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4 Reasons why is a Boon for Bloggers

Profile photo of Arun Submitted by Arun June 5, 2014

Are you a blogger? Do you want some good old referral traffic to your blog? What about adding some awesome and much required user engagement also? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Hold on, there’s more I’m offering.. Add to that mixture some money! What do you think about this prospect? Want it? Well, if the answer is positive, I believe you should not miss joining!

What is

Let me run through and explain to you guys what is all about. According to the description put up on the site, it is a web entity that serves 4 purposes. Yes, it is a four in one site! First of all, it is an Internet Marketing news/content site. It is also a social bookmarking site. Apart from that, it also is an IM product/service/software site. Last, but not the least, the site also has a social networking face! You may use it as a platform to get in touch and connect with fellow bloggers who shares the same interests.

Reasons why is a boon for bloggers –

#1 can assure loads of referral traffic to your blog

One of the basic function serves is that of a social bookmarking site. You may submit the links of your latest and awesome blog posts there.

Upon submitting a blog post in the relevant category, you may up-vote (Kingg) the post. Just like you did, other users, upon seeing and going through the post, will Kingg or Un-Kingg it.

Based on the up-votes it gets, the post will be featured on top of the pile of articles. This will make sure that a number of Kinggers will happen to visit that post and thus send valuable, relevant traffic to your blog.

#2 User engagement will see a rise!

With the increased traffic, the number of comments that you’ll be getting on your blog posts will increase. Not only that, social shares, subscriptions etc will also see a rise, depending upon the quality of your blog posts and your blog in general. All these are signals of user engagement! This obviously will spike the user engagement stats of your blog!

#3 You may win some money using it!

Let me bring this fact to your attention. has been conducting a giveaway. They have been doing this since some months now! In case you are missing it, wake up! Go join it!

kingged giveaway

All you need to do is join, become an active member, visit the content that is being featured on the site, Kingg or Un-Kingg it and leave some valuable comments.

There are rewards for categories like ‘Most Valuable Commenter’, ‘Top Commenter’, ‘Random Winner’, ‘Wild Card winner’ etc. You may see all the specs related to the giveaway here.

kingged top commenter


Still have doubts regarding this giveaway? Does it sounds too good to be true? Okay, time to bust those myths and half baked facts regarding this claim being a fake one! I’m sharing some screenshots of my PayPal account. You may see for yourself me getting paid by Kingsley, admin of! I’ve been selected ‘Most valuable’ and ‘Top Commenter’ many times, you see!

kingged paypal account screenshot payment proof

#4 Your blog and you will get good exposure by commenting

By joining and being active on Kingged, you’ll be visiting blog posts on many relevant blogs and sites and leaving good comments there. This activity has two advantages in store for you.

Firstly, it will help you and your blog get some good old exposure and traffic, since your name and blog’s url gets mentioned on those blogs. Plus it acts as a good networking opportunity (commenting helps you build beneficial networks).

These are the four main advantages that has in store for its blogger members. In case you are not a blogger, still you may make use of Kingged!

You see, Kingged is like a treasure chest of valuable information. It has in store tons of informational content, for you to read. In case you are not a blogger, but want to learn stuff related to it, you may make use of it as a platform to learn it all! Isn’t it an interesting prospect?

So, if you haven’t joined Kingged, make sure that you do it. As quite evident in the article, the advantages involved are many! Hop in and enjoy, that’s what I got to say to my readers. BTW, this article is not ‘perfect’. There are other advantages too that Kingged offers, which I have left out. My target was to write up a small blog post, highlighting the main advantages only. So, in case you already are a Kingger, feel free to add up the advantages that I’ve left out. Note that commenting is free, I don’t levy any charge for it.

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I'm Arun, from India. I'm a part time blogger, travel enthusiast and football buff! A fun loving person! You may check out my blog using this link- Apnaahangout and Online Courses Buzz! :) Also follow me on Google+.

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  • Profile photo of Enstine Muki Profile

    Happy to see this solid endorsement of a platform the produces results. You’ve gotten all the benefits bro – from traffic, engagement to real cash. Congrats and keep being active on the plaform
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Blog commenting contest – Make money commenting on EnstineMuki.comMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Enstine,

      Kingged has benefited me in many ways. So, this is my humble attempt to give something back to the community! :) Thanks for giving the idea. It is what inspired me to come up with this article. Hope that it inspires many more to become active Kinggers.


      • Profile photo of Enstine Muki Profile

        I’m sure many who have been paid cash here can come up with such a testimonial post0 If they do, it will be quite interesting. I’ll be able to put all up into one single post that will be a huge buzz
        Enstine Muki recently posted…Blog commenting contest – Make money commenting on EnstineMuki.comMy Profile

        • Profile photo of Arun Profile

          That seems a fine idea, Enstine! Sure, if each winner puts forward solid testimonials, it will sure create a buzz, no doubt about that fact! :)

          And the idea of you creating an epic post out of it, that sounds exciting too. Promoting it the right way can spike engagement here for sure!


          • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

            Enstine is this guy who come with fantastic ideas, I mean see what he just said…I should be writing a review about Kingged dot com in days to come has I would have gotten my laptop by then and their will be focus and all those stuff you get what I’m saying.

