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5 Ways To Make Money Online – You Haven’t Tried #4!

Profile photo of Lawrence Berry Submitted by Lawrence Berry October 9, 2014

In the year 2014, I can say we have come a long way from the cavemen days where humans barely knew how to communicate with each other. Now, humans can communicate with one another from across the globe at the click of a mouse. The Informational /Technological age has opened doors for many of us. These doors lead to the realms of financial freedom where money is to be made. These doors lead to the internet.


The internet has allowed people to become millionaires faster than ever before, and it has allowed people like Mark Zuckerberg to become a billionaire before the age of 30. Go back in time 30 years and that was near impossible. Now, so many possibilities are upon us and I’d like to embark you on a journey of 5 different ways to make money online. Take notes.

Journey 1: The Realm of E-commerce

E-commerce has made men like Michael Dell billionaires in a short amount of time. E-commerce became so popular because it eliminates the middle man, meaning shipping warehouses, so maximal profit can be made from a product.

Building an online e-commerce website is a great way to earn some extra money, or start a business. All you need is a great product and a great marketing plan. That may sound easy, but it’s not.

Ever since the internet has been founded people around the globe have been creating e-commerce sites with thousands of different products. So, finding a product to market that hasn’t already hit the market can be very difficult, but not impossible. Be creative.

Journey 2: Blogging/ Build Relevant Website

Blogging and websites have been around for years and can be a great way to earn some cash if you are tenacious, patient, and determined enough. Anyone can be successful when it comes to blogging or having a relevant website, and I mean anyone.

I have seen successful blogs from talking about cats, to talking about science. Like I said you just have to be tenacious. Well, you ask; how do they make money? One word…..advertisements.

Journey 3: Online Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income, but when you affiliate market for anyone, you have to have a large audience to market to. Like advertisements, you can place ads on your site and when someone clicks on your affiliate’s ad, it take the person to their product or site.

Affiliate marketing is usually different from advertisements, though. Someone usually has to buy your affiliates product in order for you to receive any compensation, but when you place ads on your site, you are usually compensated when someone click on the ads.

Journey 4: Build an eBay Store

I have seen some very successful people who have built eBay stores. They started out just trying to make some extra cash by selling their old stuff, or things they never used.

Even that can be lucrative if you have a lot things you do not need or use. People who build eBay stores have tons of things to sell and they make a decent profit. Now, when you build an eBay store, you have to pay eBay a certain fee to keep the store running, but eBay is a great place to start an e-commerce store, because you already have millions of people to market to on eBay.

Here are some tips to find things to sell, and begin building an eBay store.

• Buy cheap from garage sales
• Buy cheap from people you know
• Buy from auction sites and re-sell
• Sell your own things
• Buy from a wholesaler and sale individual

Journey 5: Make A Popular YouTube Channel

YouTube has really become popular and people are becoming famous because of it. Famous and popular YouTube channels make some serious cash trough advertisements. If you have a lot of subscribers to your channel. You will rake in some cash.

So, this is the end of your journey through making money online. I hope you enjoyed the ride, now go make some money.


About the Author:

Lawrence Berry is a passionate individual who likes to motivate people to live their best lives, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. He is studying to become a doctor and blogs in spare time. Visit his website here: for more great content!

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Profile photo of Lawrence Berry
I am an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder of As a graduate from Michigan State University, for the past 4 years I have dedicated my life to personal development, studying what it takes to become successful, understanding psychology, and how to stay motivated in order to achieve anything in life. I believe and most certainly have a passion for reaching my full potential, and I want to inspire others to do the same.

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142 Responses to “5 Ways To Make Money Online – You Haven’t Tried #4!” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    Hi Lawrence!

    I couldn’t agree more with you 5 making money online list.

    Blogging, Online Marketing, Selling products on eBay, building and eCommerce site are some of the top making money online strategies that many are currently.

