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4 Pillars of Thriving Online Communities

Avatar of Ann Submitted by Ann June 16, 2013 Website: www.searchenginejournal.com

Community and engagement are popular buzzwords that scatter the social web on almost a weekly basis. But until we sit down and define what it means to build a community, it will be difficult to do it as effectively as possible. In a recent conversation I had with venture capitalist Brad Feld, he talked me about the core principles of building what he refers to as a startup community. The principles are equally applicable to building any kind of online community.For a community to truly thrive,there are 4 pillars that must be in place.

1. A Leader/Entrepreneur

To start, somebody must assume responsibility for building the community. If you’re a blogger or the social media manager for a brand, you must take the lead. Every online community that has thrived has a clearly defined leader.

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    Among the 4 pillars mentioned, what got me interested was the third one. Inclusive of everyone who wants to be a part of that community isn’t such a popular idea, but the explanations made it easier to understand why that should be the case.

    I also have to agree with the fourth one. I mean, no matter how hyped up your community is in the beginning, the excitement will wane. That’s why ongoing activities are so important.

    Nicely written post, Srinivas!

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