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10 Powerfully Effective Tools For Measuring Social Media ROI

Profile photo of Carl Submitted by Carl December 14, 2016

Social media marketers should always be conscious of the impact of the investment they make. At least, managers would love to know how much benefits the budget they approved has yielded.

After all, no one wants to do things with their eyes closed, right? Least of all, blindly spending money on social media campaigns.


To provide the much needed report for financiers and to help make better decisions for future social campaigns, there is need to master the skill of measuring Social media ROI.

Yes, measuring social media return on investment (ROI) is necessary to ensure that resources are not wasted where they are not needed.

Identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics like profit, influence, social exposure, lead generation, retention, engagement, interaction, sales, and traffic, etc., is a starting point for effective ROI measurement.

On a more practical term, the social media marketer must know the most effective tools that would bring to the fore the necessary KPIs and how they interact with each other.


Before tracking Social media metrics effectively, goals must be set and the right tools gathered to ensure that you not only validate the formula: Return on Investment (%) = (Net profit / Marketing Costs) × 100 but also that the report reveals how the ROI effectively helps in the overall marketing objectives of the organization.

That being said, here 10 powerful tools to effectively measure social media ROI:

1 – Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you track social media campaign sign-ups, on-site conversions and website traffic.


Social marketers can use this tool to set up links that would be used to track the parameters of the campaign.

The good thing is that this tool is easy to use and it is a cheap way to track your social media campaign success.

2 – Salesforce

If you want to effectively measure sales lead in a social media campaign then Salesforce should be your choice tool.

This automation software can be combined with tools to effectively track leads back to specific social content or campaign.

Salesforce uses tracking codes on the links shared in social campaigns to monitor progress.

3 – Hootsuite

Hootsuite Analytics is a broad range tool that social marketers can utilize to identify conversions, reach and brand sentiments. Also, it helps track the social messaging that are driving or not driving traffic.


Hootsuite also offer analytical reports that help users see snapshots or visuals of the social media performance overtime. Hootsuite is an all-round tool and it is effective for managing and tracking metrics.

Social marketers without much experience would find this very useful!

4 – Sendible

Sendible is a powerful tool for measuring social media ROI. This works effectively by showing how social media efforts have impacted on the traffic of the website.

You can use this tool to define in details how your social media contents and emails directly affect page views and traffic.

The sleek report generated by this tool can be used to identify geographical patterns of the traffic so that targeted content created and shared on the right social media platform.

5 – Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a powerful tool in that it helps to measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns across platforms.

With this tool you can identify and compare the effectiveness of conversations across social networks. It helps you which social content can effectively provide the highest return on investment in various campaigns.

6 – Trackur

Trackur should be your ideal tool for tracking positive sentiments about your campaign.


This tool is so unique for sentiment analysis, and this means that your overall social media sentiment readily affects where and how you spend your social budget.

It is an effective ROI measuring tool for social marketers. It’s a paid tool but its uniqueness makes it an effective ROI checker for social media marketing!


7 – Qualia

Qualia is a powerful and effective social media ROI measuring tool in the sense that it helps to unveil the customer intent.

You can utilize this tool to analyze intent signals of what customers are actually buying before and after the campaigns are launched.

In using this tool, you will have to determine overall consumer engagement by making analysis of social media activity, search traffic and proprietary data, etc.

8 – Klout

Klout helps as a social media ROI measuring tool. It effectively helps monitoring and measuring influence across channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google + and so on. The influence you have is determined by your ability to drive action.

Klout Score is a number allocated to the amount of influence you have. It is also the accumulation of your influence across all networks. If more people respond to your social content then it means you are more influential.

The Klout score is therefore, a kind of measure to the effectiveness of your social shares.

9 – Buffer

Buffer is popular with measuring social media interaction. You will get to track and schedule the content you have posted on various networks and see how effective they have been.


If your social media practices readily embrace Twitter then Buffer lets you know Twitter audience you have online and you get to know the content that could be best seen online. By attaching UTM parameters from Buffer you are can as well track social traffic in Google Analytics.

10 – Viral Heat

Viral Heat is a social media monitoring, analyzing, publishing and engagement tool. It could be powerful for the measuring of your social media ROI.