    IF you are smart, wise, skilled and willing to learn and has good communication skills, you will qualify, however, these are just fundamentals since there is more thing that you should learn.
    Metz recently posted…Let Help Your Blog Make Money… With Ease!My Profile

    • -1

      Great article on how to make money online. I think blogging is the best one and i currently using to make money..

    • Profile photo of Terungwa Profile

      Hello Metz,

      It’s a long time we’ve connected and it’s a pleasure to connect once again.

      You see, the points Lawrence has mentioned here are the basics. As anyone embarks on all of them (or a single one), there would be learning plains and discovery peaks. Eventually, a pro will be born.

      Isn’t it the way we all learn?

      Be sure to have a very great day!

      Terungwa recently posted…Can You Make Money Online Without Trust?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Lawrence Berry Profile

    Hi Metz,

    I am glad that you agree with the list. There are so many ways that you can make money online, these are just a few. I also agree that anyone can make money online if you are willing to learn, but many are not willing to put in the work abd have the patience required to make money online. Thanks for your valuable comment!
    Lawrence Berry recently posted…Financial Freedom: 6 Financial Goals To Strive For In Your 20′sMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hi Lawrence,
    Surely it was an interesting “journey”. Making money online is real and like every journey it could have its bliss and bumps.

    It becomes absolutely necessary to understand what VALUE is to be delivered to the market place because the market only REWARDS VALUE not time or effort.

    Each of the journey should provide VALUE TO THE PASSENGERS and only them would there be immeasurable reward for success.

    Yes, having this in mind should provide the inspiration for making money online!
    Sunday William recently posted…Experts Advice: How to Run a Tech Blog SuccessfullyMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Prashanth Profile

    Hi Lawrence,

    Great post ! The top five methods mentioned in the post are unique and seems to be different. Earning with the help of the YouTube channel is really a good way and it is to be considered. Thanks for sharing the information.
    Prashanth recently posted…Motorola Moto X Review : Some things you need to know about Moto XMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sarmista Aun Profile


    Sometimes it is even so confusing to think that as humans, we have progressed so far. The IT sector has surely opened a floodgate of opportunities and has make the world a global village. You are so right to mention the few millionaires who have used this tool to propel in their career.
    E-commerce has made everything so simple by just a click of our mouse and though blogs and bloggers have been there since the conception of the internet, recent technologies and discoveries have taken it to a new level.

    According to me, Affiliate Marketing works best if you have been in this blogging realm for quite sometime. The problem occurs, as you have said, we need a large audience base to serve. And for any novice bloggers, it becomes a bit difficult to attract such huge traffic. Provided if you’re not Micheal Dell or Mark Zuckerberg. Lol !! No seriously, it will be advantageous for bloggers if they wait patiently and let traffic to their blog increase, then they should go for affiliate marketing programs.

    An informative article indeed, Lawrence. You have almost covered its entire facet. Have a great day ahead my friend.

    Sarmista Aun recently posted…How To Get Google Adsense Approval For Your BlogMy Profile

  • Putting up a blog or building a relevant website doesn’t mean you will make money online. For that to happen most people need an easy-to-follow, detailed, proven, ethical website business system (not a get rich quick scheme) to get (1) a significant amount of traffic and get (2) targeted traffic (example of such a system that’s even taught at universities: Otherwise you’ll end up having (and building) only a webSITE/BLOG but not a webBUSINESS.

    • Profile photo of Lawrence Berry Profile

      Hi EQ,

      You are absolutely correct. Putting up a relevant site will not always make you money, but as I said, being a tenacious, patient, and determined individual you will continue to work hard at promoting your website and increasing traffic. A website is like a business, and any good CEO is constantly trying to improve their company. The qualities that I mentioned will help you lead to money. Also, like you said, having a business system will allow that to happen. Thanks for commenting!
      Lawrence Berry recently posted…Financial Freedom: 6 Financial Goals To Strive For In Your 20′sMy Profile

  • Hey Lawrence,

    Nice article. :)

    In the field of online marketing or business, people try to make more and more money from their business.

    Nowadays internet has created many different ways that people use it to make money.

    There are many ways to make money online as you have mentioned above and having a blog is a good way to make some money.

