo of Amit Sharan Profile

    Hey James,

    “You can be empowered to create customized advertising and sales options”. This benefit, for me, is the greatest takeaway from this merger.

    At least, social marketers have better control of how and where their advertisement status stand. It also means better control on how wide audience can be reached!

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hello Amit,

      I couldn’t agree with you more on this.

      If one has control on how their advertisement is placed or run then it would be easier generating clicks and conversions from them.

      Luckily, the merger of Microsoft and LinkedIn is bringing that to the fore!

  • Profile photo of Celine Profile

    One of the most interesting news I have accessed in recent times is that of the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft. Although I took the news with mixed feelings but nevertheless I was glad that the deal was closed.

    Both companies are power houses in their domains, and I think an integration of their resources would result in bigger things for the brands and customers!

    Only time will truly tell what this acquisition means but for the mean time, it is good to project the possible outcome in the nearest future!

    Thanks for sharing this post James!

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hi Celine,

      This is great “Both companies are power houses in their domains, and I think an integration of their resources would result in bigger things for the brands and customers! ” You have said it all!

      • Profile photo of Celine Profile

        Hey James,

        Microsoft and LinkedIn have the potentials to reinvigorate any business that so rely on them today. This joint partnership is a big one and like I mentioned above, only time will tell who would be the true losers and gainers of this acquisition!

  • Profile photo of Justin Profile

    Wow, somehow this is the first I’ve head about this massive deal. Apparently, I live under a rock.

    Either way, I’m glad Microsoft will allow the current Linkedin leadership to stay in place while just allowing more opportunities for people on the platform.

    This way, we keep the Linkedin we know and love while being able to get even more value from it.
    Justin recently posted…How To Start A Business With Nothing But A TruckMy Profile

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hey Justin,

      Yes and yes, the fact that Microsoft is allowing LinkedIn to retain its leadership and providing the environment for more opportunities is a big plus!

      Its truly a WIN WIN WIN for Microsoft, LinkedIn and customers!

  • Profile photo of Norma Profile

    Hello James,

    I knew about the acquisition but didn’t think of the way you have, with this post.

    You have provided some interesting aspects of how this can help anyone’s online business.

    Microsoft has the money and team to make Linkedin even better, but it’s good they are going to keep things the way they are at Linkedin, rather than changing things around.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hello Norma,

      You are right, it is good the status quo in LinkedIn is going to remain same even after this purchase.

      This state of things will give marketers that have grown used to the social network an opportunity to increase traction!

      • Profile photo of Norma Profile

        Hi James,

        That’s a good point you made with this reply. It’s necessary for those who currently use Linkedin not to notice any big negative changes to a platform they have grown used to.

  • Profile photo of Winford Moore Profile

    Hello James

    I wasn’t aware of Mircrosoft purchasing Linkedin. Linkedin purchased Slideshare a year or two ago which I use a lot as a marketer, did Microsoft also acquire Slideshare in the purchase?

    Thanks for writing this very informational post.

    Have a great day,
    W. Moore

  • Profile photo of Howard D. Bray Profile

    Hi James,

    I really like how you presented this post.

    You didn’t just talk about the acquisition but presented videos showing what the parties had to say about it and what the big guy, Bill Gates, thought about it.

    The ability to now be able to leverage on the 1+ billion Microsoft users is a really big deal, thanks to this acquisition.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Profile photo of Abigail Chow Profile

    Hello James,

    I did hear about this acquisition of Linkedin by Microsoft but never thought of these 7 advantages of the acquisition for online business.

    With Bill Gates saying what he said in the video you showed for this acquisition, it means it is a serious one by Microsoft and I think they will make the best of it, to get a return on their investment.

    This only means better days ahead for Linkedin.

    • Profile photo of darrellantonio Profile

      Hello James:

      Tremendous post,it was interesting and very informative. Microsoft is wealthy. Linkedin is very wealthy.