            Glad you decided to write this review man! :)

            Sam Adeyinka recently posted…How I Won 80 Dollars in Enstine Muki’s ‘Comment Contest’ (Secret Revealed)My Profile

            • Profile photo of Arun Profile

              Sam, it was Enstine indeed who inspired me to write up such a blog post. So, I too thought about giving something back to the community! :)

              Oh, so you are getting a laptop now? That’s great news buddy! Finally, you can work well using it and leave behind that phone.

              I’m glad that you liked this review. Looking forward to see yours too.


              • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

                Wow! So he did? That’s cool. And what a great way of adding back to the community who has but helped you! Great job boss!

                Yes I am. Actually I was gonna purchase that theme that Enstine reviewed but I figured I first of all needed a laptop and as time passes, I sure will get the theme if I still want to. What say?

                And I decided that it was the best thing to do at this time because I was tired of blogging with my phone, have lost a large number of contents and comments browsing with phone and did I tell you how frustrating it could be at times?

                Moreso, I’ve changed three phones and have used two of my friends phones in that past 8months or thereabout. That’s because I’m always oblivious I’m typing with phone and I want to do what I do with my laptop on those phones and it end up being a trash.

                Trust me dear brother, I can’t wait to get that PC. And yes….I like your review and all your other contents. I sure can’t wait to write that review too…..cus I know it will be so meaty and worth everyone’s while. God help me!


                • Profile photo of Arun Profile


                  I know how difficult blogging can become, if you don’t have a PC or Lappy at your disposal. :) And it is amazing how you still manage to do so well with just a phone! That is a trait I like in you. You manage to go strong even during the times of adversity!

                  It is great to hear that you will be buying one laptop. I also urge you to do that ASAP. It is a one time investment bro. I’m sure that you will be able to recover that expense.

                  Once you get laptop, you can go for the theme that Enstine reviewed! :)


                  • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

                    Literally speaking, it’s pretty difficult to update and work from phone. So frustrating and heartrending I must say but I told myself, “Sam, this is one thing trying to rob you of your success, don’t allow it.”

                    You know I talk to myself and it has really helped me a lot. I’m not a bible scholar neither I’m I a church freak but I read somewhere in the book of Psalm where the scriptures says, “And David encouraged himself in the Lord”. So I always encourage myself anytime am down or experiencing difficulties.

                    Indeed, a lifetime investment……..exactly what I thought of. I sure will be getting it by weekend and you my friend will be the first to know about it.

                    How do you that’s what I will do?

                    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…How I Won 80 Dollars in Enstine Muki’s ‘Comment Contest’ (Secret Revealed)My Profile

                    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

                      Keep inspiring yourself to go on buddy. You did it for so long. Now, just bear on for couple of days more. I’m sure that you will get the thing you want the most- a laptop! :)

                      You know, as I said before, this is the sign of a warrior, the one who pushed and manages to hustle through difficult times. That is exactly what you have been and are doing.

                      Keep encouraging yourself and inspire us in that process!


    • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

      Indeed uncle Enstine, Arun has provided a massive review of Kingged and I’m so impressive at his review…you too have some good knack of writing great reviews..I have to start learning that skill from you two.
      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…How I Won 80 Dollars in Enstine Muki’s ‘Comment Contest’ (Secret Revealed)My Profile

      • Profile photo of Arun Profile

        Hi Sam,

        Indeed, Enstine writes some of the most impressive reviews. No wonder he makes such good earning from Affiliate sales! :) What say? I think he has already written a review about Kingged.

        I also had been to his blog recently and I was greeted by a well written review of Depositphotos there. I highly suggest you to learn his secrets of writing that ‘awesome’ review! :)


  • Hi Arun,

    I’ve arrived at this site based on your recommendation on Google+.
    Something interesting to try out, eh?
    Thanks anyhoo! :)
    Clive recently posted…5 Ways To Look For Answers When You Run Out Of IdeasMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Ankit Bansal Profile have motivated me back to blogging after a long time. I learned a lot of tings which I was doing wrong.

    For traffic, I didn’t get much traffic as my blog is off-niche with the topics discussed here.

    Kingged have become a good platform for newbie as well as pro bloggers. :)
    Ankit Bansal recently posted…Charak Puja – Folk Festival in North BengalMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Ankit,

      Sure it is a source of good motivation bro. Learning new things has been made easy by Kingged. I make it a point to read informative posts I can lay my hands upon. I make sure that I visit the links of sites like SEJ, SEP etc shared here.

      Ya, I can understan why you are getting less traffic. The niche is the factor, I agree.


    • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

      Hey Ankit, nice seeing you here man! Know me? Well, I do. 😀

      Kingged dot com is really great and it’s something that brought back the passion of crafting comments back to me and the result to my blog has been so lovely. I mean from some traffic, comments and did I tell you have won some dollars here myself?