    Blogging is a good way to make lot of money. Affiliate marketing can also be done via a blog.

    Great things to know.

    Have a good day. :0

    Ravi Chahar recently posted…Many Things Which Can Make You look Bad On Twitter : Avoid ThemMy Profile

  • Profile photo of rohan bhardwaj Profile


    Very nice post. Sometimes all we need to do is try and the doors get opened for us. Blogging is something, I am trying my hand at, youtube is something I prefer only watching.

    I am really intrigued by ebay store now, will need to check for all the things I can sell out for some nice profit.

    Online e-commerce sure does reduce cost, but there seems to be very high competition. Brilliant unique post buddy.
    rohan bhardwaj recently posted…25 Inspirational Quotes- Rohan BhardwajMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Nitin Singh Profile


    Thanks for mentioning the techniques, all i can say is i am also earning some $$$ with these techniques at a age of 16 but when i say to my bloggers friend that they should also use these to earn, they are like “why you no tell the secret” do you think there is an secret? i am damn pissed off these people’s who are thinking everything as a secret instead of trying they just tend to find simplest ways to earn. Ain’t it? What you say?

    ~Nitin Singh

  • Profile photo of Adarsh Sojitra Profile

    Great post… From this post, I am also going to publish article on so i can get more attention.
    Generally there are many ways to make huge money from internet but this 5 are effective.
    From this 5 also, #2 and #3 are the best because you can make passive income from them.
    #2 and #3 combined has ability to make any person millionaire. Others are also powerful but #2 and #3 are more effective….

  • Profile photo of Chery Profile

    Hello Laurence, I just loved how you started this article..Yes indeed it is the year 2014 and Yes how cool it is that we can communicate with others all around the world the click of a mouse.

    It is truly amazing Isnt It?

    I also enjoyed all 5 ways you talked about how to make money online. The main thing I would like to add is to get started and never quit.. All to often people jump in and get started and after a month or two when nothing happens they quit.

    The key is consistency, You do need to take massive action and never QUIT!!
    Thanks for sharing. Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…Want A Thriving Online Business? Focus On These 3 Success KillersMy Profile

  • Great list. I would add freelancing as the sixth way of making money online. As the co-founder of, a multilingual platform for freelancing services, I may be a little biased but I think freelancing is worth trying for those who have skills they can monetize. They say 20-30% of the US workforce is already freelancing, mainly online and the percentage is expected to keep growing over the next few years.
    Churchill Madyavanhu recently posted…10 tips and 15 tools for freelancers to stay organisedMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Richard Martin Profile


    Nice list. I have made money from 4 out of the 5 here, and can confirm with a little patience, there is money to be made if you do it right!

    Freelancing or offering services is another good one, places like Elance and Fiverr allow you to respond to job requests or even post micro jobs…all allowing one to earn some money online.

    I have Kingged this and bookmarked your site!

    Thanks Lawrence!
    Richard Martin recently posted…Why Creating Your Own Product Is The Best Way To Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Lawrence Berry Profile

    Hi Richard,

    Wow, you must be making tons of money online huh? haha

    Yes, there is money to be made and it takes patience and determination. I started blogging not too long ago, and my patience and determination is starting to pay off. Freelancing is a great way to make money and I even started a business from it. I had clients and everything, but I hated it, so I had to give it up. I say do what you love and that makes the road so much easier.

    Thanks for the comment, king, and bookmark!
    Lawrence Berry recently posted…Financial Freedom: 6 Financial Goals To Strive For In Your 20′sMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Vineet Saxena Profile

    Hi Lawrence,
    Out of the five great methods you mentioned, I have tried three and had moderately high success with them.

    First I started with blogging and used Google Adsense and affiliate marketing to make money online. I started with Clickbank to find and promote affiliate products.

    Then I started with my first e-commerce website which actually is just another affiliate store but has over 20,000 products and is kind of a retail affiliate store. At present, I account my major part of income online from blogging and my e-commerce website.

