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35 Outstanding HTML Email Newsletter Templates

Avatar of xian Submitted by xian June 3, 2013 Website: vandelaydesign.com

Email marketing and newsletters are a critical part of the marketing plan of many businesses large and small. If you’re not already using email marketing for your own business or offering services for your clients, this is certainly an area to explore.

One of the aspects of email marketing is the design of the email itself. While text-based emails can be effective in certain industries, most businesses prefer to have a newsletter or email template that will present the message in an attractive way.

While most email list managers will offer some free templates and/or a WYSIWYG editor for designing your own email, there may be times when these options don’t meet your needs. In these situations your options will be to design and code a custom template on your own, outsource the work, or purchase a template that does meet your needs. Custom designs are often preferred, and for good reason, but they don’t always fit within the budget…

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5 Responses to “35 Outstanding HTML Email Newsletter Templates” Leave a reply ›

  • Avatar of topjeff Profile

    Email marketing is sure an important aspect of Internet marketing. It is readily important for marketers to employ.

    With this list of HTML email newsletter templates, I am pretty sure that those who are not into email marketing previously would readily be availed of useful tools to explore.

  • Avatar of Arjay [Moderator] Profile

    Its really helpful to know about these templates. These 35 outstanding html email templates are impressive to look upon. Hopefully, they can really help drive good traffic to blogs.

  • Profile

    Well, at a price below $20 it would really worth the effort and cost to get these email template. The designs I am seeing are unique and I guess they also fit with responsive websites.

    I am going to checkout each more thoroughly to get the best for my brand!

  • Avatar of Ann Profile

    Well , I guess this post is written to remind use of how much each of these template costs. I think the cost for each is fair compared to the value the user would gain with email marketing!

  • Profile

    Stunning HTML email newsletter templates! Having up to 35 is already overwhelming!

    Thanks Steven for sharing this post!

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