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…How I Won 80 Dollars in Enstine Muki’s ‘Comment Contest’ (Secret Revealed)My Profile

  • Profile photo of David Profile

    All good reasons. I am a bit of a social bookmarking junkie, although lately I have not had the time. Kingged is definitely one of the better of the cozy sites as far as real traffic and engagement is concerned. You can tell when the people behind a site have energy and determination; it shows in the membership.
    David recently posted…When can you call yourself a writer?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi David,

      Sure, the energy and enthusiasm shows. It is evident from the way the members act and behave. And on Kingged, one can observe lots of engagement and enthusiasm.

      Like you, my blog too has been blessed with good traffic. I’ve also limited bookmarking to select few sites. And Kingged surely is the leader, when it comes to providing traffic!


    • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

      Nice to see you here this morning, David. Trust you’re good?

      Truthfully speaking, Arun really did a nice job and it’s worth commending him.

      Like you, I also I’m a social junkie kinda person and I really resonate with kingged plus I love the staffs as they are so passionate about what they do. Highly consistent and goal oriented. No wonder they’ve really blown and are so successful.

      I’m just getting back on here though and I’m so enjoying it. :)

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…How I Won 80 Dollars in Enstine Muki’s ‘Comment Contest’ (Secret Revealed)My Profile

  • Profile photo of Ryan Profile

    Dead on Arun! Kingged is the ultimate site for bloggers and curation junkies. I stared curating a bunch of other helpful, valuable content just the other day. Fun! So many networking opportunities and chances for us to prosper on the network.

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hey Ryan,

      Yes, bloggers and curation lovers will sure have a good time on Kingged, no doubt about that. And regarding the networking aspect, it sure is rewarding.

      I’d like to put in that Kingged has made networking easy and efficient. That has been my experience so far. :)


    • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

      Yeah so spot on I’d say. Just my own way of saying it. Hehe… :)

      It seems like yesterday when I saw you here on Kingged, I thought you’re just here to thank some of the guys who shared your content here and to my greatest surprise you were actually here to stay…like for real.

      I’m sure that decision has really helped and skyrocketed your traffic and revenue, is it not?

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…How I Won 80 Dollars in Enstine Muki’s ‘Comment Contest’ (Secret Revealed)My Profile

  • Profile photo of Rose Ann Profile

    Great review about!

    Well done, Arun and oh! Before I forgot, congrats on winning the first rank in blog commenting. :)
    I’m striving to win, but it seems that I don’t have the luck. Haha :) I will do better next time. I’m planning to do 50. LOL! Hope I can do it.

    Anyway, I completely agree with this endorsement about Kingged. I know that Kingged don’t only benefit ME, but it also benefits each of its members. I couldn’t wish for more, Kingged offers great features, from traffic to real cash on hands!

    More powers on Kingged! :)
    Rose Ann recently posted…Be Nice When You Say Bad Things OnlineMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Ann,

      Thank you for those kind words! Matter much to me! :) I’m sure you will do better with time.

      Ya, Kingged is not just about only one member being benefited. It is about the whole group, the entire community. If all try to remain active, then each and everyone of us will get the benefits in the long run.


    • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

      HEy Ann, great to see you here. It seems like have gone for ages, I mean I kept seeing new people here – and that goes to say Kingged is really a cool place to be in. So I figured out that have been missing a whole lot these days and here I am now. So trust you’ve been fine milady? I am. :)

      So you want to do 50 comments today? A great feat I think you can achieve only if you put your heart to it. I wish I can say that but many things are just kinda impeding me to do so myself but I’m glad guys like you are really taking this serious. Kudos!

      Like you dearie, I also do agree with my man’s review and I can’t help but say it’s by far the coolest review of have ever read. I’m hoping he will be doing a review of my blog very soon.

      And like you guys, I’ve also won some cool dollar bills in the past and I guess i won another yesterday kind of…I’m not just sure.

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…How I Won 80 Dollars in Enstine Muki’s ‘Comment Contest’ (Secret Revealed)My Profile

      • Profile photo of Rose Ann Profile

        Hi, Sam! :)

        I’m also glad to see you being active here at Kingged. Just keep it up and enjoy! :)

        I decided to make a goal of reaching the number of 50 comments per day. At first, I greatly aim to win the cash for daily giveaway, but it’s now much more important to me to give 50 comments that are valuable, and that can add more essence to the blog.

        As for me, the quality should be maintained. So, if ever I didn’t make it to reach my goal for the day, which is to give a quantity of quality comments, at least I know that I’d help in a little way. I’m already contented with that.

        You’re right that if I’ll do it with my whole heart, it will be easier. But, my time just didn’t allow me to spend more hours here. I have other things to do too. So, although I’m enjoying working here and I’m pushing it hard to achieve my daily goal, I still need to consider my time and balance it.

        Have a good day! :)

        Rose Ann recently posted… Marketplace Helps You Make Money Selling Your Products and ServicesMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Mohammed Anzil Profile

    Hello Arun…………….

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article and you know this the first time i heard about……

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Mohammed bro,

      Nice to see you here. And glad to know that my article is what led you here. Now that you are a member, try to be active and make use of Kingged, bro!

      I’m sure you’ll love it for sure! Hope we all have productive time here and some awesome results.


    • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

      Good to see you here Sir Anzil and thanks for your kind support on FB this morning…I really appreciate that man! :)

      So you mean to say this is your first time of hearing about Kingged dot com? Man! Trust me you’ve been missing a lot of juices….Good you know now that Kingged dot com helps you indriving quality and targeted traffic to your blog and also helps you in making some deserved dollar bills.

