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14 Ways To Earn $14 Blogging in 2014

Profile photo of Ann Submitted by Ann January 29, 2014

[ Moderators’ UPDATE] – The link to the original post has been removed because the original post was taken down by Problogger. Instead of deleting this post, we will keep it up because of the comments…

Reading back through an intelligent survey Darren issued recently, I noticed a tiny problem that maybe you’ve seen too:

63% of ProBlogger readers earn less that $100 per month from blogging.
“What?” I thought. ProBlogger audience are some of the net’s most savvy entrepreneurs, businessmen/women and bloggers.

So I got to thinking…

Maybe these 63% have full-time jobs and are thrilled to earn anything on a blog…or maybe they’re just starting out…maybe they’re on the margins, about to break through.
Either way I cut it, this just did not seem right.

In fact, I reckon there’s a major imbalance in effort put in (you’re reading ProBlogger after all, instead of tooling away at your blog) and returns pulled out.

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13 Responses to “14 Ways To Earn $14 Blogging in 2014” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Great piece with solid insights. Its often difficult for many bloggers to make that “breakthrough” earning they so much crave for.

    If they are assured of earning a steady drip of income per day, like $14, then obviously it won’t be long before that breakthrough comes on.

    In 2014, many would dream of earning consistently and its a good thing that this post just about reminds us of what little steps can make those difference!
    Sunday William recently posted…7 Incredible Tips for Affiliate Marketing BeginnersMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    Product review – Just this monday, I have made a product review for DuraMax. Personally, I am not a user of this portable generator so it was quite difficult for me. You had to read and search other reviews to know how effective it is. Therefore, if you are a user of a certain brand, it is less difficult to create.
    Metz recently posted…Bing Rewards Program Now Available On iOS & Android DevicesMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Dk Patel Profile

    Making some bucks from online is very tough task now a days and some are really giving up this method and return to their traditional method. I have also tried from a long day ago but now succeed to make my first $100.
    Dk Patel recently posted…Why do Hindus worship a coconut and offer it to a deity ?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

    Greg Narayan? Hmm, strange name. Any ways, back to the case! Diversifying your earning methods is a natural thing to do because you just cannot depend on one source. This gets me thinking – Can i just depend on my day job for money?

    Yet, i am not allowed to work outside my job – part of the hiring deal :) But technically, if you have a money making blog then you are actually not really working for anyone else. But, if you start writing for others then it becomes a violation.

    Well, i don’t know how most part time – bloggers are able to cope up with the demands of work, and stay within the legal limits of their work contract :)

    May be they just don’t talk about it in public?

  • Profile photo of Steven Hughes Profile

    Unfortunately the article was taken down by ProBlogger, but yes it’s a tough business.

    The people making big money from affiliates (primarily Hosting services) make it look so easy, so people fall into the trap of thinking this is a breeze. Most find out quickly there is no free lunch. Pat Flynn shows (or use to show his monthly affiliate earnings). They were in the $40K-$50K area with most of it from BlueHost. I can’t imagine he got that from transactions on his web page solely. I know he has videos and podcasts out there, so it all adds up. He didn’t start yesterday. He also used every keyword and SEO link trick in the book. That game is near impossible to enter today.

    If you go the ad route, you need a ton of traffic to make any significant money. Google Adsense and others in that space don’t pay much. Well, it’s more that such a small percentage of visitors click on ads. BuySellAds will ad to your monthly earnings, but you need to be at 50K UV’s to see anything.

    The point here, don’t quit your day job and think this blogging/site thing is easy. So many quit because it’s extremely challenging. Those are the facts.

    Steven Hughes recently posted…Why Conference Calls and Hangouts Don’t WorkMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Mike Profile

    Excellent Post! You know I recently joined this amazing internet world and I have to said I have educated myself a lot with the different types of income sources, traffic material and it is always good to read this type of this to enrich my knowledge. Thanks

  • Profile photo of Amit Kumar Profile

    Thanks Ann for sharing this article here with all of us. the Title of this post “14 Ways To Earn $14 Blogging in 2014” attracted me a lot. but can i know why the orginal post source is not appearing.

  • Profile photo of Sugar Mummy Profile

    I felt so bad to have missed reading this article, the title is quite captivating. Couldn’t you have published it here in full for us? Will be very interested in reading this post.
    Sugar Mummy recently posted…Private Search Engines that respect your PrivacyMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Piyush Mathur Profile

    Hi Kingsley,

    Why was the link taken down?

    Btw, Steve is right, its not an easy take to make money online still it requires a long term commitment, and the right techniques to make things happen. This is just one of the reasons i never start up on that path. I am not ready to quit my day job!


  • Profile photo of Allah Ditta Profile

    Make money is not easy, many conventional internet marketers and online entrepreneurs will try to persuade you to think otherwise. Why? Because they’re trying to make money from false hopes. I’m here to tell you the truth: online business is hard. I’ll do my best to guide you and give you the information you need, but I can’t force you to take action; that’s up to you.

  • Profile photo of Tharun Profile

    Yaa i think earning more money and instant money surely comes from product reviews.

    As said above many bloggers earning less than $100 per month. This is due to not proper guiding of seniors or due to neglecting work.

    Earning is made online easy if you develop a good blog with some quality traffic.
    Tharun recently posted…How to get more likes on facebook photos / status / comments?My Profile

  • Profile photo of Princewill Okafor Profile

    Too bad am getting on this one now… So sad, as no one will know why the link was taken down

    I have to agree with Steve is not as easy it sounds so before one thinks of leaving his/ her day job for full time blogging, there should be proper reasearch to know what really works and what does not

    it will be better you keep your day job and do the blogging par time then when you settle in properly and starts making some deafening earning then one can think of leaving his /her day job….
    Princewill Okafor recently posted…Yahoo Buys Vizify To Add Visuals To DataMy Profile

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