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27 Ways To Be More Creative

Profile photo of Harry Hoover Submitted by Harry Hoover March 8, 2016


Who doesn’t want to be more creative? Well, today we’re going to give you a list.

27 ways to be more creative

1. Walk for 20 minutes daily.

2. Buy a journal and write in it daily.

3. Stop watching and reading the news.

4. Get out the magazines, the scissors and paste and make a collage.

5. Tune in to a genre of music you have never listened to before. (Try our You, Improved, Classically Pandora station)

6. Sit quietly for 20 minutes.

7. Make lists of the things you love or hate.

8. Sit outside and watch the evening sky.

9. Do aerobic exercise.

10. Visit an art gallery.

11. Go somewhere to enjoy live music.

12. Take a new way home from work.

13. Look at a problem as if you were a child, a soldier or a 100-year-old.

14. Wander through the stacks at the library and pull books at random to take home.

15. Set an unreasonable deadline to finish something.

16. Write down as many ideas as you can in five minutes.

17. Take a nap.

18. Get plenty of sleep.

19. Open the dictionary and write a story from the first word you see.

20. Ask how is this problem like an avalanche, or a zombie.

21. Learn a new language.

22. Learn to play a musical instrument.

23. Make drawings of your ideas.

24. Take your work to a coffee shop.

25. Take a drive with the windows open.

26. Force yourself to smile all day.

27. Get up early and watch the sunrise.

Need more inspiration? We believe everyone is born creative, but not everyone uses their gift or even believes they are creative. My book, Born Creative, provides you with simple tools, as well as encouragement, to help you claim your human birthright of creativity. Get a copy of Born Creative: Free Your Mind, Free Yourself.


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