      BTW, to get a chance of making cash here and also traffic, you should leave as many comments as you can and also make those comments top notch ones not just this kinda comment you just left okay. See, that’s the way to go here. Hope you understand? (No hard feeling at all, okay.)

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…How I Won 80 Dollars in Enstine Muki’s ‘Comment Contest’ (Secret Revealed)My Profile

  • Profile photo of admin Profile

    Thanks for writing this, Arun. We don’t go out of our way to ask Kinggers to write blog posts about this giveaway but always like to see when they do so out of their own volition, :)

    And that’s how it should be. If has proven beneficial to you, we shouldn’t be the ones to ask you to write about it. Thankfully you and lots of other awesome Kinggers have written about this giveaway and the benefits, without us asking you to!

    About this post, it’s good to see you that you covered lots of the benefits to be derived by those who get involved on Kingged. As you have observed, the cash is just one small part of it. We also help Kinggers get good traffic and engagement on their posts, not just on Kingged but also on their blogs. And that’s small, compared to what we have in the works, 😉

    A quick word for those who will read this and want to get involved – we love commenters on Kingged, but even better, we love VALUABLE commenters who add a lot of value to the posts they comment on. Our moderating team are always very active in going through every single comment left on Kingged, to ensure that spammers, one liners, generic type comments are deleted or disavowed, and the guilty commenters restricted, if they persist.

    For instance, Arun’s comments are so valuable that some of them are even longer and more powerful than some full blown blog posts! He’s even one of those who have won the “most valuable commenter” awards on Kingged more times. That shows how much value he adds!

    So, yes, we do give cash prizes, but only to those who add value. You add value to the posts on Kingged and on the blogs themselves, and we reward you with some traffic, engagement and a little cash every now and then. And everyone is happy, :)

    Thanks again, Arun, for adding a lot of value to the posts you comment on Kingged and on the original blogs. You have raised the stakes so high on Kingged that you are easily one of those I recommend new Kinggers to, who want to learn how to write valuable comments!

    And thanks for writing this, once again, and for sharing it here on Kingged. I have “kingged” it and am sure lots more people will, :)

    admin recently posted…Use these 3 Blogger Community Websites to Make your Content ‘Kingged’My Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Kingsley,

      Just my humble effort to give something back to the community. Actually, Enstine’s suggestion inspired me. If you go through the suggestion he put forward, in the comments here, you’ll find it to be really cool. Testimonials from all winners will sure help Kingged grow! :)

      Thanks for those lavish praises you showered upon me man! That means a lot coming from you. Will try to give my best in coming days too! :)


    • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

      Now this is a really cool comment the Admin has dropped and it goes to show that bloggers and even those new bloggers that are just joining this platform should model after this kinda comment.

      I mean you’ve just seen the way it’s been done and yes…………Arun is another person I so love to read his comments because I’m sure he’s add value, I mean something I don’t yet know before, which if you look at it will always be kinda plus to you.

      The admin and in the post, I mean Arun’s post have mapped out some of the benefits you stand to enjoy if you could but do what is expected of you.

      Perhaps I should tell you why I like and fall head over hill in love with

      Do you care to listen at all?


      So I first heard and found about kingged from one blog like that and that’s a pretty long time ago, I heard it function like a social networking sites and that it helps bloggers in getting traffic.

      I signed in and ran away…..I thought once I’m there and insert my url, it’s over…the traffic will start coming but I was totally wrong. What a joke, right?

      So I met Piyush one day who told me about Kingged and he not only told me about them he also shared with me what to do to be successful. Don’t worry, I will share it with you now.

      HE said Sam, to succeed with Kingged, just……..

      1. You have to be serious and genuine (About this best advice have ever received in my entire 23yrs on earth)

      2. Map out time and be dedicated at it.

      3. Leave as many comments as you can leave both on kingged and on respective blogs

      4. Be sure to connect with other interesting bloggers

      5. Make sure you inbox the admin and build relationship with him (he will help you with wiring your money to you if you don’t have a paypal account)

      Trust me this advice was exactly what I did and indeed brought me goodies and juices in traffics, engagements, relationships and of course cool cash.

      I mean I can continue but I just have to stop now and continue commenting on other post here.

      My advice to you now, is follow that quick guidelines as shared by Piyush and also the commenting guidelines by my brother,Arun. It will help you.

      BTW guys, where is Piyush? Have not been seeing him on any social networks, Facebook, Twitter nor here. Hope he’s cool?

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…How I Won 80 Dollars in Enstine Muki’s ‘Comment Contest’ (Secret Revealed)My Profile

      • Profile photo of Arun Profile

        Hi Sam,

        Another epic comment from you! I so much love going through them. I can proudly say out loud that I learnt the art of commenting from you! :) Trust me, it was you who forced me to ponder about upping my commenting standards and strive for excellence. But still, looking at such epic comments that you leave, I realize that I’m still nothing in front of you. And in front of other stalwarts like Harleena Singh, Sue Neal etc. I’m humbled! :)

        It is so nice to hear your little story man. It sure will serve to be a resource for new Kinggers, who are looking to leave their mark here.

