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5 Unexpected Brands that are Kicking Social Media Butt on Pinterest {and What Makes Them Successful}

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I love Pinterest.

I can’t help it. Recipes? DIY Projects? Craft ideas? Sign me up!

Then again, I am the definition of a typical Pinterest user. And by typical I mean a female, cooking-and-crafting-loving mom (check out these user stats).

So, your company doesn’t come up with DIY holiday crafts or fall pumpkin recipes. Think that means your brand doesn’t have a place on this 70 million-strong social network?

Think again. If brands like Pork, the Marines, and Petplan Pet Insurance can kick social media marketing hiney on Pinterest, so can you. According to Digitas, 70% of brand engagement on Pinterest is user-driven, which means brands must leverage user engagement and interaction by going beyond pinning photos from their websites and really doing something special.

Let’s take a look at 5 surprising brands that are having great success on Pinterest and what they are doing to get users excited.

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    A very interesting post I must say. There are many users of Pinterest that never get to understand how to use this social platform. The approaches adopted by the 5 brands explained are revealing.

    One factor that is common to all the strategies is that there is an appeal to the emotions via different instructional, entertaining, informational, and educational contents. Hopefully,other brands can learn from these brand examples.

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