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5 Tips for Writing Better Blog Content

Profile photo of Jeff Miller Submitted by Jeff Miller November 20, 2016

Content is king for your blog. As a result, your content should be your #1 priority when trying to grown and improve your website. But what is good content? And why do some blogs get better results than others?

Below, we shared our top 5 tips for writing better content on your blog.

1) Include Images/Graphics


Humans are visual creatures. Although are accustomed to reading, we prefer to look at images. It is no coincidence we start children out with picture books. As adults, we put a larger emphasis on reading written words, but the desire to look at colorful and intriguing pictures never quite goes away.

If you are publishing a blog post, the first thing the reader should see is your title. But directly beneath that should be some image. An image related to your niche is best, but really any image will do. Many times a plain stock photo does the job.

Notice, that in this post I’ve adhered to this rule. In fact, I’d venture to say that 95% of successful blogs also follow this rule.

If you are looking for places to find free images, check out However, don’t limit yourself to stock photos.

Infographics can be extremely insightful. If you are listing a bunch of data, why not put into a graph? Your readers will appreciate being able to examine the data in a visual manner.

And don’t limit yourself to 1 image per blog post. In fact, the longer the post, the more images you should have! If you’re talking about some software, include a screenshot. This makes the software seem much more tangible and increases your authority.

Don’t forget, this doesn’t have to be complex. Sometimes all you need is a quote in picture form. That can have a wonderful effect on your readers, and your content.

2) Create Strong Headlines

You can have the best content in the world. The most useful, most holistic information on your subject matter online. However, if your title doesn’t call attention, then it makes no difference. No one will ever click on your content.

Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to improve your titles without drifting into clickbait territory.

One of the best tips I ever received was to write in list form. Humans like lists. They are easy to break down. Easy to comprehend. And we can decide what we want to absorb, and what we want to ignore. It is no coincidence all the articles on this site are in list format.

Another tip is not to oversell your content. Don’t promise the moon. Your content may be good, but if your title promises unrealistic results, then your readers will become upset. And above all else, you want to avoid upset readers. Not only will they not return, but negative word of mouth can be extremely difficult to recover from.

A final tip is to be clear in your titles. Your titles should communicate in an instant what the reader will find inside the post. If you find your titles are hard to make concise, you might benefit from splitting your post into multiple posts, each with their own focus and title.

3) Be Concise – Cut Out the Fluff

People have short attention spans. This is even truer online. As humans, we value our time. We are used to instant information delivered in short tidbits.

This is especially true when writing for online blogs. You aren’t writing the next great novel. You’re not writing a research paper. You’re writing content for everyday people, just like you.

Don’t try to show off your vocabulary. Don’t add content for the sake of adding content. That’s called fluff, and not only is it unnecessary, but it will turn readers off of your content.

Keep sentences short. Keep paragraphs short. And your readers will love you for it.

4) Cite Your Sources

When posting online, we are posting information. Most of the time, this doesn’t just come out of thin air. This information comes from elsewhere.

When you make a statement online, back it up. Show where you found your information. Not only will this give you credibility, but your readers will be thankful to have a new resource to explore.

You don’t need to put a full MLA citation; a simple hyperlink will suffice. But make sure you set the link to open in a new tab/window. You don’t want users leaving your site!

5) Write for People, Not Search Engines

Although it is search engines that crawl your content and decide your ranking, your end focus should be on readers. That is, human readers.

When someone writes for a search engine, it is very obvious. The text contains keyword stuffing, the tone is robotic, and the information does not flow freely.

The way you write is how you would like to read. Keep a simple, conversational tone. Organize your thoughts clearly. Try to avoid any confusion.

Break down your information, even if it seems very straightforward. Many of your readers will be unfamiliar with your subject matter. They will appreciate you making it easy to understand.

When you write, imagine that your audience consists of five-year-olds. Although this may seem like a silly technique, it can help keep you grounded. And it can help you keep your target audience, and their preference, in mind.

If your content is written for humans, humans will spend more time on it. They will share your content and explore the rest of your site. They will come back for more. That results in great rankings!


Follow these 5 tips, write consistently, and your content will gradually improve. What are your tips for better content? Share them below in the comments.

This post was originally published in by Jeff Miller

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