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3 Effective Ways to Decide Exactly What to Blog About

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Are You Scratching Your Head?

We’ve all been there. Sitting at the computer, staring at the computer – what to write, what to write – until we’re ready to take whatever weapon we have at hand to the computer. Choosing an effective topic for your blog posts can be challenging. Typically, individuals will choose a specific topic as a way to become a part of an online community. Businesses often use their blog as an effective tool to promote their business. Whatever your approach, your posts will likely fit into a specific niche. Here are three specific tips you can use as effective ways to enhance your blog.

Be Helpful

While it is not required that you find a particular niche or community, it is best to focus your blog posts in a specific direction so that visitors will know what to expect when coming to your blog for certain kinds of information. If you have a fitness blog, for example, you probably shouldn’t write posts on dog training.

Dog WorkoutRecognize that you will be more likely to attract and hold the attention of readers if your updated blogging content offers valuable information that visitors can use in their business or daily lives. Typically, successful bloggers avoid daily family life and other “fascinating” personal information. That is not to suggest that you should not blend in interesting content about your family if it helps you tell a story. However, you should always be thinking about what your readers need rather that blathering on about something that may not be interesting or helpful to them.

Choose the Right Niche

It is imperative that the niche market topic that you choose is neither too broad nor specific. If your blog tends to be too general, there is no focus, call to action, or specific information that can be helpful to your readers. When the topic is too narrow, it will likely only be helpful information for just a small handful of your online visitors. Choose instead to post valuable content that is targeted specifically to the largest portion of your targeted audience. For example, this blog is in the ‘make money’ niche, so I focus on blogging about ideas, software, and skills that will help people to make money online. My friend Kim Castleberry’s blog is about taking the headaches out of technology. Another friend, Nile Flores, focuses on blogging and social media.

Give Yourself Breathing Room

Find a topic that will give you breathing room. In other words, never choose any niche topic that might be too narrow in scope. The simplest way of making sure you are not making this mistake is to brainstorm for any potential upcoming posts, or interesting subtopics that will bolster your niche topic. If you are able to develop a long list, it is likely the perfect sign that you will always have plenty to write about.

Typically, the most interesting blogging sites are those that are written by individuals who have a passion for their specific niche topic. Choose to follow your heart so you can write about things that interest you and other like-minded individuals.

How do you come up with topics to blog about? Please leave a comment below if you’d like to share.

All the best,

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Leslie Denning is an online marketer who specializes in digital information products and make-money coaching. She owns Empower Cash, a training site that allows members to earn as they learn and grow their list. Her mission is to strengthen the economy one person at a time.
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  • Profile photo of Omar Saady Profile


    Your article really contains valuable and interesting keys that leads to create a successful blogging business.

    Blogs can be a very marketable and very profitable tool if used correctly. Profiting from blogs is just a matter of grabbing the attention of an audience and not doing any actual salesmen selling.

    Omar Saady

  • Profile photo of Sherman Smith Profile

    Hey Leslie,

    I think the most important tip out of the ones you mention is to be helpful. Yes you do want to pick a good niche, and you don’t want to be too narrow regarding picking a niche that is too narrow in topic, but ultimately you want to convey information that your readers want.

    One other thing that I do to come up what to blog about are about topics that I don’t have a clear understanding about. I do my due diligence by doing some research, specifically other blogs, get a good understanding and add my own spin to it. I try to make it as practical as possible so that everyone can understand the topic!

    Thanks for sharing Leslie and I hope you’re enjoying your week!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How Do You Come Across To The Email Subscribers You Currently Have?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    Hello Leslie! It’s been a while! I’ve missed a lot of awesome blog posts from you! :)

    Anyway, a while ago, I’ve read about Freedy’s blog post about making money online/blogging. He shares about the 2 fundamentals that will keep you away from information overload.

    While here, the best advice I found in your post is this…

    ” Find a topic that will give you breathing room. In other words, never choose any niche topic that might be too narrow in scope.”

    This is simple and interesting and pretty sure newbies will love this takeaway/tip. We don’t need to push ourselves too hard or find a topic just to amaze readers. High quality post and honest opinion is what I see useful and will give you breathing room.

    • Profile photo of Leslie Denning Profile

      Thank you so much, Metz. I had to take some time off at the end of the year to drop back and doing a little reorganizing. I’m also working with a coach who is helping me to develop my vision and purpose of my business. I’m very excited about what is to come.

      Yes, my target audience is newbies or people who are great in one area but need some help in another. I think that new bloggers need to be more broad in scope, and as they discover their own interests and talents, they can start to narrow it down a bit. It has taken me about two years to find that ‘blog voice’, so new bloggers shouldn’t be discouraged.

      I appreciate your comment and your kind words.

