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5 Ways Of Protecting Yourself From Online Scams

Profile photo of Terungwa Submitted by Terungwa April 10, 2014 Website :

How do you protect yourself from scams on the internet? What sort of practical advice would be helpful for protection against online frauds? These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself as you decide to buy either a product or service over the internet especially when you are either dealing with a company or entity for the first time.

Why it may be difficult avoiding scams altogether, it is quite possible reducing it to the barest minimum if some basic online safety tips and practices are vigorously adhered to.

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I am passionate about making money online and living the dot com lifestyle. Having achieved the dot com lifestyle myself, I now teach others how to achieve same via NoToPoverty. You can also connect with me via Twitter: @TerungwaAkaahan

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22 Responses to “5 Ways Of Protecting Yourself From Online Scams” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Ankit Bansal Profile

    There are lots of scams all over the net. Your money is easily snatched from your wallet if you are not alert. You have added the right tips to close the doors of scam websites or people while taking decision to buy product or services from any sellers.

    I got scammed few years back buy company offering Ad posting job. I paid them membership fees and worked for them but the company didn’t pay me single penny claiming the rejection of work after QC.

    Thanks for these eye opening tips.
    Ankit Bansal recently posted…Rama Navami Celebration in IndiaMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Terungwa Profile

      Hello Ankit,

      The internet, because of its largely anonymous nature, is home to all manner of scams! If one isn’t smart enough to know the scammers for who they are, parting with one’s money is often the easiest thing!

      Sorry to hear about your loss…I do sincerely hope that you’d never fall prey again?

      Terungwa recently posted…HOW TO BE THE GREATEST BLOGGER EVERMy Profile

    • Profile photo of OLAMOSH Profile

      Hi Ankit,

      Sorry to hear about that, i have been on the internet since 2007 and i never got scammed. WHAT IS THE SECRET?

      Well there is no secret in it, all i do ensure is conducting of proper research about the platform or program i want to make payment to.

      I don’t blame people who got scammed, some are from ignorance while some are for the course of making more money. There are a lot of money making product on the internet.

      For example Taking Surveys, Reading Mails and so on. Most of this platform are fake, they will ask you to pay for membership before joining.

      This scenario I just explained now tally with your scam experience and i believe you have now learn your lesson.

      We all need to be very careful. We need to be less aggressive towards making money and also try as much as possible to do a background check of any platform that request you to bring money.

      Have a nice day
      OLAMOSH recently posted…Interview with Bishal Biswas – A 12 year old Indian Blogger & NetpreneurMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hi Terungwa,
    The menace of online scam is assuming an alarming rate daily . Most of the victims are those who want something for nothing. Unfortunately, some LEARNED business men and women also fall victim of these scams.

    Your piece is a caution to most of who could be taken caution to the wind as they participate in online business. There is no gain saying the fact some people can be scammed unsuspectingly.

    Well, a word is enough for the wise. Thanks for sharing this piece!
    Sunday William recently posted…THE WAY TO WEALTHMy Profile

  • Profile photo of rohan bhardwaj Profile

    Well I have been scammed once and it was tough for me to identify until I got scammed. I won’t say the name of company but they sounded legitimate(to me at that time), I didn’t bothered to search for the name behind the company(this was the mistake I did) the contact information was legit and I used to get reply within 1 day, there were proofs around the web(positive proofs), they did no promotion- all the promotion was done by people who invested the money.

    Finally one day, I got scammed. It was an HYIP. If I had checked all of your checkpoints then I might not have got scammed. Great article.
    rohan bhardwaj recently posted…A Poem of Love AgainMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Terungwa Profile

      Hello Rohan,

      I am glad you found the article of help. However, why don’t you consider revealing the name of the company? That could help other persons avoid the same situation you found yourself in.

      Personally, I was scammed by the owner of – and I always tell my readers what nasty thing that webmaster did to me…the great thing is that many have avoided him, courtesy of my caution.

      Do you see the good in exposing such dubious persons?

      Terungwa recently posted…HOW TO BE THE GREATEST BLOGGER EVERMy Profile

      • Profile photo of rohan bhardwaj Profile

        The name was profitablesunrise(dot)com owned by Roman Novak. It’s no longer active under this name. But one piece of advice- no HYIP is legit as in wikipedia it stated it is a Ponzi scam. Any HYIP which seems good today will be a scam tomorrow. Never invest a dime, please guys.
        rohan bhardwaj recently posted…A Poem of Love AgainMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Arun Profile

    Hi Terungwa,

    Well, when it comes to making money online, one should be very careful! With all those scams and frauds lingering out there, one just can’t afford to lose focus and attention! Well, the reason why I believe scammers are rampant online is due to the fact that they tend to get easy targets.