        Engaging and being active is the key, I agree wholeheartedly. Yes, many folks tend to make the mistake of just posting their url and leaving hastily. These folks fail to make full use of this wonderful platform.

        On the other hand, there are folks like you and Harleena madam. Let me bring before you the example of Harleena madam. Her blog attracts tons of comments each day. Still, she makes it a point to reply to all of them.

        Not only that, she also takes time to visit Kingged and reply to all the comments posted here too. Now this is what I call greatness and dedication. This should how a Kingger be! A big salute to her.

        Again Sam, thanks for telling your own story! Will sure be of help to new Kinggers.


        • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

          Hey Arun,

          Awwwwwh……………….again, I’m so ecstatic you could actually learn something from me, even blog commenting. And I must say you sir have taken it and turn it into something great that it now bring to you huge and targeted traffic, good relationship with bloggers of means, not to talk of the cash you get from it every time. That my friend is the mark of greatness! :)

          And I’m glad I could share my story here – one thing that attracted me to the online world. You know I always wanted a platform where I could share my story and maybe inspire others.

          Arun, did I ever tell you that the only thing that inspire and keep me going in life despite all the odds and huddles is the fact that I hear words such as “Oh thanks Sam, for inspiring me to do this and that.” Trust me bro, this words are what literally and most factually keep me going and that drive me out of bed every day of my life.

          I get asked a lot how to do succeed in the blogosphere…it’s simple. Map out your goals, that is, what you hope to achieve in blogging, take action on those goals by trying to make it a reality, educate yourself by reading post (which easily you can find on, also, apply the rules taught in them by taking discipline and consistent action.

          When you are through with doing that, you would have succeeded in helping yourself to the success ladder and you will not only climb the ladder you will also remain there if you can remain consistent.

          Now, I like that part of Harleena. Those Trios – Harleena, Adrienne and Sue do not stop but keep amazing me.

          You know why? I thought maybe when you’ve done all the underground works and are now getting success like those guys, you should stop and focus on writing and doing little sharing and maybe commenting. But I was totally wrong.

          It was then when Adrienne now told me, “Sam, you’ve got to be consistent to succeed”. I can still remember very vividly those words of hers and how she told them to me repeatedly. Babanature of OneNaijaBlog also sound it to my hears like bell. Now, that’s what connecting with the right people does to you….they help you grow.

          So like you, I can boldly say my network of friends, I mean you guys are the one who helped me and instil the determination and persistency to keep going into me despite whatever it is I might be facing. (again, you can only get this kinda people from You will be crazy not to be on kingged and even if you are and you are not doing the right things.

          Another awesome person that amazes me is Mr. Neil Patel, that man despite is success still take it upon himself to respond to his comments. If those folks can be doing that why can’t you? And you tell me you want to succeed in blogging? My friend you must be a joker!

          Thanks so much for taking us into this direction of further helping this newcomers. Thanks!

          Sam Adeyinka recently posted…How I Won 80 Dollars in Enstine Muki’s ‘Comment Contest’ (Secret Revealed)My Profile

  • Profile photo of Princewill Okafor Profile

    You are right Arun, there is so much to gain from Kingged, from having a sane environment where you can pour out your mind, to making friends, to having traffic to your blog and making cash, yeah, cool cash

    Kingged just stands out. There is just no two ways about it…. Kingged is top notch
    Princewill Okafor recently posted…Taking screenshots with your Samsung Galaxy S5 Or Any Android SmartphoneMy Profile

  • Profile

    Awesome Write up Arun!
    I had left you a comment on your original post!
    Anyway it’s you that convinced me to join up so glad I have!
    Anyway i just upvoted this for you dude!

    – PD
    Phillip Dews recently posted…Are you Engaging Effectively?My Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Phillip,

      Nice to see you here man! Glad that you found my write up to be good. :) I saw the comment you left at my blog. Thanks for taking time to visit my blog and going through that post.

      Glad that my article convinced you to join up here on Kingged. I’m sure you’ll love this platform.


    • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

      Wow! It’s so cool to happen on you today on Kingged. It was three days ago I saw your profile and have promised to stop by on your comment and here I am now. So it’s nice having you on Kingged an I’m glad my friend was able to persuade you to come. :)

      sir, I’m not worthy of advising you but just make sure you’re active here and see the increase of referral traffic to your blog……….and also some quality relationships and dollar bills.

      You should have a wonderful and fun-filled day matey!

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…How I Won 80 Dollars in Enstine Muki’s ‘Comment Contest’ (Secret Revealed)My Profile

  • Profile photo of admin Profile

    It’s also worth mentioning how incredibly honest Arun is! I made a mistake a while back and overpaid him more than was supposed to have paid for one of the week’s winnings.

    Guess what he did? He contacted me about it, telling me I overpaid him!!!

    That’s the type of honest and amazing Kinggers we hope to keep attracting here on!

    Arun is a STAR Kingger, no doubts about it!

    Thanks again, Arun.

    admin recently posted…What’s the Best Blog Community? Why WinsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Mohit Profile

    I have just joined Kingged and it is all because of you Arun…I got the post at your blog about Kingged and it made me join this site..Expecting to have good time over here…..

