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From 0 to $100,000 per Month: 20 Lessons for Building a Profitable Blog

Profile photo of Abhishek Submitted by Abhishek April 10, 2014 Website :

You know everyone thinks we’re fools, right?

To most of the world, blogging is a joke.

It isn’t a career. It isn’t a way to make money. It isn’t a tool for changing the world.

It’s a hobby, a diversion, a fad that’ll come and go. Sure, you can start a blog, but don’t count on it to take you anywhere. That’s just silly.

Try telling your family or friends or coworkers you want to quit your job and make money blogging. They’ll smile politely and ask, “Does anybody really make money from that?”

Yes, they want you to have dreams. Yes, they want you to chase them. Yes, they want you to succeed.

But they also want you to be “realistic.”

If you really want to improve your life, you should get an advanced degree, write a book, or even start your own business, not hang all your hopes and dreams on some stupid little blog. There’s no money in it.

Or is there?

I’m hesitant to say this, but…

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25 Responses to “From 0 to $100,000 per Month: 20 Lessons for Building a Profitable Blog” Leave a reply ›

  • Profile photo of Sunday William Profile

    A powerful piece from Jon Morrow. He is such an awesome blogger and writer. The lessons shared here are real and quite practical. Every blogger needs to bookmark this piece and make reference from time to time. Thanks for sharing this piece Abhishek!
    Sunday William recently posted…Free Guide: Blue-Collar Blogging & Publishing for ProfitMy Profile

  • Profile photo of rohan bhardwaj Profile

    I don’t know how you guys manage to write such long posts without reader’s losing interest. You got skills and a great deal of advice for all the bloggers out there. I love the fact that you are now a millionaire. Guess if I have few blogger’s like you in my mailing list then I can sell $10000 products to you guys.
    rohan bhardwaj recently posted…A Poem of Love AgainMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Abhishek Profile

      Hello Rohan I am very much glad you loved the article from Jon Morrow.

      And I must agree with you, Jon Morrow has that magic to keep users glued to the article.

      I too myself was hooked to article, even though I had bookmarked it and thought of reading it later.

      And you said ‘a few bloggers to sell $10,000 products’. I think you should read the blog post again where Jon says he has 800 out of 40,000 people to sell his products to. I think when you have that kind people vowing for your products only then you sell products as high as that value.

      Hope my suggestion helped you Rohan.

      Have a great day mate.
      Abhishek recently posted…Samsung Galaxy S5 hits Indian shores for Rs 51,500My Profile

  • Profile photo of Metz Profile

    You have to have an investment before creating your own blogging site. Nevertheless, the purpose of your blogging comes first, you could start from zero to $20 to hundreds and to thousands, if you can target the right audience and make a sale. In WordPress, premium account was offered to those who use the free version. Free version is good for tests and starters only.
    Metz recently posted…How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business in 2014My Profile

    • Profile photo of Pierre Eustache C. Profile

      You’re right Metz! We need to start from zero, to go to $20 than more… Another truth is that you need to get traffic to get sales.
      On my own opinion, you should start with an adsense site for your new and low traffic sites; once you build authority and have time to create e-book, guides and so on… you can reduce g ads till you remove them if you want; because you will get enough readers to turn into customers.
      Pierre Eustache C. recently posted…Make Money with Passive and recurring income affiliate programsMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Abhishek Profile

      I think you’re much right Metz. In blogging its very hard to earn your first dollar.

      But if you could target the right people at the right time only then your first dollar can increase to $20 to $100 and then $1000.

      And yes free version is better to let people experience the product and then buy.

      You really put out an excellent example of WordPress in front of Jon’s example about Moz products.

      Thanks for the comment. Have a great day Metz.
      Abhishek recently posted…Samsung Galaxy S5 hits Indian shores for Rs 51,500My Profile

  • Profile photo of Kingsley [not admin] Profile

    I just finished reading an article “Whoever said Blogging was Easy Might Have Been Drunk!” and I think at times we the bloggers also “paint” blogging to be simple to others as to where to make the easiest money.

    The article above will be blunt if it fails to explain to his colleagues that blogging is another “hard and time-consuming” thing on its own.

    To make $100k from blogging is a joke to many thinking blogging is so simple to turn up such an amount.

    Well, blogging as many other businesses can make u $100K – it just take time and devotion.

