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3 Simple Ways to Spruce Up a Product Page

Avatar of Arjay [Moderator] Submitted by Arjay [Moderator] April 18, 2013 Website: www.websitemagazine.com

Purchasing apparel online is a bit like rolling virtual dice. Unless a consumer has previously tried on the item, he or she is taking a gamble that it will be a flattering fit – or will even fit at all. Combine this risk with the fear of complicated and time-consuming return procedures and many shoppers are likely to walk away – as in abandon the site. This is where designers can really impress.

That’s because there are a few, simple, yet effective ways of adding a layer of sophistication to product pages, which have no-to-low-cost elements that companies can implement today.

Recruit Models
CustomInk is an online source for custom apparel that not only offers customers a fun, easy and powerful online design tool to create one-of-a-kind T-shirts, sweaters, tanks and more, but also expert artists to review every design for sizing, contrast, layering issues, etc. Its “Sizing Line-Up” is really what we’re writing home about though. When selected, shoppers can see how the item fits on people of different heights, weights, measurements and even genders.

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    I haven’t heard of the websites mentioned, but I find them really interesting and websites with specific details about fitting is highly appreciated.

    I have never bought clothes online for the same reason mentioned in the article. You can guess, yes, but you have no exact way of telling that it’s going to fit exactly as you want it to.

    Such a useful article, I must say. :)

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    The simple ways described in this post could be toning up a product page. However, the most effective of these three tips is the use of video.

    This explanation is simple, people will learn hands-on how to use a product when they watch the video.

    Nonetheless, the effectiveness of video will depend on what product is promoted and how good is the quality of the video used!

    At least, anyone without idea on how to spruce up product page can garner ideas from this well-written post by Amberly Dressler.

  • Avatar of topjeff Profile

    Just a little tweak on the product page could be what a company needs to make the difference in sales. Sprucing up a product page by recruiting models, adding pictures or adding video can make the difference as Amberly Dressler has noted. I guess its time to try out one or more of these simple ways!

  • Avatar of Arjay [Moderator] Profile

    This is a kind of post needed to motivate any company that has been having concern about what it may probably cost them to spruce up their website or the product page.

    From the details of this post, we get to know that it doesn’t take much to do this. Just a little tweak and creativity can do the magic.

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