    • Profile photo of Enstine Muki Profile

      Welcome here Mohit. IT’s a great place to be. Just be active here and you’ll see both engagement and raw cash results

      Do have a wonderful weekend
      Enstine Muki recently posted…Backlinks can ruin your seo! Here is how!My Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile


      Welcome to Kingged! You sure will have a good time as long as you remain an active member. Since you are new here, I’d recommend you to get used to the site, the way it works, the ways you can benefit from it etc.

      Hope you have a good time here! :)

    • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

      Hey Mohit, welcome! Trust you’re doing fine.

      My advice is, be sure to stay around and drop as many comment as you can.

      Four things will happen, which are; you will get huge referral traffic, the engagement on your blog will skyrocket high, you will meet interesting folks who I’m sure will alter the course of your life for good and lastly, you will smile to the bank every Monday to get your cash prize. Now, isn’t that fantastic? It is, right? 😀

      So enjoy man!

      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…Blogging Symposium on BloggingWhizMy Profile

  • Profile photo of DannyUK Profile

    I’ve also joined here today off the back of this article!

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Danny,

      Sorry for responding late man! I had been out, enjoying a mini vacation for the last few days. So, couldn’t be active here and on the blogosphere.

      Well, I’m glad that you decided to join! The more members join, the better it is going to be for the community!

      And I’m glad that my article convinced you to join Kingged! Thanks for reading it and taking this action Danny. I’m sure that you’ve just made a good decision.


    • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

      Welcome man! Just a word. Be active here and you surely reap the great rewards in increase in traffic, engagement on your posts, meeting new and interesting folks plus making cool cash all the way. You like that?
      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…How I Won 80 Dollars in Enstine Muki’s ‘Comment Contest’ (Secret Revealed)My Profile

  • Profile photo of Aqib Shahzad Profile

    Hello Arun,
    Getting blog traffic and making money daily, these two reasons forced me to join Kingged community. The best part I liked about this community is interaction of bloggers with each other. Thanks for sharing informative article on such great network :)
    Aqib Shahzad recently posted…Best WordPress WooCommerce PluginsMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Aqib,

      The interaction has simply been amazing. Throughout this journey, Kingged has blessed me and my blog with some good old user engagement! You may just take a look at my blog and see to it yourself! :)

      And you too may make good use of the platform and get the same benefits man! The advantages, as you can see, are many! All it’ll take to reap the benefits is your active participation and contribution!


    • Profile photo of Sam Adeyinka Profile

      The exact reasons that brought me here just that you did mention the other two, which are; engagement with my posts and quality relationships. And indeed this platform has brought me just that. Something worth commending. Thanks!
      Sam Adeyinka recently posted…How I Won 80 Dollars in Enstine Muki’s ‘Comment Contest’ (Secret Revealed)My Profile

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    Congratulations for being the top commentator and for sharing valuable comments at, Arun. You deserve it because you are rawr-ing to leave honest and relevant thoughts.

    Sure helped so many bloggers now and this awesome curation site still on it rawr-ing stage that is why time passed, members maximized.

    The lists you have are honest and I have no doubt that this will convinced interested bloggers to join and participate.

    Thanks for sharing this Arun!
    Metz recently posted…Use these 3 Blogger Community Websites to Make your Content ‘Kingged’My Profile

  • Profile photo of swaraj nandedkar Profile

    Hello arun,
    these is great article you wrote. No doubt is the best emerging platform for bloggers. I am a new user here and found this very useful.
    I found some really cool bloggers like you to follow. These is a great platform!
    swaraj nandedkar recently posted…Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Review, Price and SpecificationsMy Profile

  • Well I’ve been a regular reader here and I’ve been reading all articles featured here. I guess I’m stupid and I haven’t added my articles here. I’ll be doing that now.

    But seeing the awesome responses from the users really amazed me.

    Samir recently posted…Download Google Play Store APK latest version 4.5.10My Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Samir, ya, I’ve noted you being active here and leaving comments on my blog posts too. However, you should submit your blog posts too, in the relevant categories. I wonder why you hadn’t been doing that so far!

      Do start submitting your curated content too. Yes, the users are awesome and so is their response!


  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hi Arun, you are dead on about – to borrow from the words of Ryan above!

    This content syndication and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers is the rave of the moment when it comes to content marketing, engagement, and traffic.
    Many that have followed the rules have something to show for it.

    From this piece, it is clear you have enjoyed all the advantages that has to provide – which include engagement, traffic, and cash 😀 . Congratulations for that, and it is also good to learn of your honesty!
    Sunday William recently posted…Reliable work from home business (pros and cons)My Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Sunday,

      I very much agree with you regarding the positive traits of Kingged that you listed in your comment. And yes, those who have been active here, following the rules, have ample things to show for it.

      Yes, I have enjoyed all the advantages! :) Thanks for that compliment man! And also thanks for leaving awesome comments on my blog!


  • Profile photo of suresh Profile

    Hey Arun,

    The first point is great and it drives some of traffic through comment links, if we post regularly on our blog. I got few hits per day in the past whenever I post a new topic on my blog. I did not tested by submitting here on the kingged site.

