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3 Big Impact Visual Techniques to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Avatar of Sunday Submitted by Sunday October 7, 2013 Website: unbounce.com

Words may rule the web, but in many instances a strong visual component is a critical part of the selling process.

While plenty of time in the CRO world has been spent discussing copywriting and designing for conversions, images and other visual elements often do not get as much attention.

Today I thought we’d eschew coverage of typical landing page design and UX, and instead focus on some interesting facets about the images themselves.

Below I’ll go over 3 important insights that you can apply (and of course, test) to get the most out of the images in your sales efforts.

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  • Avatar of Metz Profile

    There are various of techniques how to increase conversion rate. Improve and focus the content of the website (which may include text, pictures and video) to target conversion, site navigation structure so that users can find and browse without thinking too much about where to click, credibility and trust by showing third-party trust logos and by good site design and a lot more.

    The first one that you shared has something to do which I’ve said about pictures. The visuals have been undoubtedly helpful and it will surely magnet readers or positive customers. Just like the first picture that you used, it is eye-catching.

    While the color is really important. Colors has meanings and you have to pick a color that suits for goal, vision and mission.

    Great post!

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    These insights are really telling. Visuals could be more powerful in marketing than texts or words. That is, if they are employed effectively.

    To increase conversion rates, it becomes important make the whatever visuals that is employed to appeal to the readers or customers.

    Lest we forget, the value that these visuals would create will readily make the difference when it comes to conversion.

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