      All the best,
      Leslie Denning recently posted…3 Effective Ways to Decide Exactly What to Blog AboutMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Kevin Phillips Profile

    This is very useful information. So many are so hyped up about starting their blog that they don’t think of the long run. Sure you might have 2-3 posts worth of content from your chosen niche, but what about next month or next year? You should really have an outline for your topics so that even if you don’t know exactly what you’ll write about next week, at least you’ll have a general direction.

    I hope many get a chance to read this, it is very helpful.
    Thank you Mrs. Denning
    Kevin Phillips recently posted…TheGoodEmployee.comMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Ron Killian Profile

    Some good tips Leslie, thank you for sharing.

    Your so right about focusing and choosing a niche. I hit some blogs and I just don’t get it. One post they are talking about email marketing, the next they are reviewing a cell phone, or the game app. See this quite a bit actually.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I find that if I can just get my self started writing, it starts to flow. Seems the more I write, the more I write. If that make sense. Idea’s seem to flow, and more of them. When I am in the flow, I also seem to notice more content idea’s by reading others work, my own spin, a new spin, a related topic, ect.
    Ron Killian recently posted…The Perfect Online Business?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Richard Martin Profile

    Ah, breathing room.

    100% agree leslie, my breathing room is always created using mindmaps. If you struggle to fill a mindmap, then you will struggle to create content, simple as.

    When i started my blog, I created a huge mindmap of not only ideas I could blog about, but things which I would enjoy blogging about.

    That is also an important factor when deciding what to blog about and what your blog should be about.

    Thanks Leslie, nice post you have hear.
    Richard Martin recently posted…Smart Income Detective Blog Income Report JANUARY 2015My Profile

  • Profile photo of YourFriend Profile

    I think it is always better if you start with a specific niche. Because you can cover it quickly and your readers will easily recognize what your blog is all about.

    What to write?
    Of course as mentioned above. You should write your passion because blogging is not for a day or a year. It is for life and you should choose your blog’s niche accordingly.

    My Advice
    I would recommend you guys to start as soon as possible. Don’t need to spend any money on buying hosting and domain name. Just sign up on blogger or and practice. When you are familiar with all the ins and outs of Blogging, you can buy hosting and your own domain name.

    About me?
    I am kind of a techy guy and spend most of my time in front of computer. You can say that I am AntiSocial :) But I try hard to act Social online.
    Anyway, my blog is about computers, internet and little bit about blogging.

    See you around :)
    YourFriend recently posted…5 Dirty Truths about the ReadersMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Carl Profile

    Hey Leslie,

    Its important that we keep to value when it comes to blogging. Finding the right niche, being helpful and writing on broad topics would go a long way to increase traction.
    Your points are very valid!

  • Profile photo of Paul Profile

    Hi Leslie,

    Its pretty interesting knowing all that you have shared about blog enhancement. Passion and profit are key factors that should remind every blogger of what it takes to achieve success.

    One of the basics of enhanced profitable blogging is posing valuable content always to the right targeted audience!

  • Profile photo of Black Profile

    Hi Leslie,

    Its not really easy blogging everyday with refreshing topics. Its takes the development of interests to blog effectively.

    So, for consistent and effective blogging, it becomes necessary to choose the right topic – and this begins with selecting the niche that provides the right passion!

  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    Hey Leslie,

    For what its worth, it is important that every blogger understands what to blog and how to blog it.

    Blogging is real and doing it effectively is cool. Finding the right niche is a skill which must be learned by every blogger.

    From the tips shared here, we can authoritatively understand what simple steps it takes to do the needful.

  • Profile photo of Amit Sharan Profile

    Hey Leslie,

    The decision as to what to blog about should be realistic. It must not be casual.

    It must be well planned out and practicalized. Luckily, there are tools out that would in generating topic ideas.

    However, the best bet for achieving the best blogging topic would be to determine and write about trends and affect people always!

  • Profile photo of Winford Moore Profile

    Hey Leslie,

    For me, my best way of developing blog topic ideas is by following my passion and combining the features of idea generation tools like SEMrush and Hubspot.

    These tools are powerful and allows me the flexibility of deploying the best topics that sound easy for me!

  • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

    Choosing what to blog about begins with what the audience wants. If we are sure of what the audience is searching for then we can take steps to write content that would appeal to their needs.

  • Profile photo of Celine Profile

    For a blogger, finding the best content ideas is not to be ignored. With the right topic it becomes easier to develop content that would yield results.

    At least, following trends, adopting passion, and using topic generation tools would readily serve the purpose of increased content idea generation.

  • Profile photo of steven Profile

    I am always of the opinion that finding the best topic to blog about begins with following ‘passion’.

    Once we know what we are passionate about, it then becomes easy to write about it.

    This doesn’t take away that fact that we must also consider the profitability of a blog topic.

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for sharing this piece on the ways to decide exactly what to blog. The steps are easy and direct.

    To choose a blog topic, it is imperative we consider the profitability of the niche and the passions we have for it.

    These two consideration would help us make the right choice by all means.

    The use of blog topic finders or headline generators must be implemented to ease the process!

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