    You see, making money online is one of the most searched terms online. And the scammers know very well that people are willing to earn a few extra bucks online. So, they lay there, waiting for potential targets to arrive!

    The tips you provided are very useful. The main priority of people should be to know the main man/organization behind it. One must look how legit they are and what they are prepared to put in as a guarantee.

    And an offer too good to believe almost always turns out to be a fake one! You see, there’s nothing like quick fix and quick money, not at least without any hard work. So, when someone offers the promise of quick money with no hard work involved, one must understand that it is a scam!

    Talking about my experience, I never got scammed so far, thankfully! A very useful and informative post bro! :)

    Keep writing!


    • Profile photo of Terungwa Profile

      Hello Arun,

      You are very lucky (and very very smart) never to have fallen victim of any scam. I did once and vowed never to be a victim again.

      Sadly, if I had known what I know today, that scam wouldn’t have worked…I therefore feel its my responsibility to enlighten as many of my readers as possible.

      Terungwa recently posted…HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WRITING EBOOKSMy Profile

      • Profile photo of Arun Profile

        Well, Terungwa, sad to know about that event that happened with you. But hey, cheer up, now you are well aware of such things and are well prepared to steer away from them.

        The biggest thing is that the bad experience educated you, it made you aware of the bad world of scams and malpractices.

        That’s the key bro. When life introduces to bad events, prepare your heart and mind to learn from such experiences. It’ll come handy later. :)

        Keep rocking!


  • Profile photo of Chery Profile

    Hello Terungwa, OH Yeh There are a lot of scams going on, I for one have fell victim to a few, but then again no one held a gun to my head to make me put in my credit card. I sure wish I would have read this post a few years ago, it would have saved me time and money.

    Agreed if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I guess we live and learn HUH? Thanks for the great post..

    Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…Taking Care Of You First To Create More Wealth And AbundanceMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    Wow! I guess I have to share this post in my Facebook account, my friends ask me questions that relates to this topic. Scams are difficult to figure out. I like how revealing this post to me, the “How You Help Scammers In Their Business” is one of my favorite subtopic. I will never gonna forget the 5 ways on how to protect yourself to online scams.
    Metz recently posted…Ryan Biddulph – Personal Branding Spotlight | Brand.comMy Profile

  • Profile

    Hmm there’s a lot of manner you can personally take to avoid online scams.

    You know I wouldn’t purchase or part take in anything that says make $100K in one month – I would rather invest my time on “make $750 in a month” which to me sounds reasonable.

    One of the oldest and the commonest online scam was “Congratulation, You have won $1M – Click…” I never paid an attention to any of these.

    Nothing easy common comes by cheap, work hard for it and always seek for advise from people you know personally.
    Kingsley [not admin] recently posted…Checkout: Kwadwo Nkansah Liwin vs Funny Face – Who’s Making the Most Money?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Rose Ann Profile

    There’s no sure thing in building an investment with people that appears strangers to us. So, e should know who we’re dealing with. We can do an internet research for his/her personal and company info.

    We should expect an online scam in making money online, but we should not be afraid of it.

    Thanks for giving us tips on how to protect ourselves from online scam. This content is indeed helpful, Terungwa.
    Rose Ann recently posted…What Is the Best Content Curation Website?My Profile

  • I found a guy name : Anothy morrison

    his presentation looks solid and clearly claim course selling

    i google about him, some folk said scam but some says could help

    anyone can give me advice??

  • Profile photo of OLAMOSH Profile

    “Too Much Proof Is Dangerous!” lolz

    Hi Terungwa,

    Thanks for this wonderful write-up, you have done a great job and i can feel the passion you have for writing.

    One need to be very careful this day, i do receive several scam mails almost everyday. The Facebook inbox of a thing is the most annoying one.

    In-terms of purchasing items/product online, one thing i use to first check is their payment terms and condition, then check if they have partnership with ESCROW.

    With escrow, your money is safe, if the goods you purchase are not good or delivered, you can quickly request for refund. I DON’T BUY FROM WEBSITES THAT DOES SUPPORT ESCROW, this one great features i look for and it has always been a guide for me when it comes to online shopping.

    Contact is also very important and am glad you mentioned it.

    Have a nice day
    OLAMOSH recently posted…win a FREE 1-YEAR iROKOtv PLUS SubscriptionMy Profile

  • Profile photo of C.M Daniyal Profile

    This is a great post for people starting with online business. I see you explain a different strategy to avoid scams.

    My way of avoiding is,
    – Google the name of the company for review’s. Read 4-5 review
    – Google the name of company for review’s on forums like Warrior Forum, BlackHatWorld etc
    – Check for a money back guarantee
    – Do a little background check on the company’s owner
    – Check their social media status

    I see we apply different methods. It’s good to see there are many ways to avoid scams and i pray that people do apply them and avoid them

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