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1109 Profitable Niche Markets

Profile photo of Stuart Submitted by Stuart April 1, 2014 Website:

Do you struggle to find profitable niche markets?

Looking for a hot niche idea?

Then you’ll love these 1109 profitable niches with their monthly Google search volume.

Why 1109? Well I was aiming for 1001 but surpassed it and thought I may as well post them all.

The table also evaluates whether products are available on Amazon and Clickbank as well as if there are blogs, forums and social media hubs available for networking and traffic.

This should help you instantly decide if you want to get involved in the niche.

There’s some real weird niches in here and some I simply have never heard of before but are HUGE – Plantar Fasciitis, Decoupage, Macrame, Bocce Ball and more.

Discover them by clicking below…

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  • Profile photo of Stuart Profile

    Hope you like this one guys. Let me know…

  • Profile photo of Ryan Profile

    Stunning Stuart. When do you sleep? ;) You publish one of the more thorough blogs I’ve ever read. Tons of research, insight and information for any aspiring or veteran niche marketer.

    I am impressed dude. So much to choose from here.

    Thanks for sharing the powerful resource!

    Tweeting this Kingg now.
    Ryan recently posted…6 Proven Tips to Obliterate Home Business Self DoubtsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Harsh Profile

    Downlaoded your excel file. I will scan through them. It will be a great resource to find some profitable Kindle book idea. :)
    Harsh recently posted…5 Ways Investing In Idea Generation Can Make You A MillionaireMy Profile

  • Wow just what I was looking for, found this place through Ryan’s article and so far it looking great.
    Loving the article.
    Ricardo Gardener recently posted…Google+ New profile view counter.My Profile

  • Profile photo of rohan bhardwaj Profile

    Cool, you are indeed a gigantic resource for many blogger’s. If I get success in any of the niche mentioned then I will write an article about your blog too. Quite inspired again like your last blog about Insomnia, here I see a lot of more niche keywords to choose from. I am not bothered about your hard work behind this as you have put many in hard blogging after reading this article.
    rohan bhardwaj recently posted…A Poem of ElectionMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Stuart Profile

    Glad you guys are getting use from it – share it around. :)

  • Profile photo of Sunday Profile

    A nice list Stuart. I have copy of the excel version. For many who are struggling with how to find the best niche, this article will sure help in giving the individuals something to start with.
    Sunday recently posted…Best SEO Tips for Google Hummingbird in 2014 My Profile

  • Profile photo of Ankit Bansal Profile

    This is a great list for those who are planning to start niche blogs for good profit. I have shortlisted all the health niche keywords for my health blog.

    Stuart, you are sharing a great contents for people looking for niche blogs and I am sure that individual will get good idea for their niche blogs.

    Big thanks for sharing this awesome list.
    Ankit Bansal recently posted…Shigmo is the another name of Holi in GoaMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Yashraj Kakkad Profile

    That’s huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!

    Woah! Such a massive list. It would be a lot of help to any blogger! Feeling awesome.

    Thank you for posting such a massive list!
    Yashraj Kakkad recently posted…5 April fool’s pranks you can perform on someone’s computer/mobileMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Rose Ann Profile

    Thousand profitable niche markets? What a massive list, this is!

    This article will surely help many bloggers, especially those who are struggling to decide on what is the best niche for them.
    You’ve just shared a great list here, Stuart.
    Bloggers should stop and take a look for this one. This article will provide them good, profitable niche ideas for their niche blogs.

    Big thanks, Stuart. Two thumbs up for a good job!
    Rose Ann recently posted…What’s the Best Blog Community? Why WinsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Arun Profile


    First of all, I must admit that I didn’t read all those entries in that list. Seeing the sheer size of that list, I made up my mind to bookmark it and devour the entire list slowly, taking my own sweet time :)

    I must say that some entries looked really cool and full of potential. I mean those niches were sitting there, smiling at me. Asking me as to why I haven’t exploited them!

    And some entries were real crazy. Like- potty training! :) But hey, I might me underestimating that niche by laughing at it.

    In the end, thanks for providing that action plan too. I guess it will come real handy after I choose a specific, suitable niche. Gonna bookmark this giant of a list!


  • Profile

    This is an amazing list. Unfortunately the niches do tell a story about current human conditions; for example, searches for “depression” is right up there with “unemployment”, perhaps a clue to the story behind the story. Nevertheless, this should be a treasure trove for marketers. Thank you for sharing.

  • Profile photo of Princewill Okafor Profile

    Wow! What a list, I really didn’t go through it all bookmarked so I take my time

    I must admit you did put in a lot of work in this article, this article does put to rest the questiion if there are still profitable niches out there and I saw some that I can peruse and see how it goes for me… Daalu, by the way that’s ‘Thanks’ in my local dialect..Lol
    Princewill Okafor recently posted…Taking screenshots with your Samsung Galaxy S5 Or Any Android SmartphoneMy Profile

  • Profile photo of C.M Daniyal Profile

    I’m amazed how I missed this :o !! I follow Nichhacks but I never read this post.

    It’s pretty amazing to see that unlike others, you didn’t only added the names of the niches but added Monthly searches, category and the availability of the products in various online stores.
    A novice marketer finds it the hardest to come up with a niche but you provided an abundance of niches and for free.
    This post give me 1109 ideas to make a new niche website lol.. This is definitely worth bookmarking.

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