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7 Reasons You Should Pay the Haters

Profile photo of Riza Submitted by Riza March 25, 2014 Website:

I Messed Up.

Okay, this is embarrassing, but not-so-long ago I signed up for Reddit and without too much thought I dropped a simple attention-grabbing title and link to an article on my website within the first five minutes. Yes, I hear you — bad form — but I wanted to test the platform out. Sure enough, within a few short hours I had a more respectable, long-term member jump on it, click the link, check my site out and then come back and publicly tell me exactly what he thought about my link-bait tactic.

But he didn’t stop at a short rebuke. He didn’t just say “hey, crap tactic” and move on. Instead he took the time to meticulously craft a long, scathing and deeply bitter essay that totally slammed me, the link title (which he referred to as ”[dropping] a turd in the punchbowl”), my book (which he hadn’t actually read), my understanding of marketing and my motives in general. Even if he was a fast-typing genius, it still must have taken at least half an hour of his precious time.

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  • Profile photo of Sunday Profile

    If you ask me, the best way to deal with haters is to ignore them. Well, if you suggest we reward them, then I guess its pretty helpful to see better reasons for doing so.

    I love the craft of this piece and the delivery intended. I guess the tips discussed are pretty helpful if we are to attract the detractors and make them change their opinion.
    Sunday recently posted…34 Ways To Increase Your Blogs Email Subscribers ListMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Ryan Profile

      Sunday, agreed. 1 Reddit troll got my goat; I engaged for a few seconds than ignored him for good. Where your attention and energy goes, grows, and if you starve haters by not giving them attention they will fade away nicely into the sunset. Just the way it works.

  • Profile photo of rohan bhardwaj Profile

    Great article Matt. I must say hater’s spread the word to many broad audience. Hate fire spreads easily and it will get you more traffic and attention. And if you are providing quality then people will eventually become your regular reader’s. So yes we should pay them if they can create a fire around web about your blog.

    • Profile photo of Ryan Profile

      I like the fire analogy Rohan! Haters are confused admirers anyway, as Reverand Run says ;) If we can use them for their energy, more power to us. But ignoring them is far and away the best strategy for me because where my attention and energy goes, grows, and this is the case for anybody wanting to do the online bit.

  • Profile photo of Rose Ann Profile

    We do have our own rights to speak what we want to say, but we are also responsible for what we are saying.

    Some people are so reckless they don’t even think first before they speak. Truly haters are so annoying, but sometimes we should also understand that not all comments that we read or hear are in favour to us.

    Everyone should consider first before saying something. Error is subjective. Anyone can establish a mistake just like what you have made out but he so inconsiderate.

    Just ignore those haters anyway.

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