This tool allows you to understand social metrics and drive social ROI with real-time social analytics. It is most effective in ensuring sentiment trends are properly analyzed, combined and compared for actionable data.


So, there you have it!

The above social media measuring tools are powerful.

Some of them are free while others are paid plans.

You should check out the links of these tools and see how effectively you can start measuring the ROI of your social media marketing campaigns.

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55 Responses to “ 10 Powerfully Effective Tools For Measuring Social Media ROI” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Eleanore Dewitt Profile

    Hi Carl,

    I really like this post, from the heading you used to the tools themselves.

    I didn’t know there were so many useful tools for measuring social media ROI.

    Are they all free?

    I know Google Analytics is completely free and Trackur is paid from what you wrote here, but which others are completely free?

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Hi Eleanore

      Buffer and Hootsuite offer free accounts that allow you to use limited versions of their software.

      Trackur offers a free trial for 10 days. Even Sendible and Salesforce offer a full 30 day free trial so try them out to see what works best for you.

      Prices and features vary widely so compare these tools carefully.

      Hopefully you will find the one that’s a fit for you so you can get a great ROI on your social media marketing!

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    Hey Carl,

    Its nice stumbling on this post. I will have to check on each of these tools to see how they truly help to achieve social media goals. I am fascinated about Sendible and Trackur.

    These tools are revealing and I would truly want to make the most of them to measure the ROI of my social media campaign investment.

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Hi Sunday

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Glad you found these tools to help your business, but only if they help your bottom line.

      With the ability to track and target your audience the right tool saves you time and money.

      Good Luck!

  • Profile photo of Amit Sharan Profile

    Hi Carl,

    One of the best tools I use is Buffer. It provides me with real time trend of what is happening. I can utilize it to gauge my social interactions for real!

    Google Analytics is another tool I have grown fond of for years!

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Hey Amit

      That’s awesome!

      Maybe that real time feature can help with motivation to keep tracking and trying new things to see what gets the best response.

      Thanks for input.

  • Profile photo of Dave Profile

    Hello Carl,

    That is a big title you used.

    At first I thought this post won’t deliver on the title, but am pleasantly surprised it did :)

    You are right about these tools been powerfully effective for measuring social media ROI.

    I am checking some of them out now.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Profile photo of Celine Profile

    When it comes to social media, I have been a fan of Hootsuite.

    Its exciting to know that there are so many other powerful tools like Trackur, Qualia and Viral Heat.

    These tools are powerful for tracking and analyzing ROI for social media. I guess its really time to start taking advantage of them!

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Hi Celine

      You just can’t go wrong with Hootsuite!

      From automating content to detailed analytics to engagement with your audience its just a great tool.

      Appreciate your comments.

  • Profile photo of James Ling Profile

    Hey Carl,

    Measuring Social media ROI is important. The problem lies with the fact that most social media marketers don’t know how to do so and arrive at an influencing decision.

    Well, I am sure that with this tools, just about any confounded social media marketer can begin to track and analyze social trends for better decision making.

    By the way, my favorite tool here remains Buffer!

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Hi James

      Alrighty then, another vote for Buffer!

      On Tuesdays and Thursdays they offer 30min webinars to learn more about the features. It might be worth checking out.

  • Profile photo of Sarah John Profile

    Hi Carl,

    I am familiar with some of these tools – Buffer, Google Analytics,Klout, Salesforce, and Hootsuite. These are amazing tools for measuring ROI of social media.

    For other tools listed here, they have incredible features and offers. It would still be a good thing to checkout what these tools offer for real!

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Yo Sarah

      I agree, it never hurts to checkout new tools and innovations. You never know where a good idea leads to helping your business.

      If one out of ten of these tools helps then great but what if a combination had a synergistic affect?

  • Profile photo of Jerry Chong Profile

    Hello Carl,

    I use Google Analytics and find it pretty good enough for lots of things. And since it’s free, that’s even better.

    I will check out some of these tools you included here. I never heard of most of them.

    Thanks for putting these 10 tools together and explaining how they work to help with social media ROI measuring.

  • Profile photo of Howard D. Bray Profile

    Hi Carl,

    I have found some new tools, thanks to your post.