    Though I have not yet tried building an ebay store or YouTube channel. But I might try these in future when time is plenty.
    Thanks for sharing these with us.
    Vineet Saxena
    Vineet Saxena recently posted…How I Make Money Online Using Flipkart Affiliate Program – Income StatsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Simranjit singh Profile

    These are nice ways to make money online . Building a store is only useful if you have a store or shop offline and it should be popular else you cannot make much income.

    Thanks for sharing .
    Simranjit singh recently posted…Buy a Web hostingMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Rohit Sharma Profile

    Hi Lawrence,
    This is a great list and the eCommerce suggestion is best of them all. Since using WordPress and WooCommerce we can create an ecommerce store in just an hour.

    We don’t need workers for our stores since managing WordPress is easy. But it will still take some efforts to sell the items, still its a great deal.
    Rohit Sharma recently posted…Why and How to get your blog post index fast using fetch as Google ToolMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Nisha Pandey Profile

    Hello Lawrence.

    Wonderful tips. All the 5 points are effective to make money online.

    According to my choice, affiliate marketing is a best method to make money online.

    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips.

    have a great day!
    Nisha Pandey recently posted…SEO Success and its Dependence on Website ConfigurationMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Maketta Profile

    Hello Lawrence,

    This is a great list to make money online. I know people who have made money with Ebay. I really like blogging and affiliate marketing. That is my favorite one on the list. Probably, because that is what I am doing. There are so many things that you can sell with affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Maketta recently posted…Nice Gifts To Give Your Blogging FriendsMy Profile

  • Profile

    I enjoyed your article and especially liked the method of using an Ebay Store I never thought of gaining traffic from that!

    Thank you

  • Hi Berry,

    I couldn’t argue any longer. Making money online needs sound knowledge about creativity. Virtually every human is endow with different gift to think from and putting that into practice with element of serious and self encouragement can bring forth the set goals over time.
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Recommended WordPress Cache Plugin To Choose FromMy Profile

  • Hi Lawrence!
    These days everyone is looking for some best methods to make money online and this guide will be useful for those people. According to me blogging and YouTube channel can help a person to make a handsome income easily online. Anyway thanks a lot for sharing this useful guide.
    Aqib Shahzad recently posted…10 Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates 2014My Profile

  • Profile photo of Emmanuel Kabenlah Profile

    Hi Lawrence,

    If I may be allowed to speak my mind, this is what I have to say; making money online is something which is viable but one thing which is needed the most when it comes to it and that has to do with having lots of PATIENCE.
    It is of course easier to set up a blog today as there seem to be soo many blogs springing up already but the issue is; making that blog stand out is what has left many bloggers seeking an early retirement.

    Thanks for this Lawrence and do have a great weekend.
    Emmanuel Kabenlah recently posted…What Would have been different if you were a Rich Blogger?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Lawrence Berry Profile

      Hi Emmanuel,

      Yes, I am glad that you have spoke your mind. It takes a lot of patience and determination for a sustained period of time to be successful at anything. I really think anyone can be successful in anything they want to do, whether it be blogging or building a business, but a lot of people are not willing to put in the work it takes to become successful. You are absolutely correct that you have to make a blog stand out, and that is where you should work on being creative. Thanks for the thoughtful comment!
      Lawrence Berry recently posted…How I Made And Saved $20,000 Without A Job And Lost ItMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Minakshi Sriva. Profile

    Hello Lawrence,

    Thanks for these useful ways to make money online. Every one nowadays trying to searching for legitimate money making ideas. According to me If we have strong writing skills, we can earn some good money as a freelance writer but if we really want to make money online, we need to be very much patient.

    Minakshi Srivastava
    Minakshi Sriva. recently posted…How to find Online Genuine Jobs?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Lawrence Berry Profile

      Hi Minakshi.

