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14 Ways To Get More Comments on Your Blog Posts

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If you ever felt jealous of blogs receiving huge numbers of comments, then this post is for you.

It hurts to get hundreds, maybe even thousands of visitors to your blog without them leaving comments. Besides that, comments are also beneficially for your blog’s SEO, especially when comments contain keywords you want to rank for. It is time for you to get more blog post comments.

Here are fourteen tips to help you get more comments on your blog posts.

1. Respond to blog comments

Although you may currently not get as many comments as you would like, don’t make the mistake of not responding to the genuine, useful comments you do already get. If you reward value-adding commenters with a respond, next time they will probably leave a comment again, which will trigger current non-commenters to leave a comment too.

An example of someone who always to responds to all his blog post comments is Neil Patel. Just go to any post on his Quick Sprout blog, and you will see that Neil genuinely responds to every comment he gets.


2. Ask your blog readers questions

Asking a question (or multiple questions) at the end of your blog posts results in much more blog comments than if you would not have asked a question. People are far more likely to respond to blog posts with questions than blog posts without questions. A good question is similar to a call-to-action.


3. Let your blog readers contribute

Trust me; your blog readers will love opportunities to contribute to your blog, such as asking them for their opinions about a particular dilemma or asking them to fill out a (feedback) survey. You can create surveys for free on, and there are also a lot of survey WordPress plugins out there. Depending on the size and topic of your blog, you may even want to think about accepting guest authors to write on your blog.

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Christopher Jan Benitez is a professional content marketer and writer. He has helped small businesses achieve their goals by implementing a strong content strategy that emphasizes their unique selling points and promoting created content using effective online channels and methods, in particular social media marketing and search engine optimization techniques.

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