    It would have saved us time though, if you included a bit about which is paid and which is free.

    I checked and can see some have paid versions or upgrades.

  • Profile photo of David Kilburn Profile

    What a great list of tools for tracking ROI on social campaigns. Tracking is key, you need to know what is working and what isn’t. Get rid of the bad and scale up the good campaigns. I will keep this post as a reference for future campaigns that I will launch.
    David Kilburn recently posted…The Art Of Marketing OnlineMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Judith Chang Profile

    Hello Carl,

    I have used Google Analytics because it’s free and works fine, but it’s good to see many other options to try too.

    I know about Hootsuite and Buffer but haven’t read about some of the others here.

    Thanks for sharing these 10 tools.

  • Profile photo of Krystsina Profile

    Hi Carl,

    Personally, I believe in the power of social media as marketing tools a lot, but I meet a lot of opinions here and there that social media will never replace powerful traditional ways of advertising. I absolutely can’t agree with such opinions, but it is always interesting for me to see what other people think.

    So what’s your opinion on this matter? Should businesses spend time and money on it?


    P.S. And thanks for sharing this list, I use Buffer, but will try other ones too!

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Hi Krystsina

      Good Question…

      In my opinion, social media already has overtaken traditional marketing in the sense most businesses have an online presence.

      Sure, Pepsi may spend millions on a SuperBowl ad but they also are online.

      For us to get to the point where we can afford that kind of Ad budget I am convinced the internet is the most effective way to track your advertising dollars. These tools being a great start.

      I think you’re on the right track Krystsina can’t wait to see your SuperBowl ad!

  • Profile photo of Sherman Smith Profile

    Hey Carl,

    I started focusing on using PPC ads more than interacting on social media. These tools are a great resource to have and use.

    I personally use Google Analytics and Buffer.

    One great tool I found earlier this year within Google Analytics is Google URL Builder. With it you can track each campaign, blog post, etc. on how they perform by using a unique URL. You can then see how well they performa with other metrics within Google Analytics.

    It literally kills two birds with one stone.

    Thanks for sharing Carl! Have a good one!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Why Solopreneurs Struggle With Generating Blog TrafficMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Hey Sherman

      Great contribution!

      It does seem like PPC would be less time intensive. I am interested in that.

      Anyway, It’s always important to know what ROI is on any investment of time or money.

      Thanks Sherman

  • Profile photo of Black Profile

    Hi Carl,

    Sendible and Viral Heat are two tools that has caught my Fancy. They seem to have features every marketer needs. Social media ROI measurement should readily be exciting for the users of these tools!

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Hey Black,

      Sendible and Viral Heat are powerful measuring tool for both social media activities as well as real time acts. Its good to know they caught your fancy, and I appreciate your stopping by accessing in this conversation!

  • Profile photo of Paul Profile

    Hi Carl,

    Thanks for sharing these tools. I guess it is time for social media marketers to really take time to select the best tools that would be helpful in measuring their social media ROI! Your list is indeed powerful!

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Yes Paul, its pretty time for social media marketers to start accessing and using the best tools measure and improve their social media ROI. Thanks for leaving your comment here!

  • Profile photo of steven Profile

    Hi Carl,

    Measuring Social Media ROI is very crucial for online success. In the very least, marketers can use the information accessed to make vital decision that will improve social success.

    From the list of the ten tools discussed here, I am only acquainted with Google Analytics. However, it is good to learn of other vital tools discussed here!

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Hi Steven,

      Google Analytics is a standard analytical tool of all things online marketing. You can still try any of the other tools listed above. They are powerful and can help improve your online decision making!

  • Profile photo of Omar Saady Profile

    Every business owner have to know how much ROI the money he paid has came in, Knowing the right tools for measuring and identifying the important metrics with social media campaigns is essential for getting the most from your spending money, otherwise unexpected loss will face you definitely.

    I`m using some of these tools for a while and I will try the rest soon.