    My basic advise to many is, “whiles you waste your time on the internet doing nothing, why don’t you spend it making money online”.
    Kingsley [not admin] recently posted…5 Simplest Ways To Get Rich OnlineMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Abhishek Profile

      Hello Kingsley, I loved the way you put front an amazing and truthful view of yours about blogging.

      Actually most of the bloggers enter the blogging field thinking it is easy to make money. Some who sustain and keep working harder make it while the other who don’t sustain say there isn’t any way anyone can earn money online.

      And to be true people like Jon Morrow has proved that it is not possible to make money online and blogging. But one can even become a millionaire if sustained and worked hard.

      I really liked you view Kingsley. Have a great day brother.
      Abhishek recently posted…3 Facebook Tricks No One Tells YouMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Pierre Eustache C. Profile

    It is an in-depth article about money making blogging. The best part of it is that it uses to say that common tips are wrong, it is a good step to make a content go viral; but it requires personal experiences! It is a nice sharing!
    Pierre Eustache C. recently posted…Earn Huge Money Online Writing on Hubpages Revenue Sharing ProgramMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Abhishek Profile

      To be true Pierre; Jon Morrow is such a blogger who blows away all our thinking about blogging.

      This post here is a true example how one by one he brings in new points and makes us realize what we know about blogging till now is bullshit.

      I really feel 90% of the things we learn online about making money is all crap. Only 10% of it is what is real. And Jon Morrow is one in that 10%.

      To add a personal point, we all know that also falls in that 10% category. Here are no strings involved. Just do what you’re supposed to do (make comments) and earn money.

      Anyways do have a great day Pierre. I am very much glad you liked my submission.
      Abhishek recently posted…Top 5 Android Launcher for your Android Smartphone + BONUSMy Profile

  • Profile photo of suresh Profile


    As per title, I never put my money into the IT and made so much money not from blogging. Blogging is just a part of making money, not the whole ways to make money as per me.

    There are some top bloggers who rely on their blog, but who knows what will happen and when it happens?

    “Don’t put all the eggs in one basket”.

    point no 5 By Charging Premium Prices, You Can Offer Premium Service

    This is same in forums as they provide premium service to members, but communicating in forums is good method.

    10th point, I really like it Facebook is a good and free platform to get some targeted visitors for our site, but I am seeing some nice things from twitter also in the last week.

    At the point 14th also you mentioned great things, totally agreed for this. In these days it is easy to gain traffic without backlinks, nice tutorial from you.

    2000 words article means it takes time for me and don’t know about newbies how do they update for their blogs?

    In the past heard 500 words article now 2000 to 5000, later 5000 to 10,000 articles?

    Thanks for sharing this article, I like few of the points that are listed in the article.
    suresh recently posted…How To Reset WordPress Site Password Using phpMyAdminMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Abhishek Profile

    Hello Suresh,

    This is what I call a hell of a comment.

    I am very much glad you actually read the whole article and made comment based on the article itself.

    And I think to be a successful blogger you should follow each and every word written in the article by Jon Morrow.

    To be true Google loves long and in-depth articles. And really if you write article with something 500 words you’d have less chances of getting ranked.

    Make sure your articles are long and in-depth. An article with 1500+ words would be ideal to rank faster in search engines.

    I think you should also read this article.
    Abhishek recently posted…Create a Windows 7 bootable USB in under 9 MinutesMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Ryan Profile

    Amen to this piece!

    I feel that ads are quite prospering if your content rocks. If it doesn’t, people will simply look the other way.
    Ryan recently posted…6 Reasons Why Sharing Income Claims Ruins Your Home BusinessMy Profile

    • Profile photo of Abhishek Profile

      Obviously Ryan I very well agree with you.

      A blogger like Jon Morrow doesn’t need ads to prosper, he’s worked so hard that he makes money just by selling his products.

      I believe choosing the right ad network and right ad placement is the key. If ads get in the way of user experience, they’re really gonna be bad for the blogger.

      Nice to see you Ryan onboard after so many days.

      Have a great day brother.
      Abhishek recently posted…Create a Windows 7 bootable USB in under 9 MinutesMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Arun Profile

    Epic article! Took some time to go through the whole post. But the time spent was well spent! I must admit that fact!

    This article not only shared much valuable knowledge, but also reignited my flair for enhancing my affiliate sales and has inspired me!

    Great work by Jon, I appreciate the long hours and work he put towards creating this article! :)

    Nice share Abhishek!


