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12 Writing Exercises That Will Transform Your Copy Today

Profile photo of James Submitted by James February 3, 2014 Website :

Effective copywriting boils down to one thing: keying into your prospect’s overriding need.

Your headline is the means of stopping your prospect in his tracks, of focusing his attention on one single thought: that overriding need.

The rest of your copy must amplify that need.

When it does, your product emerges as the fulfillment, and it overcomes lethargy, skepticism, and price.

Keep in mind: you can’t create this need. You can only expand on it and bring it into greater focus. You can only channel it into a goal … namely, your product.

But there is a catch.

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  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    Add an expert voice or endorsement
    Mention the desire through a testimonial
    Open with the problem

    These three are my favorites, though there is nothing wrong with the rest of your writing exercises. The example, stated above under the subtitle OPEN WITH PROBLEM is an eye opener. This is a good tactic to use.
    Metz recently posted…151 Online Marketing Blogs To Make You A Marketing GuruMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    A good one Damien! Its pretty good to know how important it is to avoid repetition when emphasizing needs in the copies for prospects.

    In this post, exercises 1 to 8 are very much practical. If a copywriter gets them right then points 8 to 12 would automatically fall into place.

    This share is more than a post, its also a tool to be employed by marketers!
    Sunday William recently posted…$50 Gift Certificate GiveawayMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Efoghor Joseph Ezie Profile

    Demian, you have just dissected the act of copy writing. Winning the copy writing war anchors on your ability to understand the psychology of your prospective buyer and take advantage of the way buyers think.

    Painting a looming picture of the situation puts some panic in the mind of the person and makes him want to escape being hemmed in by the problem.

    Highlighting problems alone without proffering solutions to them would make your prospective buyers cynical about your product. Ability to present a vivid picture of how your product is the right solution would eventually convince him to want to give it a try.

    Sharing testimonials from previous users and adding professional voices are also ways of finally killing every doubt left in the heart of the buyers. Once the buyer is convinced your product is the right one for his problem, he goes for it.

    However, writing a beautiful copy without a call to action is like playing beautiful football but no goal area to slot in the ball.

    Thanks once again for sharing. Do have a fruitful weekend.
    Efoghor Joseph Ezie recently posted…Blog Commenting – Misconception About Driving Massive TrafficMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Sugar Mummy Profile

    Most people are searching the internet for the solution to one problem or the other and do not always have the time to read all the contents they come across. So to grab their attention easily you must ensure to use catchy titles and good openings if you are to get them to read the content in full.

    So share the problem as they expect to see, promise them solution(s) and show them how you intend to solve their problems. These and the other tips you shared in this article can go a long way in keeping people on your site to read your articles.
    Sugar Mummy recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specification and Price in NigeriaMy Profile

  • Profile

    Great post!

    Write with much more emotion, right off of the bat at the beginning!

    That’s a good thought Demian. Testimonials are key to building reputation within the copy and not just any testimonials.

    Readers want to see results and if you don’t have any, that can make or break your piece of writing.

    Making it more effective by adding more service/product results and people’s testimonials that have been helped.
    anis recently posted…5 Unbelievable IPhone FactsMy Profile

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