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10 Must-Install WordPress Plugins and Why You REALLY Need Them

Profile photo of Dave Submitted by Dave November 17, 2016

Without doubts, WordPress is a top choice blogging platform for many online marketers.


It is an effective and efficient content management system (CMS) that allows blogs to hosted, content to be created and content to be promoted.

Millions of publishers prefer this platform for their personal and business blogs and even for normal websites like social networking sites. Yes, WordPress is also used for all types of purposes, not just blogging.

There are lots of benefits in using WordPress. One of them is the power of the user to control the customization of their content and pages for easy user experience.

One of the things that make WordPress very much preferred is availability of thousands of plugins.


These are applications that extend the features and functions of WordPress blogs or sites.

Thus, if you are using WordPress, you need its plugins to enhance the value and user experience of your blog.

That said, if you have been using WordPress or you intend to publish with this platform below are 10 must-install plugins to enhance your blog, and why you need them.


 1 – Sucuri Security Plugin


If you want to best for your WordPress blog then you should be mindful about security.

Yes, security is a big concern for any online publisher, hence getting the best plugin to secure your site from hackers, data breach, and malware, etc., should be a priority.

Sucuri is a top security plugin you must install on your blog.

This application works by monitoring your site or blog for threats.

Furthermore, it has solid web application firewall that protects your blog from various devastating attacks like Brute force attacks, XSS attacks, malware attacks and DDoS, etc.

You need Sucuri to help in protecting your data and content on WordPress.


 2 – W3 Total Cache

Your WordPress blog should be fast so that visitors can enjoy a smooth user experience. If you have a blog that loads faster then it becomes easier for it to get higher ranking in the search engines. Ultimately, this will mean more targeted traffic and better conversion.

A must-install plugin to improve the speed and performance your blog is W3 Total Cache. This application allows your cached and compressed files to be served to your site visitors very fast.

More so, the loading time readily on the server is reduced by the use of this plugin, so you get faster and better performing blog.


 3 – Yoast SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) is required to make your keywords, content, pages and WordPress blog visible to the search engines like Google, Bing, and the rest.

A well optimized site means that you will get better ranking results.

Thankfully you need not worry about how to achieve this because Yoast SEO comes handy.

Yoast SEO is a must-install SEO plugin that will take care of your optimization needs.

It adds Meta Tags to your blog and ensures that your blog all round is well optimized for proper visibility in the search engines.

This is one of favorite plugins. You should try it if you haven’t!


 4 – BackupBuddy

You need to always backup your blog, as one of the best security measures.

This is important because there are times when things that will make you lose your data occur. It could be hardware failure, server failure, malware attack, or accidental deletion, etc.

To restore your important data, it becomes necessary to install a reliable backup system.

BackupBuddy plugin comes handy if you are WordPress user. It is a must-install plugin to backup and restore your data on WordPress.

I recommend you to install this application before any other plugin.

Why you should install BackupBuddy is that with just a few clicks you can easily get your data and content secured.

This plugin is reliable and also easy to use.


 5 – Jetpack

If there is a plugin that offers multiple features for your WordPress blog, it is Jetpack by

This plugin is a suite of tools needed for enhancing performance, improved security, reliable content creation and publishing etc.

Jetpack’s tools cover all the major areas of Internet marketing like social sharing, email marketing, content marketing, commenting, mobile marketing and much more.

I will say that this is an all-in-One WordPress suite. Luckily, it comes from the owners of WordPress.

Jetpack has stunning features which make it easy for newbies and experts alike to take full control of the user experience and performance.

This should be one of your must-install plugin.


 6 – Akismet


As a WordPress blogger you don’t want to be bothered by spamming comments. These not only diminishes the credibility of your site, they unnecessarily fill up your storage capacity and slows down user experience of your blog.

Spam comments could also bring about security breach and you don’t want this to be your lot, right?

Well, Akismet to the rescue! Akismet helps you take care of spam comments on your WordPress.

The good news is that any first installation of WordPress has this tool already installed. All you need is to activate it with the Akismet server.

Akismet works by allowing its Web Service to flag and filter your blog for spammed comment.

Moderators can easily mark or unmark comments cleared by this application as spam.

Akismet readily blocks spam comments and ensures that they are trashed.


 7 – Buffer

To succeed with blogging today you need to be active on social media. Hence, you will need a tool that will enhance sharing of your content on the various social media platforms.

Buffer is a must have social sharing plugins to have for social engagement.

Buffer allows you schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. You don’t have to worry about not meeting with timely post for your audience.

Once your blog is connected with Buffer, social media sharing becomes much easier for you.

This is sure a very important plugin to keep your social media sharing active while you utilize your time for other ventures.


 8 – Thrive Content Builder

You need to build custom pages on your blog if you must stand out as a blogger. With WordPress you can achieve this only with the right plugin.

Thrive Content Builder is a must-install plugin to build customized pages for branding.

More so, it is recently updated to help you create landing pages with 2 steps opt-in, as well as lots of other features.

Thrive Content Builder has easy to use interface and more than 100 templates you can utilize.

It is a tool to enhance your blog management and email marketing.


 9 – Contact Form 7

One of the ways to enhance your credibility online is to ensure that you can be contacted. With the right application, visitors can contact you for queries, support and purchases.

More so, with a contact form you can build a list of contacts to enhance your email marketing.

A must-install WordPress plugin you should checkout today is the Contact Form 7.

This plugin supports spam filtering and secured contacts. You can simple install a code on the page to display this form.

The editing is simple and the interface allows you to customize your field.


 10 – Google Analytics


It is important to know who your visitors are, how they access your site, what keywords they use, when and where they came from, etc. This knowledge ensures that you can take action to improve your site’s performance and conversion.

A good analysis of your blog will help you earn more. With Google Analytics you will know about your visitors’ behavior and take decisive actions and improvements when necessary.

Google Analytics free and should be a must install WordPress plugin for any serious blogger.



There you have it – the 10 must-install WordPress plugins and why you should use them.

Whether you are a newbie or have been using WordPress, consider these plugins for improved blogging experience.

Most of these tools are free!

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