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10 Absolute Best Free and Paid WordPress Backup Plugins To Choose From

Profile photo of Amit Sharan Submitted by Amit Sharan May 2, 2017

You sure would not want to lose your precious data to hack, theft or accident. If you run a blog then you should be mindful of the safety and security of all your data.

Doing regular backup is important because you will have peace of mind knowing that your blog details are safe somewhere.


In the event of any breach or accident you would be able to retrieve your information back.

In case your blog is built with the WordPress architecture you should be familiar with best backup solutions. The good news is that there are many options you can avail and these include free and paid solutions.

In this post, I am sharing with you some of the best solutions to back up your WordPress blog. So, here are 10 Best Free and Paid Solutions for Backing up Your Blog.

Best Free Backup Solutions

1 – BackWPup

BackWPup is a free WordPress plugin you can use to backup and restore your blog. It provides an easy interface for users to back up their files on hard drive, cloud, email and FTP.

This backup solution provides easy scheduling of automatic backup and restoration from Dropbox, Amazon S3, SugarSync and Rackspace.

Its ability to backup files on remote server makes this solution a must have for webmasters. However, for more priority support and Google Drive support the BackWPup Pro can be accessed for a fee from the developers.

2 – BackUpWordPress

BackUpWordPress is a free user friendly storage solution you can use to back up your WordPress blog. It only works to back up files in your hard drive or email.

However, if you will need to buy an extension if you choose to back up cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive, etc.

This backup solution has great easy to use scheduling features. You can create individual schedules for your files and database.

It’s a perfect solution if you are blog is hosted on shared environment because it works on low memory and requires no set up. BackupWordPress is a very popular for WordPress users who wants a simple user friendly backup solution.

3 – Duplicator

Duplicator is a powerful and free backup solution you should try out. It has the capacity to backup, copy and clone your website with ease. What this means is that you can easily backup and duplicate your entire site from one location to another.

This gives you the advantage of ensuring you don’t have anything to worry about in the event that your blog/site experiences any serious breach of data loss and down time.

Duplicator does not support scheduling of backups and its usage would require above technical knowledge. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying this plugin which offers a dual benefit of easy migration of your site and the backup thereof.

4 – UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration  

UpdraftPlus is a very popular backup and restoration solution for blog owners. It comes with backup options that allow you to back up your files and databases to remote cloud based locations.

You can use UpdraftPlus to back up your files in Google Drive, Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, Amazon S3, Dream Objects and other online storage servers.

The premium version offers you one gigabyte of backup storage on the Updraft Vault. Also you would be able to store your files in secure FTP, automate your backup when you are updating themes, clone databases and send files easily to remote locations.

5 – WP DB Backup  

This is your perfect backup tool for your WordPress database. The plugin is free and its a good option for those who don’t update their site often.

Another important feature you will find interesting about this tool is that it provides a way for you to do manual backups in the event that you cannot gain access into the back end or PhPMyAdmin of your site.

More so, it utilizes a plugin known as “magic Fields” to ensure you achieve custom field scheduling and backup with ease.

Although this plugin has limited features in the sense that you cannot backup to a different server, yet it’s a good option safeguard your files and database than not doing anything at all.


Best Paid Backup Solutions

6 – BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is premium plugin from iThemes. It provides an easy solution backing up your files, database, and images in your hard drive, email, FTP server, and cloud services like Amazon, Stash, DropBox, and Rackspace. You can select to backup licensed plan of one year.

For about $80 you can back up two blogs/websites, for $100 and $150 you can backup 10 and unlimited sites respectively. There is also a BackupBuddy Gold plan which offers users unlimited site backups and life time updates for $297.

This plugin can also be used to move a site to another host. Stash is its own storage that offers a backup space of IGB.You will need to pay extra to get extra storage space.


7 – VaultPress

This is a high subscription based storage and backup solution from the developers of WordPress – Automattic. It offers real-time and continuous backup of posts, files, databases, etc.

VaultPress is unique because it offers additional security layer for content as sites are scanned for malware, vulnerable code and other threats. It offers easy restore and migration features which site owners and professionals would find satisfying.

VaultPress is an expensive plugin but offers automated real-time cloud backup solution starting at $5 / month. However, since accessing the plugin is subscription based, the expenses could add up if you run multiple sites.

8 – BlogVault

BlogVault is a tool that backups everything from your blog and let you have screenshot if it’s done correctly. It also provides unique test-restore features you can access to temporarily check if your blog was properly backed up before restoration.

In other words, this tool helps you sustain a certain level of control. BlogVault also offers you an effective migration tool that ensures you can move your site from server to another.

You can start with the basic plan which offers about $89 per year for one website.

9 – UpdraftPlus (Premium)

UpdraftPlus is the premium version of the UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration plugin. It offers unique backup, restore and migrate features for blogs.

It can restore your site using backups made from other plugins like BackupWordPress, WordPress Backup, Simple Backup, BackWPUp, etc. to Dropbox. UpdraftPlus backup and restores with ease every aspect of your website like themes, plugins, databases, etc

It readily stores your files in remote cloud services like Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DreamObjects Rackspace Cloud, Dropbox, WebDAV, SFTP, FTP, SCP, OpenStack send it via email.

This tool also creates backups for non-WordPress files and databases. Customer support is available and users can access this plugin in about 16 languages. Starting plan for this plugin begins from $70 and 2 licenses for one year.

10 – Code Guard  

Code Guard is a premium plugin that offers backup and restore solutions for your blog. It has specific solutions for blogs built on the WordPress; other CMS built on the MySQL application.

It is highly effective backup system for which you can do daily automatic backup and automatic restore. More so, this tool gives you complete control over your restore as you can manually download the zip file of the files and database you have stored.

Code Guard has a starting Ninja Plan where you get to pay $5/month, enjoy backup of unlimited databases, daily backup and monitoring and email support. You can enjoy 14-day free trial on all plans.

Conclusively, these are 10 Best Free and Paid Solutions for Backing up Your WordPress Blog. Remember, it is important to do regular backup of your files.

These plugins have been selected based on their popularity and reliability. However, you should not rely on one backup system. Try spreading your actions for better security.

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