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25 Clean Web Designs for Inspiration

Profile photo of Arjay [Moderator] Submitted by Arjay [Moderator] June 4, 2013 Website :

When it comes to the style of a website’s design there are all kinds of options. Part of having an effect website involves having a design that helps to prioritize the right content and elements on the website, which results in users/visitors pay more attention to those important elements.

One of the best ways to control the parts of the website that will get the most attention from visitors is to remove things that are unnecessary and might cause a distraction. In recent years the minimalist design approach has drawn a lot of attention, especially from designers who appreciate the beauty of simplicity. However, designing a website to avoid clutter and distractions doesn’t mean that it has to be completely minimal with very few images and visual elements…

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  • Profile photo of Arjay [Moderator] Profile

    It is interesting that you have noted that minimalist design is often preferred by many experts. However, irrespective of the style of a website, it is logical to know that with the best designs helps visitors to navigate easily and get the most of their time.

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    There are a lot of things that could make web designs appealing. In the first instance, the best web designs appeals to the needs of the visitors in content and context.

    The design layout, style, color, links, etc are vital features that should be considered when developing inspirational websites.

    The 25 web designs sampled in this post are inspirational but they readily meet the needs of different websites. So, it is important to consider the purpose of a particular website before choosing a fitting style for it.

  • Profile photo of Jeff [Moderator] Profile

    These are really interesting web designs. For those who are not aware of what kind of designs to go for. There are many options to availed from this list.

    Having said that, it is important to note that the best web design inspirations are those which readily appeals to the customer or visitor. More so, the designs should be fit with the purpose of the website!

  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    There are really different types of web designs out there. However, every design has its purpose, it would be important for webmaster to consider the right layout and design for each site!

  • Profile photo of Ann Profile

    Interesting list of web design templates that could be applied by marketers. These are quite inspiring and every marketer should readily compare and select the one that fits into their business objective.

  • Profile photo of Riza [Moderator] Profile

    I had a hard time picking which ones I like because in all honesty, I am no minimalist. But if I have to choose, I would have to go with Nudge, Amanda Cole, and Blimb, in no particular order. They are simple, but big on creativity.

    That’s just my opinion, though. :)

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