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5 Ways To Make Money Online – You Haven’t Tried #4!

Profile photo of Lawrence Berry Submitted by Lawrence Berry October 9, 2014

In the year 2014, I can say we have come a long way from the cavemen days where humans barely knew how to communicate with each other. Now, humans can communicate with one another from across the globe at the click of a mouse. The Informational /Technological age has opened doors for many of us. These doors lead to the realms of financial freedom where money is to be made. These doors lead to the internet.


The internet has allowed people to become millionaires faster than ever before, and it has allowed people like Mark Zuckerberg to become a billionaire before the age of 30. Go back in time 30 years and that was near impossible. Now, so many possibilities are upon us and I’d like to embark you on a journey of 5 different ways to make money online. Take notes.

Journey 1: The Realm of E-commerce

E-commerce has made men like Michael Dell billionaires in a short amount of time. E-commerce became so popular because it eliminates the middle man, meaning shipping warehouses, so maximal profit can be made from a product.

Building an online e-commerce website is a great way to earn some extra money, or start a business. All you need is a great product and a great marketing plan. That may sound easy, but it’s not.

Ever since the internet has been founded people around the globe have been creating e-commerce sites with thousands of different products. So, finding a product to market that hasn’t already hit the market can be very difficult, but not impossible. Be creative.

Journey 2: Blogging/ Build Relevant Website

Blogging and websites have been around for years and can be a great way to earn some cash if you are tenacious, patient, and determined enough. Anyone can be successful when it comes to blogging or having a relevant website, and I mean anyone.

I have seen successful blogs from talking about cats, to talking about science. Like I said you just have to be tenacious. Well, you ask; how do they make money? One word…..advertisements.

Journey 3: Online Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income, but when you affiliate market for anyone, you have to have a large audience to market to. Like advertisements, you can place ads on your site and when someone clicks on your affiliate’s ad, it take the person to their product or site.

Affiliate marketing is usually different from advertisements, though. Someone usually has to buy your affiliates product in order for you to receive any compensation, but when you place ads on your site, you are usually compensated when someone click on the ads.

Journey 4: Build an eBay Store

I have seen some very successful people who have built eBay stores. They started out just trying to make some extra cash by selling their old stuff, or things they never used.

Even that can be lucrative if you have a lot things you do not need or use. People who build eBay stores have tons of things to sell and they make a decent profit. Now, when you build an eBay store, you have to pay eBay a certain fee to keep the store running, but eBay is a great place to start an e-commerce store, because you already have millions of people to market to on eBay.

Here are some tips to find things to sell, and begin building an eBay store.

• Buy cheap from garage sales
• Buy cheap from people you know
• Buy from auction sites and re-sell
• Sell your own things
• Buy from a wholesaler and sale individual

Journey 5: Make A Popular YouTube Channel

YouTube has really become popular and people are becoming famous because of it. Famous and popular YouTube channels make some serious cash trough advertisements. If you have a lot of subscribers to your channel. You will rake in some cash.

So, this is the end of your journey through making money online. I hope you enjoyed the ride, now go make some money.


About the Author:

Lawrence Berry is a passionate individual who likes to motivate people to live their best lives, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. He is studying to become a doctor and blogs in spare time. Visit his website here: for more great content!

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I am an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder of As a graduate from Michigan State University, for the past 4 years I have dedicated my life to personal development, studying what it takes to become successful, understanding psychology, and how to stay motivated in order to achieve anything in life. I believe and most certainly have a passion for reaching my full potential, and I want to inspire others to do the same.

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