      Yes, I also think that anyone who have good writing skills can make money online. One of the key points you made was, you must have patience. I will also say you need determination for a sustained amount of time. Constantly improve yourself every way possible, follow a purpose and the money will follow. Thanks for the comment!
      Lawrence Berry recently posted…Financial Freedom: 9 Financial Principles Everyone Sould Live ByMy Profile

    • Profile photo of EltonCarr Profile

      Hello Minakshi Sriva,

      I’m a newbie to internet marketing. I was just reading your comment and it is a good reminder to me that things do take time. I have been fortunate enough to already report making money online after a little over 60 days, which includes getting pass my ROI. But I am not making enough to replace my current job and I so want to reduce my hours at my job even though I love it. I just love spending my time with my family more than at my job.

      Any way I’m rambling so once again thank you for posting this because I needed to see it.

      Have an awesome day, EltonCarr

  • Profile photo of WAQAS AHMED Profile

    H! Lawrence,
    Your all mentioned points are very practical. I think if someone saying that online earning is not possible, then he is telling a lie, nothing else. There are lot of ways to make money online, i like to do blogging and if you are doing blogging effectively, then you can earn enough money through blogging as well.
    Thanks for sharing valuable article.

    WAQAS AHMED recently posted…101 Ways to Increase your Blog TrafficMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Pratyaksh Somani Profile

    I liked this topic, especially second point. Can I get some more suggestions to earn money online, without investment.
    Pratyaksh Somani recently posted…Delete Shortcut Making VirusMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Mustafa Gaziani Profile

    Hi Lawrence,

    Nice tips to make money online.
    I guess Kingged is also one of the best place to make money oline instantly via commenting or to place a widget on blog.

    Definitely, you shared all steps to earn online without doing much effort just with a little effort and get money at home.

    Thanks for sharing these ways to make money online.


  • Profile photo of Ann P V Profile

    Hi Lawrence,
    The 5 ways you pointed out here look wonderful but these are many here as well as in the internet world are doing, but some succeed and some fail.
    May be the strategy of each one may differ or may not be having the required knowledge or guidance in this. I know a person who is in this field quiet a long time and his blog or web pages are have lot of traffic but he could not succeed in making any money or income out of it.
    May be most of the things which he need to know about affiliate marketing etc is unknown to him.
    I will surely pass on this post to him so that he can think something on this line.
    Thanks Lawrence for this wonderful points
    But I think you should have elaborated a bit further in each category, like how, where to apply do etc.
    Have a wonderful time ahead
    ~ Ann
    Ann P V recently posted…Adding Your Picture To Word Press Blog Comments Helps Brand You (A Guest Post by Chery Schmidt)My Profile

    • Profile photo of Lawrence Berry Profile

      Hi Ann,

      Yes, surely some will fail and some will succeed. The only difference between the one who succeed and fail is that the ones who keep trying after they have failed become successful. You only fail when you stop trying. Learn from failure and find out what works Your find may have had a lot of traffic, but you also need to capture and re-direct the attention of the people visiting to what you are selling or promoting. They only way you friend could have failed is if they stopped trying to succeed. Learn what doesn’t work and what does work. That requires determination. Thanks for your wonderful input.
      Lawrence Berry recently posted…Financial Freedom: 9 Financial Principles Everyone Sould Live ByMy Profile

    • Profile photo of admin Profile

      Hello Daayur,

      I know you mean well but please refrain from such “one liner” comments. The moderating team detects most of them as spam and would most likely disavow or even delete them. And if they persist, you might be banned from engaging here.

      In case you don’t understand, one liner are comments that are just one line long and don’t really add any value to the discussion nor say anything useful.

      Please spend some more time to really read the posts, and leave valuable comments.

      To get more information about what you can do on Kingged, re the rules and others, please join the mailing list here, if you haven’t –

      Thanks for taking this in the light it was intended, :)

      admin recently posted…Submit 100% Unique Content on & Enjoy Massive ExposureMy Profile

  • Profile


    I personally feel that out of the 5 ways to make money online that you mentioned blogging is the best, but what people tend to forget it is something that you have to put time and effort into, if you want to have a successful blog you have to make it interesting for other to read and interact with.

    Thank you for a very informative article.

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