      So now they definitely are a powerhouse. That is definitely great that LinkedIn will retain the current management team. But are any jobs going to be lost or people laid off?

      Or are some of the needed services prices going to be increased because of this acquisition?

      Let’s hope not. But I have seen in the past when there was an integration of two giant companies, things didn’t happen as the employees hoped for.

      Thanks for sharing.
      darrellantonio recently posted…7 Simple Tips to Attract New ClientsMy Profile

      • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

        Hi darrellantonio,

        Thanks for your comment but I am confused about your comment.

        It looks like it is a reply to Abigail’s comment.

        Were you replying to her or commenting on this post?

        Please clarify.

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hi Abigail,

      Surely, better days ahead for LinkedIn!

      The 7 advantages of this acquisition as shared here clearly reveal how businesses can leverage on this high profile partnership – especially those businesses that uses LinkedIn for promotion and cross-promotion.

      These benefits can be achieved only if marketers stick with value offer in all marketing efforts!

  • Profile photo of Janice Wald Profile

    Hi James,

    I was not aware that Microsoft had acquired LinkedIn. I am preparing an article about Microsoft. I will be sure to link to you as a source.


  • Profile photo of Judith Chang Profile

    Hello James,

    It’s revealing reading more details about this acquisition.

    When I read of such acquisitions made in cash, it blows my mind reading the sum involved.

    In this case, $26.2 billion is a whole lot, and that it was in cash is even more mind blowing.

    Thanks for sharing these 7 ways to benefit from the acquisition.

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hi Judith,

      Thanks for reading this post and leaving a comment.

      Yes, the amount involved is huge, definitely hard to comprehend for those of us who haven’t ever owned a million dollars let alone a billion dollars, :)

  • Profile photo of Daniel Chen Profile

    I also wasn’t aware of Microsoft bought Linkedin.

    Linkedin has become a force itself in the social media world, it’s a good investment for Microsoft.

    I hope this acquisition makes LinkedIn’s teaching tool even better.

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hey Daniel,

      Sure, Microsoft has acquired LinkedIn. It is a partnership that promises great things for fans of both brands. Hopefully, this partnership will make better! I share your concern and thanks for leaving your thoughts here!

  • Profile photo of Gavin McDonald Profile

    I guess time will tell if Microsoft buying Linkedin is a good thing or not.

    As for Linkedin it has been going downhill for the last 12 months in my opinion. My feed is constantly full of bogus job offers, clearly from people just looking to grow their connection numbers. It’s actually quite concerning how many people post to these fake adverts with an “interested” or “view my profile” reply.

    I have moved to Australia from the UK and I can think back to how helpful linkedin used to be, I was able to get many many contacts in Australia before my move. I hope Microsoft can get it back to the outstanding professional networking site it once was.

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hey Gavin,

      Indeed, your thoughts resonate with mine especially in the sense that the quality of connection we envisage with LinkedIn these days are bogus. Many are non-credible.

      Hopefully, this acquisition will bring back the old order where we see LinkedIn as true professional social media site with high level serious participants!

  • Profile photo of Jonna Cusack Profile

    First time reading of this acquisition. Thanks for letting us all know.

    It’s a lot of money involved, which means Linkedin will only get better for all users and marketers.

  • Profile photo of Liudas Profile

    This was very unexpected for me. Though when you think about it, Microsoft is making the same move as Google did with Google+ to get into the social media realm.

    Honestly, it’s kinda clever when I think of Microsoft the only social media site that relates would definitely be LinkedIn.

    Haven’t seen much changes to LinkedIn yet, but there will probably be massive integration with bing and their advertising platform.
    Liudas recently posted…Know Exactly What Your Visitors Are Doing On Your Site – SpyVisit ReviewMy Profile

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hey Liudas,

      Yes, I agree with you, there hasn’t been any much changes in LinkedIn yet, but with time and the demands of the market we will begin to see the real impact of this acquisition.

      It is a good thing that Microsoft has chosen to “adopt” LinkedIn. This will sure boost their social marketing and search ventures!