    • Profile photo of Abhishek Profile

      I am very much happy Arun; you liked the article I shared.

      Obviously bloggers like Jon Morrow put a minimum of 10hrs in writing an article. You wouldn’t believe but in an hangout Jon said that he spends two hours just for coming for a title for the article.

      So now we know how bloggers like Jon Morrow get so popular.

      And yeah this article is really helpful in increasing affiliate sales for you.

      Have a great day Arun.
      Abhishek recently posted…Samsung Galaxy S5 hits Indian shores for Rs 51,500My Profile

      • Profile photo of Arun Profile

        WOW, 10 hours for writing an article? No wonder his articles are so refined, polished and so full of important information. Like they say- Rome was not built in a day. So is the case of his epic posts I guess! :)

        And he spends 2 hours just to come up with a title? Hm… I see a man who tries to do his things the most perfect way he thinks he can.


        • Profile photo of Abhishek Profile

          Yeah Arun, Jon Morrow does spends so many hours for coming up with an article and couple of hours for coming with a title. And hence his articles are so much refined.

          If you really want to be amazed, there’s another blogger Brian Dean of who spends almost 20-35 hours on coming with an article. He only has somewhat 20 odd articles on his site, around 6K alexa rank and rocks google search ranking.

          I think working so hard pays off for these bloggers. I am currently following the way these bloggers work.

          Hope my comment adds value to your reply.
          Abhishek recently posted…Samsung Galaxy S5 hits Indian shores for Rs 51,500My Profile

          • Profile photo of Arun Profile

            Well, I had just been to backlinko as recent as yesterday. Happened to read an epic post there.

            It was about building links to an E Commerce site without having any content in it. You know, the task is much challenging. Yet, Brian, with his genius methods, made it possible.

            I complimented and thanked him in the comment section and appreciated the ‘work’ and ‘time’ he put in towards that article.

            Now, I realize why that post by him was insanely brilliant and detailed! Believe me, I’m gonna give his method a try on some blogs of mine. :)

            It is nice bro, that you are following such eminent personas. We’ve much to learn from them!

            Best of luck on for your future ventures!


  • Profile photo of Rose Ann Profile

    Thanks for sharing this post, Abhistek.

    This is such an awesome content from Jon Morrow. It inspires me a lot and I hope other bloggers will be inspired too after reading these valuable and effective lessons on how to build a profitable blog. The lessons given are practical and are delivered wisely.

    I believe that Jon Morrow is a successful person and that his blogs truly touch someone’s life.

    Two thumbs up for their great job! :)
    Rose Ann recently posted…Top 5 Reasons You Are Not Making Money From Your BlogMy Profile

  • Profile photo of Chery Profile

    Wow now this article is right on cue, All 20 lesson’s Rock! I got so much out of this one, oh yeh 2 pages of notes HEHE Yes I do take notes, I can ‘t remember all of these goodies after I leave. I think it is a great idea, why not they just may come in handy right?

    I also teach others to do the same. Yes tip #20 “” We give them the roadmap for achieving their dreams!

    I absolutely loved this post. Lesson #13: Promote The Crap Out of Your Content Now this is one thing that I know gets results. Sites like Kingged for instance helping to getter done..

    Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))
    Chery recently posted…Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Reaching Your GoalsMy Profile

  • Profile photo of OLAMOSH Profile

    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for this wonderful post, infact it make my day. Am a blogger, but this articles makes me realise a lot of things.

    To be sincere i learn alot and no one will read this article and will not feel inspired to do more in his/her blogging career.

    You hit the hammer on the nail directly, all the point you mentioned are great and the explanation are wonderful.

    I will surely put all I learn in this articles post to action.

    Thanks and have a nice day
    OLAMOSH recently posted…win a FREE 1-YEAR iROKOtv PLUS SubscriptionMy Profile

  • Profile photo of C.M Daniyal Profile

    Hello Jon,

    Before talking about the blog post, i must congratulate you on your achievement. It takes a special someone to help copyblogger and kissmetrics lauch their blogs. Reading that was enough to give the post credibility.

    I think the idea of creating a reverse funnel is quite bold and not something more people would adopt! Again, not using social media would be another bold step.
    Prior to this, I didn’t knew webinars could be so successfull. Shocking!

    Tbh, coming from anyone else, i probably wouldn’t have believed it but since you’re the one with the message.. im forced to rethink!

    This was a really amazing post. not something you read everyday! Thanks for sharing it.

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