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6 Simple & Effective B2B Social Media Content Ideas to Try Now

Profile photo of Dhariana Lozano Submitted by Dhariana Lozano March 7, 2016


One difficulty of social media marketing is finding content that relates to your consumers, your brand, and actually drives the right traffic and engagement from your social channels. B2B companies face the extra challenge of having highly niched audiences – but I promise your audience and conversions are out there! Below I’ve outlined 6 B2C inspired B2B social media content ideas try:

1. White Papers/Ebooks:

Create downloadable white papers and e-books based on educating your consumer about your industry or benefits your product/service. You can later pull facts and figures, quotes etc. to turn into visual images and promote your download on social media.

2. Infographics:

Infographics are another great way to create content for your B2B social media marketing campaign. Infographics can be used really creatively and can be created to accompany and promote any white paper, webinar, video etc. Get more information oninfographics and how you can create them in this post: How to Use Infographics for Social Media Marketing

3. Webinars/Interview Videos:

This is one option that will require a little coordinating but reaps big rewards. Gather a panel of your industry experts, or simply have a resident company expert record a webinar based on your industry, product or service. As value added content webinars and interview videos can be set behind download gates to build your e-mail list. Additionally – visual content can be created by chopping longer videos into smaller snippets. Screen shots and quotes from videos can be used to create content and drive traffic to webinar or video.

4. Case Studies

Sometimes you need to toot your own horn! Case studies are a great way to showcase your work and results or present results you’ve set out to find. Case studies can be presented as Slideshare presentations, landing pages, infographics, etc.

5. Customer Appreciation Contest/Campaigns

Show your customers you love them! In my days at a B2B financial publication company, creating customer appreciation contests and campaigns were common. In one such campaign we used Valentine’s Day to offer a discount to entice current publication subscribers to renew and new customers with a discount. Small prizes (like special publication editions, other small branded items) were randomly given to users who used a dedcated campaign hashtag and retweeted specific tweets. We also used Starbucks Tweet a Coffee to random participants. The 2 week campaign generated:

  • 326,306 total impressions with the campaign hashtag
  • 425 total Link Clicks
  • 1,938 landing page visits
  • 109 lead generation customers
  • The campaign also instantly generated a renewal order of an existing subscriber ($1,005). The month end sales reports generated an additional four orders with the exclusive savings code setup for the campaign generating an additional $2,900 back to the campaign.


6. Have Fun!

Lastly have a little fun! Remember that social media was meant to connect with others, show a little of your brand’s personality by showing behind the scenes at events, the office etc.

My 7+ years of experience across both B2C and B2B companies has shown me that social media marketing in the business to business world is just as fun and engaging as consumer facing brands. In fact given the niched nature of these social media audiences – campaigns and posts can at times convert at better rates than a B2C company may see.

As always direct any questions about this tip to the comments below.

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