  • Profile photo of Jerry Chong Profile

    When a big giant joins forces with a smaller giant, the fear is usually that their services become out of the reach of small businesses.

    I hope this doesn’t happen with this acquisition of Linkedin by Microsoft.

    Both will get richer from this acquisition but what about the affordability of their services for small businesses?

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hmm! That is a big question Jerry! What about the affordability of their services for small businesses?

      Lets hope that the whole essence of this acquisition will not put off a lot of small businesses.

      However, I not too sure this should be a worry because there is stiff competition from the likes of Google, Facebook, etc.

      Microsoft would prefer not upsetting the Apple cart in any way!

  • Profile photo of Dave Profile

    Hi James,

    That was a big payday for owners of Linkedin.

    $26.2 billion in cash is staggering.

    Microsoft is surely going to make the best of that cash spent by keeping Linkedin profitable or even making it more profitable.

    Thanks for these 7 ways to get the best from the combined forces of Microsoft and Linkedin.

  • Profile photo of Black Profile

    Hey James,

    I am of the opinion that Microsoft’s buying of LinkedIn is simply to strengthen both brands separately and collectively.

    Although Microsoft is the owner but leaving LinkedIn to retain its image will make everything look normal.

    The asset levels of both brands will tend to increase but only time will tell of the overall impact this merger to businesses!

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hi Black,

      Thanks for joining this conversation. Yes, I agree with you, there are separate and collective benefits for both brands. It is only time that will absolutely tell how these are going to affect the overall marketing experience Microsoft!

  • Profile photo of steven Profile

    The connection between increasing your online business and the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft is very glaring.

    “Two is better than one” as the Holy Books say, “… and have better reward for their efforts”- ( my paraphrasing).

    This applies readily to integration of assets. Online businesses are going to benefit from this acquisition by leveraging on better technology for wider reach!

  • Profile photo of Mike Coleman Profile

    Linked in advertising could get very interesting since many professional people are still using outlook, and a lot of Microsoft applications and as things like Skype and Linked In get more reach to the corporate decision makers, it might make for a lot better advertising opportunies for the Linked in paid ads.

  • Profile photo of Paul Profile

    Hi James,

    Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn is timely. The merger should help businesses expand technically and commercially. Of the seven ways you have shared, it is important to keep number 5 to heart: ” You have the opportunity to utilize Microsoft technologies to improve your business”.

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hi Paul,

      Indeed, one of the major benefits of this acquisition is the utilization of Microsoft’s technology by LinkedIn users. This is sure a step in the right direction because the incorporation of the technology will provide more capacity building and value for users!

  • Profile photo of Carl Profile

    Hey James,

    For all intent and purposes, this merger is expected to bring about better impact for businesses and the key players. We expect the best for customers of both firms and also for the shareholders.

    However, with all the strategies employed, only time will tell if this acquisition can really impact on the success of online businesses!

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hey Carl,

      Yes, for all intent and purposes, this merger is expected to give all parties better traction. The best is expected from all the customers and stakeholders. However, how these are going to play out in the nearest future is yet to be determined!

  • Profile photo of Joseph Profile

    I haven’t really been a fan of Linkedin but this acquisition by Microsoft looks interesting.

    Microsoft has the funds and the manpower to make Linkedin better, no doubts about that.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hey Joseph,

      Yes, you are right, Microsoft has the fund and manpower to make LinkedIn better. The acquisition is timely for LinkedIn in that its value status in comparison with other social marketing platforms would be upgraded!

  • Profile photo of Hafiz Akinde Profile

    When I first heard about Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, I thought it was just another overhyped takeovers. Having seen acquired by Apple and then shut down, I was beginning to lose hope about this arangement.