    Thanks for your spending time giving us these important tools and resources.
    Omar Saady recently posted…“Being Realistic”, It`s Your Golden Ticket to Internet Marketing SuccessMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Hi Omar,

      It is sweet to know you already are using some of these tools. We would love to here your personal experience with any of them 😉 Meanwhile, it is important that we are reminded that Social media ROI measurement is as important as any other metrics that would be determined for decision making! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Profile photo of Artice Upchurch (A.D. Upchurch) Profile

    Hi Carl,

    Great post! I use Google Analytics to measure conversions and I love it. I use Hootsuite for other means, but I was unaware that they offer a tool to measure metrics. Is this a premium feature for Hootsuite? Thank you for sharing your tips, and I will certainly look into the other tools I’ve not mentioned that are found in this post. Have a great day! :)
    Artice Upchurch (A.D. Upchurch) recently posted…How to Write Highly Shareable Content for Social MediaMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Hey Artice,

      Yes, Hootsuite offer a social media metric analytic system which can be accessed in both the free trials and premium features. Just walk through the “product” tab and select ‘analytic’ to find more information on this. Thanks for leaving your comment on this discussion!

  • Profile photo of Helen Black Profile

    Hello Carl,

    The list of tools is worth looking through – Google Analytics and Buffer are on my short list of the most useful tools, so I think I will try the rest of these services.

    To add some good tips I use myself, I can recommend you to try Serpstat for writing perfect headlines and relevant keywords. I can also recommend you Netpeak Spider – it is perfect for optimizing your work with website.

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Hey Helen,

      Indeed this list of powerful social media measuring tools is worth looking through. Google and Buffer are top notch analytical tools. I will try NetPeak Spider because its has been getting lots of reviews lately. Thanks also for recommending Serpstat. It sounds awesome as a keyword research and analytical tool!

  • Profile photo of Abigail Chow Profile

    There are so many social sites and so many things to do that tracking and measuring ROI is extremely important now.

    Tracking and measuring social media ROI helps us to spend time on what works and avoid wasting time on what doesn’t work.

    Thanks for sharing these 10 tools.

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Hi Abigail,

      Yes, measuring ROI is extremely important. It helps the business to keep tabs with the results of its investment especially as social media investment for online success is one the rise!
      Thanks for leaving your comments here

  • Profile photo of Gavin McDonald Profile

    Hi Carl,

    Thanks for compiling these 10 powerfully effective tools for measuring social media ROI.

    I have heard of a few but haven’t heard of them all.

    Social media can be one of the biggest time wasters, so it’s a really good idea to see which social sites are giving results and which are not. These tools help with that.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Profile photo of Katrina Schuessler Profile

    Hi Carl,

    I don’t do as much social media measuring as I should. This post has shown me why I need to and provided the right tools to use.

    Thanks for writing this, it’s really helpful.

    • Profile photo of Carl Profile

      Hey Katrina,

      Thanks for finding this post useful. Social media measuring should form an important part of blogger’s business journey. It would be good to access the necessary measuring tool and take steps for success!

  • Profile photo of MarkJay Jones Profile

    Great tools, I am guilty of not measuring stuff as I ought to, particularly social media activities. This post will help resolve that.

    Thanks for putting together this list of tools.

  • Profile photo of Kelly Matthews Profile

    I have heard a lot of good things about some of these tools, particularly Hootsuite. Thanks for sharing these.

  • Profile photo of Briany Versatility Profile

    I like the suggestions you gave and I am sure to look at them. Thanks

  • Profile photo of John A Karnish Profile

    Hi Carl,

    Great article. I might have to give it another read as I am kind of a newbie when it comes to social media marketing and had a little trouble with the technical wordings.

    However, I want to slowly get into social media marketing and know that these lists of tools can help.

    I will be sure to bookmark and come back later to give a second reader.

    Thanks for sharing my friend and I’m sure I will find one of these services helpful in the future.

    Take care,


  • Profile photo of Philip Verghese 'Ariel' Profile

    Hi Carl,
    This is really an informative piece to me,
    I am so sad to note that i missed this wonderful information.
    Good that today i found it, Though I am using some of them in the list, a major ones are unknown to me, I will surely give it a try, I am bookmarking it for my further visit and implementation on my pages.
    Thanks for sharing this,
    Keep sharing
    Have a good day
    ~ Philip
    Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ recently posted…Don’t have money for therapy? 4 online resources for mental healthMy Profile

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