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The 6 Elements of a Powerful Blog Post

Avatar of Arjay [Moderator] Submitted by Arjay [Moderator] July 18, 2014 Website: www.quicksprout.com

You already know that blogs are popular and that you should have one. But do you know what makes a great blog post?

Sure, you’ve heard of things like having great educational content, but there must be more to writing a winning blog post than that, right? There is. From your unique voice to the design of your blog or even the words you use within your post – many factors affect how well your blog post will do.

In order to show you how to create a powerful blog post, I’ve created an infographic that outlines what you need to do.

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7 Responses to “The 6 Elements of a Powerful Blog Post” Leave a reply ›

  • Avatar of Sandeep Rao Profile

    I am a big fan of Neil Patel’s marketing practices and the his writings. Indeed, his articles on internet marketing are just highly relevant and most effective to make positive changes in one’s marketing strategy.

    And making a blog posting more valuable is the center point of many of his articles. I would highly recommend Quicksprout articles to newbies, so that they can learn best practices of web marketing and quality blog posting.

    This post is also enriched with such a well informative info-graphic with including some of the best habits to keep in mind while writing a well playing blog post.
    Thanks for sharing it here on Kingged.

  • Avatar of Dok Simon Profile

    Hello Arjay !!

    Thank you for sharing Neil’s information with us, speaking of myself I love the information Neil provides because i see them as authentic and this very post is of no exception .. It is very informative !! It educates !!

    DOK Simon
    Dok Simon recently posted…9 Tips To Ensure That Your Content Is Very Engaging To Your AudienceMy Profile

  • Avatar of Mustafa Gaziani Profile

    There is no doubt that, in recent days one of the most best key to make your blog powerful is info-graphic. People are finding an easy way to understand blog in a quick way so, this technique has created its own importance to make your post viral and get powerful links through it.

    CTA, now a day is very common, every one know about it but no doubt this strategy works alot to get boost in blog traffic.

    Thanks for sharing Neil’s article with us. Love this guy, Love to read his articles as their are too much information in his articles.

    Mustafa Gaziani
    Mustafa Gaziani recently posted…5 Best Blogging Tips For BeginnersMy Profile

  • Avatar of Sunday Profile

    Hi Neil,
    You are right by suggesting that one should start with voice when it comes to creating a blog post! Writing in a conversation style is helpful in luring readers to take action.

    However, we can still summarize that making a blog user-friendly in terms of content and design. This infographic is revealing and it is another worthy of sharing!
    Sunday recently posted…Blogging or Work? What should you doMy Profile

  • Avatar of deco slim Profile

    i have always find your blog interesting Neil

    Thanks for sharing this infographic.

    I hope one day my blog gets to be a great blog like yours
    deco slim recently posted…8 benefits of registering your business todayMy Profile

  • Avatar of Emmanuel Kabenlah Profile

    Hello Neil,

    I did find this post of yours shared on Kingged.com and I have decided to add my voice to it as well.

    Did I get this right? Did you say articles with images get 94% more views. I totally do agree with you.

    When words are short, let the image do the rest of the talking. That is one thing I have forgotten ever since I read this quote somewhere.
    Emmanuel Kabenlah recently posted…What Happens to Your Blog when you Die?My Profile

  • Avatar of Nwosu Mavtrevor Desmond Profile

    From your blog design to the content on your blog and other things you do both within and outside your blog has an effect to the success of your blog in one way or the other.

    You have noted quite the most important elements of a powerful blog post in this infographics and i must say i totally agree with you especially with the design and content.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Nwosu Mavtrevor Desmond recently posted…Do You Need An Increase In Website Traffic?My Profile

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