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7 Incredible Tips for Affiliate Marketing Beginners

Profile photo of Ann Submitted by Ann January 29, 2014 Website :

If done right, affiliate marketing is the best way to make passive income from online. But only few people can benefit from affiliate marketing, most people can never make even a single sale from their efforts. Why? They solely focus on generating more clicks rather than creating awareness about the products they promote.

In this detailed guide, we will discuss the ways to make more out of your affiliate marketing journey as a beginner.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing simply means making money by selling others products successfully from your site (or links). Most commission percentages can range from 5% to 75% and your affiliate income totally depends on the products you promote.

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  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Among the incredible tips described in this post, building a relationship and not links with a blog should not be ignored.

    This is because a solid relationship with readers helps to promote trust which could lead to clicks and conversions.

    Nevertheless, this post has done justice by educating beginners about the basic steps to apply and become successful with affiliate marketing!
    Sunday William recently posted…20 Tips for Writing Product Description Copy That SellsMy Profile

  • I have read a lots of articles on affiliate marketing and tried almost all but never succedd to make a single penny. Let’s see what happen after tried this.
    Dk Patel recently posted…Why Should I make a Budget ?My Profile

    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      Thanks for your comment, Dk Patel, and we do hope to see more of you here.

      I visited your WhyAlerts site and have to say – interesting! You do have something going there, great concept.

      Feel free to share related/relevant posts here on Kingged, but they have to be truly awesome “Content is King” type of posts, to get the love of Kinggers here, :)

      admin recently posted…Working Moms That Are Making a DifferenceMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

      Hey bro Patel,

      Oh so you come here now? That’s cool! I’m sure your whyalert blog we start to get increase traffic and engagements that it sure deserve and I must say you’ve just made the right move of coming here.

      All I would say is ‘be active’.

      And about this beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing, it sure is a fantastic guide and I must confess is different from the ones have been reading all this while.

      I pray when I finally decide to make money with my blog, his steps will work for me. I know it will though if only I’m willing enough to implement.

      Glad you came to add your voice, remember be active. :)

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…5 Business Lessons from “The Visionary” Steve JobsMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Princewill Okafor Profile

      Truly, making money through affiliate program is not easy if you don’t apply the right principle but I will also say it’s one of the easiest way to make money, it’s a no brainer if you have the know-how of it all…

      Another thing is you tend to keep earning from past efforts so the income is residual, am looking to make more money from affilate program and you tips will be helpful…
      Princewill Okafor recently posted…Taking screenshots with your Samsung Galaxy S5 Or Any Android SmartphoneMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    Let’s admit that many beginners are greedy, what I am trying to say is that they are always thinking about money so they are doing anything like building links, but as what you have said, I should be the relationship that we should build. And I must say, we need to balance it.
    Metz recently posted…Risky SEO Tricks: Is It Worth It ?My Profile

  • Profile

    Powerful tips here, Affiliate marketing is one of the best and most reliable way to monetize your blog

    But this method is a little bit different then the others, in my opinion if you really want to make a passive and strong income from affliate marketing, you should get you READERS trust and build a huge mailing list.

    With these two you have money in the bank!

    thanks for sharing this awesome post! very useful
    anis recently posted…Best Free Iphone Apps you must Install! part 1My Profile

  • Profile photo of Allah Ditta Profile

    Here is the great tip point out by admin, For affiliate marketing the perfect review is necessary. secondly the beneficial product introduction and relevant information. At last to get the product offer some slash price so that reader can change his mind to buy it.

  • Profile photo of Allah Ditta Profile

    To choose the product for affiliate work is very sensitive phase. your content and affiliate product must relevant. for example if you wrote on blogging then your product would be cheap hosting, hosting provider etc.
    After choosing relevant give attractive and complete hosting providing information and choosing benefit. price slash and time frame also give better edge to sale out the specific product.
    Allah Ditta recently posted…US Cellular announce new unlimited contract free plan $50My Profile

  • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

    Hey Anil, it’s good to be here on your blog, thanks to finding this on Kingged dot com.

    Truth be told, this was a great and it definitely worth my while and worth Kingging as it is very useful. :)

    To say I’m new to how affiliate marketing works or what it means would mean that I’m only pulling your legs because I’ve read a good number of articles on affiliate marketing but this one is really cool and different as it is quite understandable.

    Unlike those that would show intimidating chat of their earnings and would never teach anything reasonable.

    All the mentioned tips are great as well as valid and I will sure put them to use when I’m finally ready to make money with my blog.

    Thanks for the share matey! :)


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