    I am not a big player of Blog marketing or blogging, so that is the main reason submission of my blog posts.

    Fourth point is too correct, we get exposure to other bloggers and on the internet too. I learnt most things for blogging, internet marketing here.

    Cash point is just a fun to me, but if I could spend some time then, definitely will win a prize here.

    I am believing that spending here will make more exposure to the audience and also poverty.
    suresh recently posted…How to Make a Video With Photos Using Windows Movie MakerMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Sure Suresh,

      The advantages themselves are quite lucrative! :) Traffic i prime :) Maybe you should concentrate bit more on blog commenting too.

      That way, even if you are not a star now, you may build on your exposure and traffic stats as well!

      Cash is the fun point, I agree. I see it as a by product, a beneficial one! :)


      • Profile photo of suresh Profile

        I agree with commenting on other bloggers too, it will bring some attractions, still concentrating to write a post and comment on other bloggers.

        I am looking to build more things with the blog that is first making in my life. Thanks for your suggestions,

        suresh recently posted…How to Make a Video With Photos Using Windows Movie MakerMy Profile

        • Profile photo of Arun Profile

          Suresh, it is all about taking one step at a time. Right now, concentrate on the tasks you have to do. Prioritize things and take to one task at a time, give it your best shot.

          If it is writing blog posts that you are supposed to do today, do it with all your heart. Next, focus on commenting. That way, you’ll be having quality work done. :)


  • Profile photo of Barb Brady Profile

    Hi Arun,
    Ok . . . now that I have praised you above :), I will comment.

    I think you did a really good job. What I like about your post is that you stress we can connect with other bloggers . . . which will hopefully also mean people will come by our websites.

    I also like that you made point #4 that we will get more out of this but putting more effort in. I think you are right, it’s a win-win if we comment on other people’s posts. They receive traffic, we learn, we receive exposure, and receives exposure. So, really it’s a win-win-win.

    Barb Brady recently posted…#8.07 Blog Security: 5 Ways to Get Protected NowMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Barb,

      I’m very glad that you found the points I put forward in the article to be much correct. It means a lot coming from readers like you! :)

      It is a collective effort Barb, not just one man is the winner. You see, I comment on others’ blogs, so they get traffic. I build exposure and a chance to win some bucks too, so it is a good prospect for me too!

      I mean, it is a win-win for many!


  • Profile photo of rohan bhardwaj Profile

    You have been praised by all and I am going to be no exception. It was so much joy to read the comments on your blog posts. Many have been benefited from here and will continue in near future.

    Arun- you are indeed an awesome blogger with an honesty which is going to take you even more far in life.

    I am glad that I am part of this community.
    rohan bhardwaj recently posted…A Poem of CalmnessMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Rohan,

      Honesty is something that I associate with good Karma. You do good and in return, somehow, nature will reward you.

      Yes, the response from the community has been amazing! I was also surprised and happy at the same time! Well, then that’s the power and potential of Kingged for you!

      Hoping to see better engagement in the future!


  • Profile photo of Nikhil Ganotra Profile

    Hello Arun,

    Bro I read your article and truly agree with your each word. Really is a boon for bloggers. I have just joined this awesome community and found it so useful.

    It’s really very amazing. The main advantage from this goes to newbies.

    They get a good platform to interact with the bloggers around the globe and learn. I am really glad to be a part of this wonderful community.

    Thanks Arun for the detailed info on this awesome community. At last Hats off to you admin. Great job (y)

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Nikhil,

      First of all, thanks for going through my article and appreciating it! The feedback is much valued! :)

      Talking about Kingged, I agree that newbies will benefit a lot from it. The most beneficial part, I guess is networking. Newbies will find that networking will be made an easy task by Kingged!

      At the end of the day, we all should appreciate the efforts put in by moderators and admin. It is them, who are working tirelessly to make this platform a richly rewarding one.


  • Profile photo of OLAMOSH Profile

    I fell in love with this platform on my first visit. it is no doubt a great place for bloggers and internet marketers.

    Been active on this platform will surely give traffic and more cash. The opportunity of being able to submit article and also comment on post with comluv enabled make it a great place to be.

    I have decided to be active here and i hope to see the positive outcome of it on my blog.

    Kudos to the team, hope you will add more great feature to this platform.

    OLAMOSH recently posted…How Social Media can be use for Business InnovationMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Chery Profile

    Wooo Hooo Arun! What a Great Article! Kingged Rocks! I cannot believe everything I have learned the past few months here as well as met so many great people as yourself here. The engagement has also been fun, I love to chat if you haven’t noticed HEHE As well as to make things fun along the way and now for the BONUS! I have gotten paid every week since I joined, Now this is way cool to me. Like Kingsley stated I can have me a nice cappuccino on him for my efforts YEHA!!

    Great Job My Friend!! Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…The Benefits Of What’s In It For Me!My Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Chery,

      Thanks for those kind words! :) They sure made my day! :) The engagement is a part that I’m enjoying the most! It is thanks to Kingged that I have wonderful readers like you visiting and leaving comments on my blog and sharing my blog posts!

