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27 Startup Marketing Tips from Top Entrepreneurs

Avatar of xian Submitted by xian February 10, 2014 Website: onboardly.com

Marketing advice is a dime a dozen these days, but not everyone has conquered the mountain. Below we quote and mention some of the most brilliant and actionable marketing advice we have come by.

1. People Always Buy the Benefit – Not The Feature

Dharmesh Shah explains that Marketers alike cannot lose sight of the fundamentally human component of a value proposition. It is not enough to be a bit better, different, or more expensive — it’s about how you frame those differences in terms of their associated risks, benefits, and value that resonates with your customers.

2. Implement a Unique Marketing Strategy

It pays off to be innovative. Ten years ago before the advent of social media marketing Darren Bennet’s company was one of the first to offer mobile massages, offering them in bars and clubs. This kitschy strategy established their brand. Now instead of chasing leads, they focus on maintaining their brand. Thankfully, they now have Facebook and Twitter for that.

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  • Avatar of Sunday Profile

    Very interesting tips that resonates for the customer. Looking at the background of most of these experts, I see that they have TRULY conquered the Internet in their various fields. Who best can offer valuable advice for start-ups than those who have seen it all?

    My best takeaway advice, if you ask me, is from Lindsay Durfee where the title “market for the right reasons” was discussed.
    Sunday recently posted…How I Built a Small Affiliate Site that Makes Over $500 Per Month.My Profile

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