    However, time has proved me wrong. Microsoft was serious when she tabled her bid. Very soon, we’ll start seeing the result of Microsoft’s vision combined with LinkedIn’s innovative ideas.
    Hafiz Akinde recently posted…Personal Branding For Bloggers: 10 Strategies That Actually WorkMy Profile

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hey Hafiz,

      Indeed, there were some skepticism in some quarters when the announcement of the acquisition was made.

      However, given the benefit of doubt, the acquisition pulled through and now we have one of the most lucrative business acquisition in modern history.

      I agree with you, its a matter of time would we begin to see the full benefits of the combined Microsoft and LinkedIn merger!

      Thanks for leaving your invaluable thoughts here!

  • Profile photo of Omar Saady Profile

    Thanks a lot for sharing this important announcement about those both Giants on the internet technology world.

    For me as I have been online for several years now, I think that your sharing must not be neglected by others who search repeatedly for ways to expand their brand and reach more customers across the globe.

    Of course, using a combination of Microsoft and Linkedin will help you get more power in terms of doing business on the internet.

    All MY best wishes,
    Omar Saady recently posted…How TO MAKE $1,000+ PER MONTH With CLICKBANK AND TWITTERMy Profile

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hi Omar,

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts on this post. It is helpful!

      Microsoft and LinkedIn are both great giants. Their coming together promises greater things for Internet marketing.

      With time, we sure hope to see an explosion in the combined resources of these two giants!

  • Profile photo of Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha Profile

    Hello James,

    Great share. It would be interesting to watch and see how this merger turns out.

    I personally believe that LinkedIn is a bit restrictive and not so user-friendly.

    Maybe, Microsoft joining in will turn it into a friendlier and more engaging platform.
    Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha recently posted…Essential Writers Tip 9 – How to keep the story flowing to the end.My Profile

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hey Jacqueline,

      Its interesting reading your comment. I don’t fully understand what being too restrictive means – as you have stated.

      LinkedIn is unique in its own way. Many see it as a business-like social media platform.

      Perhaps the restrictiveness you are referring to has to do with not allowing many ‘fun’ postings as shared on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. right?

      I agree with you that time will tell how this merger will finally turn out!

  • Profile photo of David Profile

    LinkedIn just changed its interface. Ugh.

    They hid my “shared” and “liked” stream. I eventually found it, but why do I now have to go several clicks to find the hidden stream?
    David recently posted…5 lessons from America’s greatest ghostwriterMy Profile

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hi David,

      This is a good question. We must expect more of this type of changes in the acquisition. Personally, I have discovered that it takes more time now finding these buttons. Perhaps the ‘new’ LinkedIn management is testing the waters!

  • Profile photo of Mark Profile

    Hi James

    Great post and two very appropriate videos included too! That’s certainly a huge price tag to pay, but these tech companies have their own measurements as to what something’s worth.

    I must admit that I’ve been a member of LinkedIn for many years but I really haven’t paid much attention to it. I even have quite a few advertising credits sitting in my account ready to use!

    Your article has given me some ideas of actually using my account in an effective way, so thanks for that.

    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hi Mark,

      I agree with you, these tech companies have their own ways of measuring what something’s worth.

      I think the research and idea must have been applied before, during and after the acquisition.

      There are many people who have not being serious with LinkedIn before now.

      Hopefully, this acquisition will mean better social networking for fans of Microsoft, Linked and other online users!

  • Profile photo of elizabeth bray Profile

    Hello James,

    Interesting piece of article. I keep my fingers crossed about this merger. But its for the greater good.

  • Profile photo of John A Karnish Profile

    Hi James,

    Your post was very well written and professional. I never knew how to use LinkedIn but have been thinking about how I can use it for networking.

    I am sure that since Microsoft purchased LinkedIn new and better ways to network will soon be developed.

    It’s positive that the things people already like about LinkedIn are promised not to change.

    I am very impressed with your writing skill. Good job my friend!

    Take care,


    • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

      Hey John,

      The point now is that people expect better service when it comes to the use of LinkedIn. With this acquisition, nothing will please anyone more than seeing that they have increased value with the use of this social networking tool!

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