      Hope to seeing more participation and engagement from you guys! :)


  • Profile photo of Abhishek Profile

    A very cool article Arun. This article totally shows how is worth.

    When I started blogging, many people recommended using Blog Engage to submit article. But little or less did they know about

    Thanks to (@enstine) Enstine Muki Sir, his article on made me visit here. And boom, I got traffic, engagement, comments, friends and even money from this site.

    And yes anyone can get the same what I’ve got only if he is going to start adding value to

    PS: I am very much glad Arun, you contacted Kingsley for the extra money you received. That is very cool of you. Great to you know I deal with such loyal people everyday!
    Abhishek recently posted…Samsung Galaxy S5 Killer is Here! Everyone Hail Oneplus OneMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Abhishek,

      Kingged is growing in its stature each day. If it maintains the current pace, one day, it will become the best in the business! I can feel it.

      In fact it was Enstine who inspired me to come up with such a piece of work. And I decided to give back something to Kingged, which has blessed me with traffic, engagement and money! Any one willing to add value to Kingged can get rewarded. It’s as simple as that! :)

      Thanks for your encouraging words and praises man! Much valued, they are.


      • Profile photo of Abhishek Profile

        Thanks for the reply Arun.

        And to be true even before Enstine made a comment. I have written an article about I’ve tried to submit it as a guest post. And that to on India’s no. 1 IM website.

        But I think it isn’t going to be accepted. So tomorrow I’ll post it on my site.

        This will be great promotion for and new bloggers get gain and give a lot to

        Glad to be under eyes of awesome bloggers like you. Have a great day man.
        Abhishek recently posted…Samsung Galaxy S5 Killer is Here! Everyone Hail Oneplus OneMy Profile

        • Profile photo of Arun Profile

          I went through that conversation between you and Enstine . Glad that you tried to get much more exposure for that post by trying to get it published on a much popular (well, one of India’s most popular! :) ) blog, and that too quite early!

          I know it is very difficult to get articles featured on that blog. But hey, we always can have things shown on our blog! :) Cheers to that!

          I’ll go through that post once it gets published on your blog. Do share it here for other Kinggers to read! Nice to see you giving back to the community too!

          Keep rocking bro! :)


  • Profile photo of Sourav Sudhi Profile

    Hi Arun !

    Firstly , Great review on :) Spotted on all the main features of kingged.
    I just began to be active on Kingged today and found a lot of referral traffic and comments via Kingged. My new blog just got a huge increase in engagement just because of Kingged.

    Kingged is turning out to be such an awesome platform for all the internet markets for more exposure

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with kingged :) Keep writing .

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Sourav,

      Sorry for responding late man, had been out of station for a while! :) Thanks for appreciating my little review of Kingged. Oh, so you have started getting referral traffic already! That’s something to cheer about! Man, Kingged is sure rewarding, when it comes to user engagement!

      This platform is growing each day and will soon become a the dominant player in he field! Let’s keep the momentum up!


  • Profile photo of Leslie Denning Profile

    Thanks for this review of Kingged. I’m new here, and it’s nice to be able to see the benefits right away. Thanks!

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Leslie!

      Nice to see you here. Glad that you liked my little review.

      Sure, the benefits being offered are many! All you need to do is contribute and become an active member. I’m sure that will reward you in more than just one way!


  • Profile photo of Leslie Denning Profile

    Thanks, Arun. I’m getting up to speed here. Look forward to participating.

    All the best,
    Leslie Denning recently posted…You Can Weave Magic with StoriesMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Lisa Profile

    Hi Arun,
    I’m liking it more and more myself. It’s become a great source of traffic and getting to know more bloggers from around the world. You can’t beat the cash benefits either. Nice review!
    Lisa recently posted…Denied – A Follow Up Post on a Google Panda Update PenaltyMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Lisa,

      Sure the prospect of getting traffic is something that got me hooked. It is exciting, from a blogger’s point of view. It is not just about referral traffic, just take a look at the user engagement that results from it!

      I get to see lots more social shares and comments these days! :) The networking side of Kingged is awesome too, getting to meet new, awesome folks is something that I’m enjoying these days!

      Then there is money involved too! A healthy by product, I’d say! :)


  • Profile photo of Sandeep Rao Profile

    Yesterday, one of my friends told me about kingged to interact with a vast blogger’s community, and today I landed here.

    After signup, I get to know about various amazing things about Kingged like dofollow comments for valuable Kinggers, money making for top commentors, getting connected to fellow blogger etc. And from last one hour, I am exploring interesting article shared over here and I am loving it.

    I must say, every niche blogger should visit this platform at least once every day to get in touch with new quality content which is shared by Kinggers here.

    This platform is definitely going to get more traffic and backlinks from various linked sites through its super nice comment system.
    Sandeep Rao recently posted…Top 5 Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Blog – WebsiteMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Arun Profile

      Hi Sandeep,

      Nice to see you here man! Glad to see the community growing. New, active members mean more interaction and quality in the community! This is a win-win situation for all!

      Yes, as you would have observed, the advantages of Kingged are many! Traffic, money, interaction, networking- you name it and Kingged provides them all!

      Hope to see quality contribution and interaction from your side in the coming days!

      Cheers! :)


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