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7 Ways Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn Can Skyrocket Your Online Business

Profile photo of James Ling Submitted by James Ling August 30, 2016


On Monday, June 13, 2016 an announcement was made about a huge acquisition. It was the acquisition of LinkedIn (the professional social network) by Microsoft (the software giant).

The acquisition was worth $26.2 billion and was made in cash. This was big news and one that is still generating a lot of reactions.

For both Microsoft and LinkedIn, a new phase in their existence has started. Thus, users of both platforms are now provided with new realities for their business.


Although one remarkable announcement that I find interesting in the deal is that LinkedIn’s management, operations and identity is still going to remain the same so that users won’t have to worry about how this change will affect the way they interact and do business on the social network.

Online business owners would be concerned about how this acquisition will affect their online business and networking.

While there have been assurances from Satya Nadella and Jeff Weiner (CEOs of Microsoft and LinkedIn respectively) that the acquisition will strengthen both of the businesses operational and growth outlooks, there is need to outline what this acquisition truly mean for your online business.

Watch Satya Nadella and Jeff Weiner Talking on Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn


7 Ways The Acquisition Can Skyrocket Your Online Business


1. You can easily integrate into Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM tool

If your business is already utilizing LinkedIn then you can easily integrate into Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM tool.

This means that the LinkedIn CRM integration is poised to help provide you a platform where you can easily find and connect with other professionals or experts working in similar projects as you.

This way you have better chance of interacting and working with influencers in your niche.

2. You can reach out to an expanded target audience

The acquisition means LinkedIn professionals or online businesses using the professional social platform can reach out to an expanded target audience.

They can now leverage on the over 1 billion users Microsoft by promoting, marketing, advertising and selling across Microsoft’s products and services like Skype, Windows, Office, Bing, Edge, Active Directory, Calendar, Outlook, etc.



3. You can be empowered to create customized advertising and sales options

The acquisition can empower professionals to create customized advertising and sales options. This is made possible by the now integration of online based Office 365 suite and the LinkedIn networks.

The Dynamic CRM and the LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator would readily set this opportunity in motion.

4. You have the opportunity to tap into possible further growth of Linkedin

Online business owners will now see this acquisition as an opportunity to tap into the possible growth that LinkedIn is set to experience.

There is now going to the creation of a unified professional profile that enriches trusts and branding. This could serve as a signal for growth.

5. You have the opportunity to utilize Microsoft technologies to improve your business

The acquisition is set to provide online business owners with workable insights on how to utilize various Microsoft technologies to run their business.

LinkedIn’s dominant teaching tool can be leveraged to provide these insights.

6. You can use Linkedin’s Sponsored Content to reach more people

There is the opportunity of online businesses that utilizes the LinkedIn’s Sponsored Content to reach out significantly to the huge database of Microsoft’s users.

This implies reaching out to more people, gaining more traffic and enjoying better convertible opportunities.

7. You are provided with more tools to drive ad inventory

The acquisition means that online business networking would now be provided with tools that will drive increased inventory for Bing and LinkedIn ads.

There would be better support for display ads, retargeting, mobile digital advertising, and Sponsored content or Native ads.

Ultimately, the better experience of seeing LinkedIn ads integrates with Skype, Bing, and Office 365 can create more revenue for marketers.


So, these are my thoughts on what the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft means for online business networking. Indeed, new opportunities for growth and profit have been created but only time will tell if these could truly be experienced by networkers on LinkedIn.

Even Bill Gates Says Microsoft Can Make LinkedIn as Successful as Facebook

For now, let us be hopeful that things will work out and that we are provided with a better professional social networking tool for business success.

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